1. Musicalmommy

    Musicalmommy Earning My Ears

    Nov 14, 2012
    Just wanted to share that our Big Lots had some Disney Shirts for $4 and $5 each. They would be good stocking stuffers, or like us we are going to surprise the kids with a trip for their Christmas gift. Sometimes it is nice to toss a shirt in there.

    They had pink Minnie ones that have a black print of Minnie on them.
    and Yellow ones with a colored print of minnie in her blue polkadot skirt.

    My girls is in the (too cool for Minnie) stage but I got her a "Where's my Water t-shirt!"

    I would love to post a photo of it. But I am not allowed because I only have 4 posts, and one was deleated because I broke a rule. Who knows, maybe this one breaks a rule too. But I am not selling, just sharing what I found.
  2. CraftyMommy

    CraftyMommy Mouseketeer

    Aug 28, 2012
    They just opened a Big Lots near me. They had an awesome sale on 600 thread count sheets. I'll have to go back and look for Disney shirts now.

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