Biggest Loser Fall Challenge!

Discussion in 'W.I.S.H' started by Octoberbride03, Aug 26, 2012.

  1. kollerbear

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    May 25, 2011
    I'm so excited to see everyone, too. Poor Pamela, it WAS getting lonely over on the Summer boards... :rotfl2: Not that I should talk, I wasn't being talkative myself-- but I have an excuse!! I was figuring out the spreadsheet and now I've got that spreadsheet ready and waiting for everyone's weigh-ins next Friday (yaaayyy!). :cool1:

    Anyway... I managed somehow to lose NO WEIGHT in the 6-7 weeks or so I was in the Summer challenge... travelling, not taking things seriously, only intermittant tracking... gah! The Fall is going to be no games--recipes in MyFitnessPal, back into the habit of cooking, ready to rumble. You all have inspired me with your stories and I know that being 1/2way to my goal is not good enough, I CAN make it all the way!!

    On a side note, what IS IT WITH PASTA??? I grew up eating it every day. My mom was an adherent to 80s/90s nutrition--high carbs!! I actually have a vivid memory one morning of her saying when I was in elementary school after learning about the food pyramid: "Most everyone eats too much protein, you could have two day's worth of protein in a serving of peanut butter" :faint: (I also recently found out from my dad that my family essentially went vegetarian because my mom doesn't like the mess of cooking with meat... so when someone asks, "oh, you're vegan because of health reasons? ethical reasons?" it's like, "Oh, no, it was my mom's OCD..." I would NEVER say that, but it's just funny... ) I LOVE my mother SO SO MUCH, btw, it's just funny to realize the odd reasons sometimes for how we got to be who we are!

    So pasta is my favorite food in the world and I'm sickeningly addicted. Every other food I make I manage to eat one serving and I'm happy. But PASTA??? I only make it once a week or every other week because I know I have this problem, but seriously every time I make it, no matter how much I've planned for it, I make a good, high-veggie, lower calorie recipe, and EVERY TIME I CAN'T STOP EATING IT. I made a GREAT pasta salad last night, and I somehow ate FOUR SERVINGS. I say somehow, I know HOW it happened... no excuses. But still!!! GAHHHH so BAD!!! From now on I told Matt that I am going to be serving out my serving, his serving, and then packing it up for lunch BEFORE WE EVEN SIT DOWN TO EAT.

    Sigh. Pasta. :lovestruc
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  3. shinysparklybubbles

    shinysparklybubbles DIS Veteran

    Feb 1, 2010
    Looks like I skipped an intro of myself (this is c&p from my wish journal)

    My name is Rebekah and I will be 31 this year and have struggled all of my life with my weight. Up, down, up, down, and lately it's been up up up up. I weight more now than the day I gave birth to my 3.5 year old. Needless to say, it's out of hand.

    About 7.5 years ago I started to get my act together because I knew that I would be getting engaged soon and wanted a jump start on weight loss. I did weight watchers and step classes at the gym and lost about 60 lbs. I was 130 on my wedding day! Fast forward to present day and I'm around 210 and I'm only 5foot 4. Yikes!

    I did WW about a year ago and tried doing it on line with a friend, we both lost about 20 lbs and gained it back. Her and I are too much of the same type of person, health wise I think we are toxic for each other. We talk about it constantly and how we are going to change, how this time will be different, etc. well, all this talk and we are both overweight and desperately need a swift kick to our big butts! I know of one of us really succeeds it would help the other tremendously and I hope this will be the time for us!

    It doesn't help that my husband loves to eat junk and is skinny as a rail! He is very supportive but I always seem to forget I can't eat the same stuff he does or it will be with me forever. I'm so careful about what my son eats so that he is healthy and I want to be a good example for him. I honestly feel like his pediatrician probably is silently judges me when they ask about his diet and eating habits during check ups. Who is going to believe that the overweight mom feeds her kid right? Well, I do. I may let him have 1/2 a muffin but then I turn around and eat 2. You know how it goes. I want better for him than for myself but I won't be able to keep doing that if I fall over dead.

    I'm doing Jeff Galloway's conditioning plan since I'm a far cry from active. Nov 11 I am planning on doing a 5k with the hopes of a 1/2 marathon in Disney 2013.
  4. jillbur

    jillbur DIS Veteran

    Jul 9, 2010
    :rotfl2: I saw you talking to yourself other there :rotfl2: so I wrote something!


    Hello! My name is Jill and this is my 4th challenge. Since last fall I have lost 23 pounds. My goal was to be 135 by the end of summer, but I am 140. So, I want to kick this last 5-10 pounds! The fall challenge is always tough for me because I love Fall. I love pumpkin and Thanksgiving and Christmas cookies :love:

    I am 35 and married (to a DH, by the way, who can eat an entire pizza and lose 5 pounds!!). I also have 2 wonderful, silly, boys (9 and 6). I am a teacher at an alternative ed program. I teach 4-12th grade Social Studies/History. I am also a special education teacher, so I do A LOT of paperwork. My job is very trying and I tell people that if we don't laugh, we cry lol.

    As far as exercise goes, I love it. I run, but I haven't run in about a month since I went back to spinning class. I go to circuit training and try to squeeze in yoga if I can. I also just bought a dvd set at Ollies for $7.99! Whoohoo! I'm hoping it's similar to P90? It's called Supreme 90 Day. It has 10 dvds and a 90 day schedule. I think I saw it at Walmart as well. So, days I do not make it to the gym, I try to do something at home. I'll be trying a dvd from my new set this weekend.

    I'm hoping that now that school has started and my schedule is more normal, I will be on to post daily. I can't wait to get started! Yay Losers!!

  5. indygirl99

    indygirl99 Choose Happiness

    Mar 16, 2012
    This will be my first BL challenge so I guess you all would like to know a little bit about me.

    I have battled my weight most of my life with a high of 310 # in 2000. I have tried every "diet" out there and have managed to gain and loose and gain a few hundred pounds over the years. Now at 230, down from 246, when I started running June 24.

    In June I was chatting with a friend who like me was also going to turn 50 this year and wanted to make a change. She does not have a weight issue.

    On June 24 we made a pack to run a half marathon before we turned 51 SOOOOOO what better than to sign up for a Disney race. I will be running the Tinkerbell HM in January. I have never run before in my life so this is a big change for me. :scared1:

    I am a nurse and work 12 hr days 3 days a week and am really busy on those days. On my days off I'm kind of a slug. So I have set about to change that and am doing Jeff Galloways training for the HM. I run 3 days a week and am looking for cross training to do 3 days a week and then one day of rest.

    By the way I hit that 50th birthday in August. :dance3: Mom/stepmom of 6 gmom of 4 with 3 more on the way. :cloud9: None of them in the house so really quite with just DH and the cat. :rotfl2:

    I am looking forward to the support on this thread. I may not post much next week as we will be visiting the mouse, and trying to temper the junk food eating, but I will be here after that.
  6. donac

    donac <font color=black>BL6 Black Team Captain<br><font

    Aug 22, 2002
    I'm in for this challenge

    I will be back later this weekend. I need to put collars and sleeves on 4 maids costumes for My Fair Lady today so I want to get that done.

    Have a happy and healthy day
  7. lisah0711

    lisah0711 <font color=red>♥ <font color=royalblue>her Disney

    Sep 9, 2005
    Happy Saturday morning all! :goodvibes

    :welcome: to all our newbies and returning participants.

    For those of you who are runners and walkers be sure and check out our Biggest Loser Running and Walking thread.
    We have a separate area so we don't drive everyone crazy over here. ;)

    And don't forget to keep an eye on the summer thread to watch for the results posting. Who will be the Biggest Loser? :confused3

    I will be travelling for the Wine & Dine Half in November and Marathon Week-end in January. My next half is in two weeks and it is local. It is nice to have a race where you sleep in your own bed and eat your own food.

    Thanks for being our weighkeeper this challenge! :thanks:

    Hi LTS! :wave2: Nice to see you! :flower3:

    Hi MB! :wave2: Nice to see you back! :flower3:

    It is a bit quiet over there. But it isn't like some of the summer challenges where the tumbleweeds were blowing through. :lmao:

    Nice job getting all that laundry done! :laundy:

    Congrats, Ash! Thanks for sharing your success story. :thumbsup2

    ITA! :thumbup2:

    And you have a very inspriring story yourself! :cool1:

    Maybe if you are lucky the housekeeping fairy will show up. pixiedust:

    You can do it! :thumbsup2

    Excellent way to start! :goodvibes I started with the C25K and never made it through because it was too much running. Better to start off with the run/walk and continue.

    Hi Jill! :wave2: Those last few pounds are tough but you are SO close. I know you can do it! :yay:

    You will have a wonderful time at the Tinker Bell Half! :tink: I had a great time doing it this year with my BL friend, Lisa, who hasn't checked in yet since she is at DL herself now. Have a great time at DL! It is my home park. :love:

    Hi Dona! :wave2: Nice to see you! :flower3:

    Have a great week-end! :goodvibes

  8. BernardandMissBianca

    BernardandMissBianca <font color=red>I just love a dancing banana!<br>< Moderator

    Feb 18, 2005
    Welcome back!!

    LOL welcome to the new house Pamela!! Isn't it purty?!?!?

    Pasta is a side dish!! I have had to learn that this year. We grew up as it being the main dish too, but sadly it is not the case. I'm trying to break up with pasta this year, he's just not good for me.

    Welcome to the group!!
    We don't use the word diet here, it's a lifestyle change. Diet gives the sense that it's a temporary thing, it's not, this is for forever.

    You can do it!!! You've got your goal, now what you need to to is visualize crossing that finish line.
  9. BernardandMissBianca

    BernardandMissBianca <font color=red>I just love a dancing banana!<br>< Moderator

    Feb 18, 2005
    OK time for a quick intro before we go do hair cuts.

    I'm Buffy - AKA BAMB, mom, and hey you.

    I'm 38 (turning 39 on 11/24), NAHM (never at home mom) of 4. DH and I will be married 20 years in April 2013.

    This is my umpteenth BL challenge. I lost track. I keep coming back because everyone is great motivation and super friendly!

    While I've never been skinny, my weight issues started after we got married and moved to Hawaii. Yes, in the the land of beautiful bodies, I go fat. When we moved I stopped skating and country dancing (did those 4-5 times a week) and turned into a complete homebody. And on an E-4 rank paycheck we could only afford things like hamburger helper and pasta (see, told you he was a bad dude!) Put all that together plus having 4 babies in ten years, this is what you get!
    My top weight was 200+ maybe 204, can't remember.
    I was down to 182 a few weeks ago but now I'm back up to 187. NOT HAPPY!!

    I'm here because as much as I love my Mom, I don't want to be like her. My family has a history of Diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I would like to put that off as long as possible.

    All my kids are runners so I'm joining the band wagon with them. Can't beat em, join em.
    DS16 and I ran the Expedition Everest Challenge in 2011. I did terrible but I finished standing up! LOL
    My next goal is a 1/2 marathon in my 40th year. I was aiming for the WDW 1/2 but $$ is a sticking point so I'm leaning back towards the Princess 2013.
  10. luvpoohandcompany

    luvpoohandcompany DIS Veteran

    Sep 30, 2009
    :flower3:Hi everyone
    Can I come back? I think I lasted a week of the summer challenge and I lost my way (and gained too much welght:scared1:), I'm at my heaviest ever and need to lose 28-30lbs. I'm going to join weight-watchers on monday-kids will be back in school so life should theoritically be less hectic than it is now;)
    I've decided that I want to complete a half marathon before I'm 50 (I turn 47 in a couple of weeks) and have just signed up for the Jeff Galloway newsletter and intend getting started with one of his plans next week too:thumbsup2
  11. penguin1102

    penguin1102 Mouseketeer

    Apr 25, 2012
    I have loved reading everyones intros. So here is a little about me I am 28 married to DH for almost 3 years. No kids yet as I am working full time while my husband is going to school full time and working a part time job. I work as a supervisior at a bank and absolutely love it. As far as working out/activity it is almost non existent. I am looking to do a 5k in January so I really need to step it up. I am going on vacation this week so hopefully I will get a lot of walking in. Can't wait to get to know everyone here!!
  12. Octoberbride03

    Octoberbride03 <font color=660000>I think Tweetie done gone Cucko

    Apr 21, 2003
    Happy Saturday kiddies:cool1:

    Tis my weekend off, though hotter than I'd like. Did just a little bit of clean up this morning with my Tiel's cage and a floor sweep. Sometime soon I have to enter the kitchen and finish dishes and prep supper. I think tomorrow will be when I do my intro story. See if I can find some pics of me on this thing:rotfl2:

    Just a reminder that I see some names of those who haven't PMed me for the start of the challenge yet. And your clue is this. If you don't have a PM from me, I haven't gotten 1 from you:thumbsup2 need that PM to make up the mini's and get everybody sorted. Kinda like Hogwarts:cool1:

    Hope everybody has a great weekend:dance3:
  13. belledreamer

    belledreamer Writer, dreamer, and Honorary Lost Girl

    Sep 14, 2008
    Slow day today. Decided to sleep in for a while before heading to do some grocery shopping. I actually surprised myself by forgetting to get a little something sweet and remembering to get fruit cups instead. ;)

    Came home to find the kitchen completely overrun with ants due to all the rain from the storm so the rest of the afternoon was spent spraying the kitchen and sanitizing; not to mention the endless laundry... :laundy:

    But now everything's done, I'm making baked tilapia tacos for dinner and will probably spend the rest of the evening chilling out with a movie. :happytv:

    Hope everyone had an awesome Saturday!
  14. BernardandMissBianca

    BernardandMissBianca <font color=red>I just love a dancing banana!<br>< Moderator

    Feb 18, 2005
    Wait you watched a movie Ashley?
    The new season of Doctor Who started!!!

    I feel your pain about the ants, we have them and I hate it.
    DH found some great spray that's all natural, it smells like root beer.
    It's called EcoSmart and we get it at the grocery store.
  15. belledreamer

    belledreamer Writer, dreamer, and Honorary Lost Girl

    Sep 14, 2008
    Believe me, I wanted to watch it. But we don't get BBC... :worried:

    I'll have to look for that. The only ant poison we had beside the spray was the yard kind that you have to wet to get it to work... So spray it was. I just hate having to spray it in the kitchen...
  16. Flossbolna

    Flossbolna Sea days are just so relaxing!

    Sep 8, 2006
    Hi everyone. After I joined the summer challenge where I was more a reader there than a poster, but still found it very encouraging, I want to take part in the fall challenge as well. The second part of the summer challenge was not so good for me as I got a new job which is very stressful. But as of today I am still 2.5 pounds lighter than at the start of the old challenge. So that is at least something! I hope fall will be more successful!!
  17. BernardandMissBianca

    BernardandMissBianca <font color=red>I just love a dancing banana!<br>< Moderator

    Feb 18, 2005
    ACK no good!!!

    I think DH said it was already available on Amazon instant video.
  18. 6ofus2

    6ofus2 Mouseketeer

    Aug 29, 2005
    Hello! My name is Robbie & this will be my 2nd BL challenge. I'm 33, married for 16 yrs this Thurs 9/6, mom to the fab 4, three daughters & a son. My oldest daughter is beginning high school (crazy how time flies!) My middle two daughtes are entering 6th & 8th grade. & my baby boy will be 10 next Wed & in 4th grade.

    I have not been thin since elementary school. Spring of this year for the first time I had a not so healthy annual check up. I was diagnosed prediabetic & it freaked me out! I joined WW March 23, weighing 253. (I'm 5'6'') I began walking, then May 1, I began & fell in love with Zumba. As of last Friday, I am down to 198. 13 lbs away from not being obese. My goal is 153 (high end for my height according to the charts). To be honest I have no idea what 153 will look like for me. I'd really like to hit goal by Valentines Day 2013.

    I'm on week 3 of c25k & planning on running a 5k at DL Jan 19. I've also incorporated strength training as I want to be fit, not skinny. :)
  19. DorkyDisneyMom

    DorkyDisneyMom <font color=blue>I will have to look tomorrow to s

    Dec 2, 2007
    Hello! My name is Mary. I'm 39 just two weeks ago. I have been married for 16 years. I have three kids. This will be my first Biggest Loser Challenge.

    I was always thin but when I had my children I never lost the baby weight with any of them and battled depression a lot. My younger boys both have High Functioning Autism and my daughter has Tourette's Syndrome. I love them all but it has been really hard. So I have just eaten my way through it.

    I decided a year ago I was tired of being tired and overweight. I started watching what I eat and exercising. So far I have lost 16 lbs. in the last 9 months. I have been working with my husband and he has lost 11. He is far more athletic and hasn't been working as long as I have. I just switched to the Jeff Galloway app. I was doing to c25k. I'm prone to shin splints and it was too much running.

    I also work at a daycare. I work part time in the office and then part time in the classroom.

    I'm looking forward to having some goals and also some support as I try to reach them.
  20. Disneywedding2010

    Disneywedding2010 DIS Veteran

    Mar 15, 2009
    Afternoon everyone! :)

    Grocery shopping is done, meal plan is complete, and exercise routine for the week is wrote out. Now I'm eating a late lunch and tweaking Alan and I's 3 day stay at Baylake Tower in the coming weeks.

    For those of you that are new to the challenge Alan (my fiance) and I moved to central FL last September. We'll be actually celebrating our 1st year on September 12th, hence the trip to Baylake Tower. Trust me it doesn't seem like we've been here that long. :lmao: It literally only feels like its been a few months. :)

    We've been annual pass holders the last few years but now that we live a short 15 minute drive from Disney we go at least once a month (if not more). Our favorite thing to do on the weekends is to go hang out at the resorts and enjoy a meal. If the weather isn't to bad we'll spend a few hours at a partk either just walking around or riding a few rides. I LOVE IT. :)

    We're DVC members so depending on the type of room we're in I try to bring a few groceries. In a few weeks we'll be staying in a studio. I'm bringing stuff for sandwiches, bagels, cream cheese, string cheese, and a few 10 oz bottles of apple juice.

    I've been put on Metformin which is an insulin drug for diabetics. However, it helps with PCOS patients. Well, the higher the dose you have to take the more it can give you stomach issues. :( So, I've decided to bring some light stuff from home that I'll be able to eat 1st thing in the morning to keep me from being miserable.

    I think the plan right now is we'll get up, eat breakfast, hit the parks, come back mid day and have lunch, and then head back for the evening. I've heard a lot of the Dis'ers doing that if they have young children. I thought "Hey that sounds like a smart idea." Granted we don't have small children to contend with but I think it made the days go a lot smoother when we did it. :banana: WOOHOO for awesome tips from other Disney fanatics :)
  21. Disneywedding2010

    Disneywedding2010 DIS Veteran

    Mar 15, 2009
    I love seeing everyone that was on the Summer Challenge and WELCOME Newbies!! You'll love this wonderful group. They're all very supportive, encouraging, and you'll love to get to know them. I enjoy all the Disney Question of the Days that each weekly coach asks during their time in the "hot seat" as I like to call it.

    Pull up a chair, grab a bottled water, and get comfy.

    LTS -- I'm glad to see you back!! :)

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