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    Jan 15, 2013
    Interested to find current info on the bingo games played on the Fantasy. How much does it cost to play each time? Can you buy a cruise bingo package to include all games? I have a feeling this will be a hit with my mom. Thanks!
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    Mar 8, 2009
    Just wanted to mention that if you search "Bingo" in the threads, you will see several answers to your question. Basically, it is very expensive to play. For the bingo sessions earlier in the cruise, as I recall, it costs $30 for the "paper pack" - which gives you traditional cards (that you poke in) to play 4 basic games, which are different colors (the green card, the orange card, etc.). I think you get 2 or 3 cards per game for this cost. I think for $10 more, you get the electronic handset, which plays the game for you and tells you when you have won Bingo. Instead of a limited number of paper games, you get dozens of electronic cards (was it 96 game cards?). So, you get a lot more chances with the electronic handset, which most people buy. The games go quickly because they are so basic: straight line, four corners, an X, and full blackout, are some recent examples. The games go quickly because people in the audience have bought the *electronic* handset, which gives them almost 100 cards to play at once, ....and with more "cards" out on the floor, the faster the games go (think: if 100 people play 96 electronic games each, that's like having 9,600 bingo cards being played at the same time). So, the games tend to finish way too quickly, in my opinion. For example, a straight line might be solved after just 10 or 12 numbers are called. On the bright side, it's always fun to play bingo, and the cruise bingo leaders are very charming and fun. They definitely break up the games by giving out small prizes. I received a small Disney keychain once; another time, I received a DCL 2 inch clock. They also give out a prize to someone who verifies that there are all numbers present, they give a prize to different people who have electronic handsets and cards (handset and card numbers are entered into a raffle), and other little prizes. Servers walk around serving drinks, and everyone really seems to enjoy it. If you win, it's a thrill, and you usually win $150 (but if two or three people call bingo at the same time, which happens frequently, you might end up with $46, which is what happened to me). I would say, go and enjoy it, but only play twice, because you can sink some real money into the game, and most people do not win. Don't spend money past a limit you will regret. And, that last FINAL Bingo Jackpot...well, it seems to be a ruse, because I've never seen anyone win the "big money"...and, in order to play, the final game handset cost a LOT more than the other bingo sessions....from memory, the price went from $40 for the handset to something like $70.

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