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Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by MommyApo, Aug 21, 2013.

  1. MommyApo

    MommyApo Earning My Ears

    Aug 17, 2013
    Hi everyone! My family and I are looking to finally make it back to DW in October 2014 :cool1::cool1: Anyhoo I have fallen out of touch with my DW knowledge, especially since moving to Las Vegas. Our last trip was in 2006, so its been a very long time.

    I was looking for some recommendations on which resort is best for a family of 5, two adults and 3 children, ages at the time will be 10, 7, 4 all girls. I would love to stay at the Contemporary or the Poly but not sure we could afford it.

    I also don't know if its better to go the value suite route or just move up a category, they seem to be close to the same price.

    Any suggestions would be great!
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  3. Mizzgolitely

    Mizzgolitely Mouseketeer

    Mar 15, 2007
    I noticed that Wilderness Lodge always has great rates and usually a daybed in the rooms.... most deluxe hotels will take 5 in a room - if you wanna save a little, try art of animation resort :)
  4. Gorechick

    Gorechick DIS Veteran

    Aug 19, 2001
    The previous poster is incorrect. Most resort rooms on property regardless of being deluxe, moderate, or value are geared toward families of 4. There are only select resorts and room types that will accommodate a family of 5 with the ages you are posting. A nice option would be the Alligator Bayou rooms at Port Orleans Riverside resort. The rooms in that section of the resort specifically accommodate families of 5 with a children older than an infant/toddler and not needling a crib/ pack n' play. Another option would be Art of Animation suites, they are for larger families as well.
  5. Momoftwins+1

    Momoftwins+1 Mouseketeer

    Sep 24, 2007
    CR worked out well with our 3 kiddos. Maybe look at a garden wing room, they are a bit less. POR is another option. Also the Cabins at Campground allow 5 as do several of the Deluxe level resorts.
  6. bek

    bek Mouseketeer

    Jun 12, 2012
    Most of the Deluxes will accommodate 5 -- but not Wilderness Lodge or Animal Kingdom Lodge those rooms are limited to 4.

    At the Moderate Level -- Port Orleans Riverside Alligator Bayou and the Cabins at Fort Wilderness.

    The family suites at Art of Animation and AllStar Music will work for a family of 5. Although these are "value" resorts, the suites are oftentimes as much or more than a Deluxe room.

    The Dolphin also has rooms for 5.

    DVC villas can also accommodate 5. If you are 7-11 months out, you can rent through a DVC points broker or privately and have a significant saving from Disney Resort costs for the Villas. But renting points is oftentimes a non-refundable prepay. Renting through Disney is just like renting any other Disney resort room.

    Personally I'd recommend the Art of Animation family suites for you. My DH and I stayed there this summer with our grandkids ages 3, 5 & 7. We loved the 2 bathrooms, 2 TVs and a door that could be closed so if one of the kids was sleeping, the other two could watch TV in the other section. The resort is lots of fun for elementary aged children.

    The drawbacks of Ao A from a Deluxe -- no slide or hot tubs at the pool. But my grandkids loved going underwater in AoA's Big Blue to listen to the voices. At AoA, there's only a food court. Deluxe resorts will usually have a few options for dining. Deluxes usually have some transportation options (monorail, boat) other than a bus. But AoA has a dedicated (no sharing), covered bus line.
  7. 1000HappyWishes

    1000HappyWishes I know every mile will be my worth my while.

    Jan 23, 2013
    Port Orleans Riverside is a moderate and some rooms can accommodate five people.


    Sep 21, 2008
    When we stayed at POR one of the beds had a trundle bed that slid out.
  9. aaarcher86

    aaarcher86 DIS Veteran

    Feb 17, 2010
    They have been replaced with the Murphy beds.
  10. islandtimect

    islandtimect DIS Veteran

    Aug 22, 2007
    As a previous posted indicated, only POR alligator bayou, FW Cabins, ALMusic suites, AoA suites, some deluxe, and some villas fit 5. With 4 females in one room, I would recommend a room with 2 full bathrooms. An AKV Kidani 1 bedroom gives plenty of room to spread out, full kitchen, washer and dryer, and 2 full bathrooms without the higher price tag (and smaller space) of BLT villas. We've stayed there twice with 2 tween girls and it worked out perfectly. You can save a lot on dining by bringing food or having food delivered from a local grocer. We almost always eat breakfast in our room while getting ready in the am - saves time, money, and you can get whatever healthy options you want. We also have plenty of snacks and drinks around for pool days and evenings. The standard view room is the least expensive at Kidani.
  11. Sunnywho

    Sunnywho DIS Veteran

    Aug 13, 2010
    Pricewise the cheapest option is a room at POR that fits 5.
    A small step up from that is getting 2 rooms at a value.
    A value suite is more expensive than that.

    Remember too that October depending on dates often has free dining.
  12. mickeynut1

    mickeynut1 DIS Veteran

    Apr 16, 2007
    All of the deluxes (except WL and AKL) accommodate 5 in a standard room (with all rooms at the CR and Poly having a daybed as well as those rooms being the largest rooms among the deluxes). Also, as others have mentioned, POR Alligator Bayou, FW Cabins, and the All Star/AoA suites will also accommodate 5.
  13. dminnie

    dminnie DIS Veteran

    Jan 3, 2013
    With kids at those ages, I don't think it would be problem to stay in POR. You would get two sinks, so that helps with the bathroom situation. The youngest could sleep in the murphy bed. Everyone else would be in a real bed and not a pull out sofa like you'd get in a Value suite.

    Deluxe is just so much more money...for our family, not worth it. We could afford it, but don't want to. We say "we're not buying the place. It's just a place to sleep for a few days." But...a moderate does give more amenities than a value,so I'd go with that. TS meals, pool slide, quiet pools, covered bus stops, more lush landscaping, POR has the boat to DTD. It all adds up to a nicer vacation than staying at a value.
  14. lmhall2000

    lmhall2000 May the road rise to meet you....May God hold you

    Aug 11, 2002
    I will disagree with a few on here, we are a family of five, stayed at Poly/CR when our kids were your ages...we are squeezing into a Port Orleans room (squeezing b/c my youngest is 5'7 and they say the murphy bed is 5'4")...we opted for POR to save the $1000. However, our kids are now 14,15, 18...way able to handle the long walks.
    With a four year old, it was sooo convenient and helpful for either Dad or me to head back to the resort (we spent most our time at MK) for a relaxing dip in the pool and give the 4 year old a break. Even at four, we rented the strollers, our 4 year olds could just not tolerate 8 hours on their feet. So, for us, it was a sweet blessing to be so close to MK/monorails...and worth the upgrade, if you are travelling during a room resort discount option, it runs about $500-600 more...the Deluxe's are discounted more than the Values. For us, it was easily well worth it. The Deluxe rooms at Poly/CR are substantially roomier than Moderates or other Deluxe's that fit five (Yacht Club, Beach Club, Boardwalk Inn).
    You will like the moderates or the suites at AoA if you don't mind putting up with a few more hassles with transportation :)

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