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    Episode 1 - "It Begins"

    Whether I shall turn out to be the hero of my own trip report, or whether that station shall fall to another, these pages must show.

    If I do not exactly hold the title for longest planned trip to Walt Disney World EVER, then I certainly must be a finalist. The planning for our current excursion actually began in 1997. Not just wanting to go either, planning to go. I've had touring plans, dining guides, must do's, and more mapped out on spreadsheets and modified time and again. For twelve years a return to the world was a dream. It was something I wanted, hoped for, prayed for and tried to achieve, but life's circumstances intervened and it was not in God's plans for me.

    Over the years I lurked here often, posted occasionally, and looked forward to the day when the dream of returning would become a reality. I've planned trips for others, had lots of folks bring me souvenirs, and lived vicariously though countless trip reports.

    If you are to truly understand this trip report and what this trip means to me, it is necessary to start with a bit of history. So rather than a traditional Pre-Trip / Post Trip, you will actually be getting 7 trip reports in one! Glory, hallelujah and amen! (Editor's note - it turned out to be 8. More on that later.)

    Okay, so technically it will actually be ONE full fledged, no holds barred, in depth, nauseatingly detailed trip report; which has been augmented with a couple of quick commentaries and a few readers digest version mini-reports. Think of it as the Special Edition Director's Cut Trip Report with Bonus Features. Our cast (which is rather large) will be introduced in order of appearance. I WILL have photos, but they will be scarce up until the final three trips as they are about the only ones that I can actually find BUT, rest assured there will eventually be Photobucket loads.

    As to my own bio, I work in a tech support call center by day, and serve as a media pastor at our church on weekends. When I'm not perusing WDW sites or editing video, I'm hanging out with my wife and two daughters. I also enjoy sports shooting (targets as opposed to varmints), reading, and working on computers. This is me at work looking about as thrilled as I always do.


    Introductions for this episode being now completed, it's time to strike up the organ and cue the choir 'cause we're taking a stroll down memory lane.

    Picture it, the eighties, a small Texas town and an 11 year old kid who has just discovered cable TV. All nine channels of it. And one of those channels is something called the Disney Channel. Having always loved Disney related things, watching this new portal of wonder was soon my favorite pastime.

    Between episodes of my favorite shows (Danger Bay, The Edison Twins, and DTV) there were always short "update" pieces on what was new and happening at The Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland.

    I had been to the Magic Kingdom as a three year old tot, but have no memory of the experience. These little snippets on the Disney Channel introduced me to a place I soon began to love; and started an obsession I know you can relate to. (Otherwise why would you still be reading?)

    I began seeking out WDW related articles in the library and in magazines. To add to my growing fascination, I soon discovered another channel which hosted a show called Double Dare. The winners of this show were given the awe inspiring grand prize of a trip to Walt Disney World and a stay at the Buena Vista Palace. I didn't know what the BVP was, but I likened it to the Taj Mahal.

    Armed with a little knowledge and substantial enthusiasm, I dreamed of the day when I would get to visit that special place that keeps drawing all of us back to these boards. From that point on, any time the subject of summer travel arose, I cast my vote for WDW. My parents however, were a bit less inclined to see this suggestion through to fruition. Then when I was 13, I was the recipient of a great stroke of luck. My aunt and uncle moved to St. Augustine, Florida.

    My mom and her sister are very close, and it was decided that we would be heading to Florida for a week that summer. (My parents both being teachers, summer was the only acceptable time for leisure-based travel.) After much begging, pleading and promising a lifetime of servitude and devotion, an agreement was reached that we would drive down for one day at the MK during that visit. JOY, EUPHORIA, and host of other things which all mean NIFTY flooded over me. I was finally going to live my dream. All that remained to be seen is whether it would meet with my expectations.

    ** EDITOR'S NOTE ** - The DIS Boards software upgrade of 2/1/15 has wreaked havoc with older posts. I am trying to work back through this TR to correct the issues caused by apostrophes, quotation marks, dashes, and photo encoding. That may be a project that is measured in months rather than days. I apologize for any issues you might have reading along in the interim.

    Coming up on Episode Two "My First Trip to the World"

    Episode Links

    Season 1 - June 1987 - MK Day Trip
    Episode 1 - It Begins (You're there)
    Episode 2 - My First Trip to the World.
    Episode 3 - Vertigo, Nemo and Burgers. OH MY!
    Episode 4 - Conquering the Final Frontier

    Season 2 - July 1988 - MK Day Trip
    Episode 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42 "The Others"

    Slightly Off Topic
    Episoded 5.5 - Fear of the Unknown

    Season 3 - Aug 1989 - MK Day Trip
    Episode 6 - Sing a song of WED-Way

    Season 4 - June 1990 - 5 Days
    Episode 7 - Cb's, Swamps, and Asian Road Food
    Episode 8 -A Near Death Experience and Learning to Pronounce Kissimmee
    Episode 9 - How to get kicked out of the Magic Kingdom before you hit Main Street"
    Episode 10 - Living Like Kings & Dole Whip Dreams
    Episode 11 - Jungles, Trees, Caves and BEEEEEES!
    Episode 12 - The Plan Unravels and I Find a New Way to Annoy My Mother
    Episode 13 - Conquering the Classics and Biscuit has a Breakdown
    Mini-sode - Assault in Tomorrowland!
    Episode 14- Guaranteed Prizes
    Episode 15 - Visiting the OTHER Castle may be hazardous to your health!
    Episode 16 - Making a Deal and Living a Dream.
    Episode 17 - The Longest Line EVER
    Episode 18 - Catastrophes don't just happen in canyons
    Episode 19 -The Grand Finale to a Grand Vacation

    Season 5 - July 1991 - MK Day Trip
    Episode 20 - High School Seniors Storm the Castle

    Season 6 - July 1997 - 5 Day Disneymoon
    Episode 21 - How I was christened "Great Biscuit" and Boy Meets Girl
    Episode 22 - Welcome to....Atlanta???? The eruption of Hades begins
    Episode 23 - Hell Hath No Fury Like a Biscuit Burned
    Episode 24 - Our honeymoon truly begins and we discover an old friend.
    Trip Six Bonus Features - Photos!
    Episode 25 - Yes! We're at a Park! Hey, where's my wallet?...DOH!
    Episode 26 - Our Video Turns out PG13!
    Episode 27 - Monsoons and Mermaids
    Episode 28 - What the Carp Happened to the Castle???
    Episode 29 - Blisters, Bags and a Big Hairy Beast
    Episode 30 - "What do you mean my Park Hopper's invalid?"
    Episode 31 - My Worst WDW Memory of All Time
    Episode 32 - Close Encounters of the Cool Kind
    Episode 33 - The Storm Blows On
    Episode 34 - My Greatest WDW Memory of All Time!
    Episode 35 - A Fond Farewell

    Season 7 Preview - Summer 2009 PTR
    Episode 36 - Finding the DIS
    Episode 37 - Pickin' The Pop
    Episode 38 - Season 7 Cast Bio
    Episode 39 - Everything Old is New
    Episode 40 - Pearl Harbor and Donald Duck
    Episode 41 - Dining Dilemmas
    Episode 42 - The Plan 3.0
    Episode 43 - Fiesta My Biscuit! The Walt Disney World Training Run
    Episode 44 - This Ain't Your Granny's Fanny Pack!
    Episode 45 - Biscuit Family, Prepare for Departure

    Series Prequel - Summer 1976
    Episode 46 - "As I Recall": A 1976 Retro Report UPDATE - We found photos! Added 5/31/12.

    Season 7 - June 19-26 2009

    Episode 47 - The LIVE Broadcast!

    Day 0 & Day 1
    Episode 48 - Biscuit's Return to Paradise
    Episode 49 - Let the Magic Begin!
    Episode 50 - A Dining Newbie no More
    Episode 51 - Painters, Pools, Pennies, & Panoramics
    Episode 52 - I'm Back Baby!
    Episode 53 - Dining With Rodents
    Episode 54 - Terror in the skies!
    Episode 55 - An Accidental EMH

    Day 2
    Episode 56 - Nice Shirts.....So Who's Biscuit?
    Episode 57 - A Disturbance in the Force
    Episode 58 - Mama Mia!
    Episode 59 - Tales of Terror and Triumph - Part I
    Episode 59 - Tales of Terror and Triumph - Part II

    Day 3
    Episode 60 - Digestive Instability - Part I
    Episode 60 - Digestive Instability - Part II
    Episode 60 - Digestive Instability - Part III
    Episode 61 - Tahli’s Favorite WDW Attraction
    Episode 62 - Rapids and Ribs
    Episode 63 - 'Ohana Means Eating Like a Pig!
    Episode 64 - Hailee Discovers Donald's Butt

    Day 4
    Episode 65 - Paradise Lost...and Found
    Episode 66 - Turtles, Skunks and Stockings
    Episode 66 1/2 - Hittin the Hippy Dippy
    Episode 67 - Hunger, Heat & Herds = 1 Fantasmic night

    Intermission Post - Come in and Strech your Legs!

    Day 5
    Episode 68 - Pimping the Pipster
    Episode 68 1/2 - Nana has Left the Building
    Episode 68 3/4 - The Lost Photos
    Episode 69 - The Biscuits Get Rocked
    Episode 70 - Galloping Hoops & Ponchos!

    Day 6
    Episode 71 - Morning Meltdowns
    Episode 72 - The Magic Returns
    Episode 73 - Dancing and Doozies

    Day 7
    Episode 74 -Extract Me From This Infernal Apparatus!
    Episode 75 - I Shockingly Discover an Identical Twin!
    Episode 76 - Hungry Biscuits and Hippos
    Episode 77 - Monsoons and Magic

    Day 8
    Episode 78 - The Beginning of the End.
    Episode 79 - So long, Farewell, and Amen - Part I
    Episode 80 - So long, Farewell, and Amen - Part II

    Bonus Features
    Bonus Feature 1 - Disney Dining Plan Break Down - Included in Episode 78. Click the link above.

    Bonus Feature 2 - Pop goes the Biscuit: A Pop Century Review

    Bonus Feature 3 - Attraction rundown & Souvie Shuffle.

    Bonus Feature 4 - Lessons Learned: Breaking down The Plan 3.0 and evaluating the Park Pack.

    Bonus Feature 5 - The Sequel: What the future holds.
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    Ok, you hooked me. I'm in!
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    I am impressed when I see members that have joined way back when and have very low post counts. Either, they have been off the boards for a very long time, or they have been her all along and just post when absolutely necessary. I like to think the latter.

    Let the 7 Trip reports in one begin. I sure hope you can dig up some of those old photo's. I think those are the best.
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    Feb 23, 2003
    Can't wait to hear more! Finally a trip report I got in early on and may be able to keep up with.
  6. Rebecuberduber

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    :rotfl: I love your writing! Can't wait for more!
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    Hooked already!
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    Welcome! Glad to have you aboard as the first official Biscuit poster!

    Now I just have to keep up with it! But I will post often, I will post, I will....OOOOOOO Look! An airplane! Where was I? Oh yeah - Welcome!

    A little bit of both actually. There have been times I was away for up to a year, but you'll usually spot me lurking in the shadows. Glad to have you aboard.

    Thanks! I'd like to take credit for it, but I had some awesome (and patient) professors who forced me to develop at least passable writing skills. Although I still skip words when I type. (Usually prepositions for some bizarre reason.) It wouldn't be so bad if I noticed later when proof reading, but my mind fills them in until someone points them out. So if anyone notices any PLEASE let me know. But, I digress. Welcome to the TR and glad to have you aboard. (Why do I feel the need to add "Matey" every time I say that?)

    Having been hooked myself many times on this board, I'm glad I could pass it on! Welcome aboard!
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    Hey, I'm here to join in! :wave2: Looking forward to more :)
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    Count me in too!! popcorn::
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    Can't wait for more!!! :yay:
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    looking forward to reading more
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    Welcome! Glad to have you here. I'm amusing myself trying to pronounce your screen name. ;) I finally settled on either Zock-Tin-Ox or Zo-Kay-to-Know. Let me know if I'm close.

    Hey Daze. You are officially counted. :thumbsup2

    Hopefully it won't be a long wait - I'm working on chapter 2 and should have it banged out by tomorrow. :laundy: As soon as I have another pair of eyes or two peruse it, I'll get it posted.

    Glad to have you here and to know that I haven't scared you off yet. :scared1: (The post is still young.)
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    popcorn:: :tigger: :smickey: Count me in too!!!
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    Oh no! It's going to be one of those "Trip" Reports. Heaven help us!

    GB: glad to see you've jumped into the Trip Report waters. I'll look forward to reading along.

  16. GreatBiscuit

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    You have been counted. Welcome!

    Is there any other kind?

    Thanks my legendary friend. I'm glad to have you aboard. Having calculated out the number of episodes required for 6 TR's prior to this summer's exodus, I realized I needed to get started now and average two a week. :scared1: Good thing I work nights.
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    Aug 20, 1999
    It was June 1987, I was 13, and planning for my first trip to The World. (Technically it was 2nd trip, but I don't remember the first.) You can quit counting, I’m 35….you know who you are. I packed 5 months early, kept the Disney Channel on at all hours of decency, and took that trip a thousand times in my mind until the longest school year of my life finally came to a close.

    The trip was to be a combo platter: one week with Dad'’s side of the family in Georgia followed by one week with Mom'’s family in Florida, ending with a day at the Magic Kingdom. On the whole, I was glad to have saved WDW for last, as it helped build anticipation…, but OH what a LONG 2 weeks. We drove from our home in central Texas, and I spent the bulk of the trip with my nose in a book. Most of my memories from the trip center on the anticipation leading up to the big day, and the daily distractions of keeping busy.

    Our “park day” was our last full day in Florida and came as the Grand Finale. We would be driving from Saint Augustine to Orlando with my Aunt Jana and Uncle Randy, as well as their daughter, who at the time was almost 4. With me were my parental units (previously introduced as “Mom” and “Dad”) and my two sisters who were then aged 9 and 1.

    Yes, I talked my parents into our first family Walt Disney World adventure with a one year old. All together now in your best Ben Stein voices: Wooooooooow.

    I don'’t know how long the drive from St. Augustine to Orlando actually is. I know it seemed like it took about 4 weeks to get there, and then I slept the entire trip back. I do know it was early morning when we left, and well before lunch time when we arrived.

    Though many years have past, our arrival that morning still remains burned clearly into my memory. Because we were driving in from the North, I was worried we had passed it when we cruised by the first WDW exit. But, my uncle assured me we were still on course for Magic Kingdom arrival. We finally hit our exit and I nearly pressed my nose through the window pane.

    The drive from the front gates of The World to the Magic Kingdom parking lot seemed to be endless. After my dad and uncle completed a rather brisk discourse on the concept of paying to park at a theme park you are about to pay to enter, we finally found a parking spot in a lot whose name eludes me.

    We disembarked from our vehicle and began the odious task of unfolding and packing up the stroller. This was followed by a ride on the ugly brown tram which necessitated the unpacking and re-folding of the stroller, and finally our arrival at the TTC where it was incumbent upon us that we unfold and repack this cursed device once more.

    About the time we finished getting the baby rig squared away, a ferry boat just happened to be pulling in. The castle was in sight! We were actually doing this! We took up residence on the boat’s upper deck, starboard side, near the bow and were soon under way. No sooner had we pulled from the dock, than Goofy came zipping past us on water skis. I snapped several pics with my Kodak Disk camera and would love to post one…if I knew where they were.

    Which I don’'t.

    But that’s why the Good Lord gave us MS Paint and downtime. (Oh the joys of working the late shift.) It looked something like this:


    After making several circles around the ferry, the Goof met up with the other ferry that was heading back to the Ticket and Transportation Center. He waved us goodbye and followed it back to the loading dock. It was then that my uncle called my attention to a building I had not yet noticed. He advised me to watch it closely, and soon this odd looking A frame belched out a monorail train. He then explained the building’s name and function and I entered a catatonic state.

    SWEET MOTHER LOAF! You mean you can actually stay there???? Suddenly the Buena Vista Palace fell into disgrace. Before me was the greatest achievement yet devised by the mind of mortal man. One day, I WILL stay there…. I may be senile and unable to tie my own shoes, but it will happen!

    After landing at the gates of the Magic Kingdom, we purchased our tickets and queued up at the turnstiles. There wasn'’t much of a line as the opening crowds had already shuffled in. We all went through, and I just happened to be the last of our party in line. As I scanned my ticket, a bell started ringing and cast members stared clapping and telling me congratulations. Confused by these celebrations, yet hearty to participate, I thanked them profusely. They then handed me a voucher for a free 1-day park ticket. I had won it as part of the 15th Anniversary celebration. This meant one thing to me: bargaining power for a return trip.

    I still remember my first entrance onto Main Street. We stopped under the bridge and scored a locker to hold the diaper bag / bucket o’ stuff we were toting along. After finally passing through the tunnel, I emerged into Town Square for the first time. We grabbed a park map to see what time the shows and parades were that day, and began making our way down Main Street.

    My uncle acted as our resident Magic Kingdom expert, advised us the show that was NOT TO BE MISSED FOR ANY REASON UP TO AND INCLUDING DEATH was the Main Street Electrical Parade. Thus resolved to park ourselves in a prime parade viewing location when the time came, we set out to lands unknown.

    Soaking in the ambience, we finally reached the end of Main Street USA and the moment of truth had finally dawned. I was about to partake of my first Walt Disney World attraction. The only question that now remained was, which one would it be?

    Coming up in Episode 3 – Vertigo, Nemo and Burgers. OH MY!

    Click Here for the Next Episode!

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  18. ZZUB

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    May 9, 2003
    You won a free park ticket?!
    I have never, ever won a dadgum thing from that place! And I was there three times during the "year" of a Million Dreams. All I got was the royal screwgie!

    I can't understand the fascination some people have with the Contemporary. It's just a hotel . . .

    Great installment, GB.

  19. daze

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    Jan 5, 2009
    A free park ticket huh? didja get to use it yet? :)
  20. feedthebirds

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    Nov 18, 2007
    I'm in!!

    I had completely and totally forgotten about my Kodak disc camera, thank you for bringing back memories. I received that for my birthday and I thought I had the fortune of getting the best camera invented. Ever. Not to be forgotten is my Swatch watch with those jelly band thingies on the face of it (what are those blasted things called) and interchangeable pastel wristbands I got that day also.

    Looking forward to more!
  21. GreatBiscuit

    GreatBiscuit Golden but never flaky

    Aug 20, 1999
    I was a bit shocked myself as I didn't even know they were giving away anything. It's the only cool prize I've ever won.


    I would tell you, but I can't...cause It's a central part of the plotline for an upcoming episode. Let's just say this isn't the last you've heard of the free pass.

    Wasn't that a fun camera? The pictures left much to be desired, but it had def had cool factor. As to the name for the Swatch band doohickies, I can't recall. I think the answer must be in a storage box somewhere with my old Coca-Cola shirts.

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