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Discussion in 'W.I.S.H' started by lisah0711, May 15, 2009.

  1. MelanieC

    MelanieC <font color=blue>BL II - Blue Team<br><font color=

    Sep 28, 1999

    Glad your going to be cheering us on this week :)

    You know when I was a weight watcher I SWORE by eating all my extra flex points each week, but my biggest key was varying my points each day by using those flex points. So a few days a week, especially near WI, I'd have a low points day - at actual point goal. Then I'd have a few HIGH point days where I'd go well above my regular points and then I'd have some mid range point days to fill in the week. I think your body definately needs the "guessing" and I was BIG on this. There is this girl at work who you can't tell her anythin because it's only her way. But she is on maintenance and eats the same amount of points as when she was losing. Yep - she thinks I'm crazy when I tell her she should have been eating high points to lose weight in the first place and then on maintenance it's the time to test yourself and work on slowly ramping up your points till you get them as high as possible - still varying them, but just eating more so you maintain. It seems silly to me that she is still "dieting" when she is on maintenance. She said she tried my advice once and gained weight and never again. I tried to no avail to tell her that yes, her body is going to respond at first by gaining some water when you increase points - which is why you do it slowly adding a few each week and adjusting. If it's done slowly and you let your body level out before you freak out with a water gain - it will level back off once it adjusts to your new point range. I lost my original weight eating all my flex points plus all my exercise points. Maybe I lost a little slower, but my body learned to burn the calories off while I got to eat more.

    This same lesson applies to calories - which I do now and love.

    Also - I think this is exactly why I haven't lost weight this week. I squeaked a .2 loss out this week and I felt I had done very stellar. I lost 1 pound last week and I had 2 very high days one being over 3000 pounds (yep - yikes)! But I lost 1 pound. This week my calories were on the low side from Fri-Fri. My highest day was yesterday at a little over 1600. At one point this week I had lost a pound - yep the scale was showing a loss, I was on a roll and I really thought I was going to wake up a few days from then and see maybe 164 or dare I dream for 163. Well the next day I woke up to more than I was last Friday, and the same the next day. I really was worried that if I was showing these numbers on Thursday I wasn't going to have a loss. Lisa reminded me that I probably haven't varied my calories enough. I suspected that, but with my wedding tomorrow I really thought being completely low till that date would help me out. WRONG. All I did was hold on to the weight. So I decided to go ahead and have the snack last night late because I was starving - had a light dinner at 5:30p, so by 9:30pm my stomach was singing. Today I'm having Thai - but it's all planned out. Its a heavy lunch so that is my big meal for the day. I had hummus and crackers from breakfast - still full from that. I'll probably have more hummus and crackers because I need to eat the hummus I made earlier this week and it's almost gone. Tomorrow I have no idea at all how it will go.

    But my plan for this week is to have a low day on Sunday and Monday since I'll have had 3 higher days in a row. Have a medium day on Tuesday and then Wednesday and Thursday 2 more low days. That should leave my body guessing and I've got a good feeling that next week I'll see that loss I expected this week :)

    I guess I feel the pressure of 70 something days till Disney and knowing that NONE of my shorts fit. I am not buying new ones, so this is my only hope. I feel I have the drive and determination now, so that isn't the problem. It's just getting my body to respond. Also - I know I've got to get my lazy butt up and exercise. This is what is going to make the difference. I know it - but knowing it and doing it are two different things.

    I'm going to committ to exercise on Sunday and Monday and no excuses. -can't tonight or tomorrow because of the wedding and being out of town.

    Hope everyone has a stellar week!! OMG this got long. And I really am happy that I have a loss :)
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  3. CruiseBoundnKY

    CruiseBoundnKY DIS Veteran

    Oct 8, 2006
    Weigh in went well this morning! :cool1:

    What is your favorite physical attribute (on yourself)? I like my legs. I got a tattoo when I turned 30. Just a small one on my ankle and I love it. It's a great accessory to my legs:lmao:.

    Wishing all my Disbuddies a wonderful, safe long weekend:wizard:

  4. DisneyFam5

    DisneyFam5 Mouseketeer

    Oct 26, 2004
    Hi everyone! Just found this thread and joined. Thanks to everyone for organizing this. My name is Michele and I'm an engineer in Illinois. I've been married almost 18 years and have 3 boys 12, 14, and 16. I joined BL 7 and won it! It is the reason I stuck with it and this week I reached 50 pounds lost. I'm so excited! My goal is 35 more and then see what I think. We are headed back to WDW in July for a diabetes conference. I'd like to be down 13 more by that trip. I managed to pretty much maintain on my April trip so hopefully I'll be able to do it again.
  5. princessbride6205

    princessbride6205 DIS Veteran

    May 8, 2006
    I'm really happy with my weigh-in. I did so well on my calories and work outs this week, and feel so rewarded to see the lower number on the scale. Lost 2.2 pounds this week! Finally! After 3 months of working out and losing only 2 or 3 pounds that whole I've started tracking calories and it's been the key.
    Looking forward to this week! :banana:
    Congrats to everyone on Week 1!

    QOTD: Fave physical attribute
    I think I would have to say my calves. Even when I've been heavier, my calves always look toned. Runners up are my hair and finger nails.
  6. lisah0711

    lisah0711 <font color=red>♥ <font color=royalblue>her Disney

    Sep 9, 2005
    Good morning, losers!

    Thanks pjlla for being our coach this week. :love:

    And another big thank you to donac for starting the COW this week and to LuvBaloo who is going to be busy collecting all these great weigh in numbers! :cool1:

    I was down 2 pounds this week and as happy as can be. I think the big challenge will be staying on track over the holiday week-end. I don't have anything bad to eat in the house and need to keep it that way!

    What is your favorite physical attribute (on yourself)? Maybe you have great eyes, or perfect teeth. What is it about yourself that you really like right now?

    These questions are always hard because it is easier to find a big long list of things I don't like about myself than it is to find something I do like. Why are we so hard on ourselves? :confused3 Anyways, I have to say that I like my eyes. They are big and blue and have very long lashes.

    Welcome DisneyFam5!

    Have a great day everyone!
  7. uptown_girl44

    uptown_girl44 Mouseketeer

    Nov 19, 2002
    QOTD: Favorite physical attribute
    Probably my eye lashes. I have super long eyelashes that I love!! My hair and eyes are a close second!

    I am so happy with my weigh-in. I'm down 3.2 lbs this week. I have no idea where the loss came from because I was expecting a huge gain. I haven't tracked my food or worked out all week... I'm just gonna chalk it up to luck and try to keep it up for next week!
  8. LuvBaloo

    LuvBaloo DIS Veteran

    Apr 3, 2008
    Welcome DisneyFam5!

    Thanks Lisa for a great job coaching, and welcome to this week's coach, Pamela!:thumbsup2

    What is your favorite physical attribute (on yourself)? Maybe you have great eyes, or perfect teeth. What is it about yourself that you really like right now? (Not in 10 pounds or whatever.)[/SIZE]

    Okay, there's a tough question. I do like my thick hair (mostly), and I actually like the not-so-great looking unique things about me. I have very ugly toes, the middle ones don't straighten out properly, but there mine. I got teased for vampire teeth as a kid, because I never got the ones between the front teeth and the eyeteeth, so I've got the pointy eyeteeth right next to the front teeth. But now I know they aren't super-noticable and its unusual and its all me. :goodvibes

    Great reading all the positive posts this morning.
    I am a big believer in using your posts and mixing up your daily intake because its been working for me. Today I was down 1.8 :banana::banana: Tomorrow is DH's birthday, and I'm happy it falls on the weekend, so I can just fit it into my weekend treats. :goodvibes
  9. corinnak

    corinnak 100% Tag Free!

    Jan 25, 2006
    I'm joining this week's -1.8 club! A good loss for sure! And I got my new clippie by a wide margin. :banana:

    QOTD: What is your favorite physical attribute (on yourself)? Maybe you have great eyes, or perfect teeth. What is it about yourself that you really like right now?

    Yesterday I was noticing my slim wrists! Maybe I should wear a bracelet today. :)
  10. pjlla

    pjlla DIS Veteran

    Oct 21, 2003
    WOW! We are all a big bunch of LOSERS today!! I think everyone that has posted has had a loss.. WAY TO GO! What a great way to start our BL Summer challenge! Everyone make sure that you are PMing your weight to LuvBaloo, since she is our "weight keeper" (special thanks to her!). I'm so glad that you were all able to find something about yourself that you really like. It is so easy to get down on ourselves when we are struggling with our weight. Remember... "Accentuate the positive!!" If you've got great legs or calves, show them off with shorts, capris, or a skirt. If you have nice arms, short sleeves weather is here... and as corrinak mentioned, bracelets will show off nice wrists and hands. If you have beautiful eyes, make sure you show them off by accentuating them with nice mascara or eyeshadow... or a funky pair of glasses! It is not about being vain... it is about acknowledging and appreciating the GOOD things about us (while we try to change the not-so-good).

    Welcome to Michele (DisFam5)! Glad to have you aboard. Super job on the 50 lbs you have already lost! That is an incredible accomplishment. Keep it up!!

    MelanieC.... I posted on our BL Purple Team thread about some summer clothes I was getting rid of and I didn't have any takers. It sounds like (according to what you posted for a weight) they may fit you. If you would be interested, send me a PM. I'll post a link to the original post here in a few minutes.

    Did everyone see Donac's post with the COW?? If you have trouble keeping up with that, I have a suggestion. I make a small notation in the upper corner of my daily food journal of how many points I am earning every day. That way I only have to type it into a PM and send it to donac on Friday.

    I'll be back later..............P
  11. sahbushka

    sahbushka DIS Veteran

    Oct 7, 2005
    I lost this week:cool1: Glad to see that is the theme here! Hope everyone is having a good day! I like the COW. It is something I have been trying to focus on this past week...I did really well getting my dairy in but noticed I wasn't doing as well with veggies and fruit. Today I packed carrots as my second snack instead of the Keebler 100 calorie pack of cookies! Personal triumph! I know we are going to have a great second week, especially with focusing on fruits, veggies and water! So raise a glass (of water that is) to a great new week (clink, clink, clink - the sound our water glasses make as we toast) now chug!


    QOTD: Favorite Physical Attribute - I like my feet and my smile! I just did teeth whitening and I feel so much more confident in it again! I am really pleased with the results and feel better about my apperance!
  12. 50sjayne

    50sjayne DIS Veteran

    Oct 16, 2007
    Hey. I lost a pound today yipee! Something I like about myself--I'll be honest-- my breasts lol. Took a lot for me to give up birth control pills even though I knew I'd lose weight--didn't want to give them up lol. But--they are still there-- just lighter and higher woo hoo. My stretch marks (old) have gotten more noticable, but I'll work on building up muscle- I lost 25 pounds since January too so bound to have some issues.
  13. pjlla

    pjlla DIS Veteran

    Oct 21, 2003
    Nice job with the carrots! I think so many of us (me included) are lulled into a false sense of "security" of sorts, with those 100 calorie packs. They are not particularly healthy (IMHO of course) and they are not at all filling (MHO again), but they certainly take care of the sweets cravings once in a while! But we can almost ALWAYS make a better choice than to go with one of those packs.

    I whitened my teeth many years ago and it was amazing how many people commented on it. I don't drink much coffee,tea, or soda, so I don't have to do it very often, but I am probably due again. Isn't it amazing how something as simple as white teeth can make you feel SO good about yourself?

    Thanks for your honesty! Lucky you... I am somewhat glad that I haven't gotten down to my pre-babies and pre-80 pound weight gain 1992 bra size, but I just wish the "girls" weren't heading so far south!! Nice job with the weight loss too..................P
  14. dizneedoll

    dizneedoll Curioser and Curioser

    Dec 14, 2007
    Well, I signed up yesterday and used yesterday's weigh in as my official starting weight so I haven't lost any weight since yesterday...:rotfl:..but next week should hopefully be a different story.

    Then again maybe not. We are going to be at Disneyland the 26th-29th but I have an eating plan and hopefully I can stick to it. I'm planning on having a healthy breakfast in the room before heading out, buying a light lunch and ordering whatever for dinner but splitting it. I'll also bring bottled water and healthy snacks to take into the parks. I'm hoping that plan along with all the tons of walking will at least keep me from gaining any.

    Yesterday I went over my top calorie limit by 58 :scared1: so I need to keep a closer eye on that front. Got 40 min of cardio and today have gotten 20 min of cardio and need to do strength training later after work. So far I've managed to chug 3 glasses of water and I hate drinking water so the COW this week is actually a really good one for me.

    Congrats to all who lost this week! :yay:

    QOTD: Favorite Physical Attribute : I like my feet and my hands. They're both small and evenly proportioned.

    And I forgot who the poster was...but thanks to the person who suggested signed up and it's awesome! :thumbsup2
  15. Sneezie

    Sneezie <font color=darkorchid>I don't like unfinished tri

    Feb 1, 2006
    I am 35 years old and recently divorced. I am about 150 pounds overweight which is my ultimate goal to lose, but for this summer challenge I plan to lose 25 pounds by Labor Day.

    My sister and I are doing this together and even though we live in different states we are encouraging each other and sending each other weight loss tips.

    My goal during this summer challenge is to WOW my sister when she sees me for our annual Disney trip in September!
  16. Sneezie

    Sneezie <font color=darkorchid>I don't like unfinished tri

    Feb 1, 2006
    QOTD -- What are your plans for the summer? How will your plans help or hinder your goals for this challenge?

    I don't have any plans for the summer except to lose 25 pounds before I go to Disney World Sept. 9-13th!

    QOTD -- What is your favorite Disney song? It can be from a park, movie, play, etc.

    The theme from Fantasmic!

    QOTD -- Do you have mini-goals to help you meet you big goals for this challenge?

    I don't have any mini-goals. I just plan to take it day by day and to persevere.

    QOTD -- What is your favorite ride at Magic Kingdom or Disneyland?

    Big Thunder Mountain

    The QOTD is how healthy are you going to be today?

    Even though I'm answering this a day later, I was pretty healthy yesterday. I ate cheerios for breakfast. A half of a foot-long oven roasted chicken breast full of veggies from Subway with some Sun Chips for lunch and ate the other half of the sandwich for dinner. I also drink approximately 64 ounces of water and walked on the treadmill for 60 minutes.

    What is your favorite physical attribute (on yourself)? Maybe you have great eyes, or perfect teeth. What is it about yourself that you really like right now? (Not in 10 pounds or whatever.)

    My favorite physical attribute is my calves. Even though they are thick, they are very shapely!
  17. Sleeping*Beauty

    Sleeping*Beauty Waiting For My Prince

    Aug 6, 2007
    I was pretty healthy. I had a salad for lunch and didn't have a bedtime snack.

    I have to say I love my fingernails. They are pretty long and people are always suprised when they hear that they are real. They always seem to draw posistive attention.

    Sorry, I didn't get on yesterday because I had to go fishing(notice that I said fishing not catching). I've been pretty good today. I've had about 30oz. of water today and I had chicken sald with a vegetable medley and pineapple for lunch.

    P.S. I lost 1.2 pounds.:goodvibes
  18. lulamc

    lulamc Mouseketeer

    Sep 7, 2007
    QOTD: Favorite Physical Attribute, hmm, I'm gonna say my eyes. I have blue eyes and they really open up with a little eyeliner and mascara.

    I just need to also say that I had a really bad week at work,but am happy to report a really good weight loss week! That really rounds out the rough work week! And, we have a three day weekend!

    I lost 3.3 pounds this week! :banana:
  19. RangerPooh

    RangerPooh DIS Veteran

    Aug 6, 2005
    QOTD: What is your favorite physical attribute (on yourself)? Maybe you have great eyes, or perfect teeth. What is it about yourself that you really like right now?

    I'll say my eyes and breasts. I think that I have nice blue eyes. As for my ****s, it took me a long time to to feel comfortable about them. As a teenager I felt that they were a mismatched pair, awkward, and insecure about my D's. Now a days I lovethem. My only gripe is that I can not find cute full figure bras that are young looking and don't belong in my mom or grandma's drawers.
  20. RangerPooh

    RangerPooh DIS Veteran

    Aug 6, 2005
    I lost 2.8 pounds this week. I am very pleased with the number! It means that I almost lost the 3 pounds that I recently put on. 2.8 down, many, many more to go!
  21. ibouncetoo

    ibouncetoo <font color=009999>I get excited by the little thi

    Aug 31, 2003
    Great job you loosers! I'm down a pound this week also. :woohoo:

    QOTD: My legs, even 100 pounds overweight, I've got nice stems. Unfortunately, their joints are getting a little achy carrying around all this 'middle' part! :lmao:

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