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Best place for cheap tickets? (Convention Tickets???)

Discussion in 'Disneyland (California)' started by Dylan&LandonsMama, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. Dylan&LandonsMama

    Dylan&LandonsMama New Member

    We planned a last minute trip leaving on 2/15. Where is the best place to get discounted or cheap tickets? (I think 3 day)
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  3. blackjackdelta

    blackjackdelta <font color=darkorchid>Uncle had an "in" with Walt

    Disney=$220 $30 off.

  4. T0rrent

    T0rrent New Member

    They are cracking down on ticket resellers so do not go that route. Compare prices online at disney with AAA and Safeway or whatever your local grocery store is. Prices won't fluctuate that much between each place.
  5. Chereya

    Chereya New Member

    Do you or your husband work for a larger company whose HR department is in charge of company benefits? I found the cheapest ticket price through this route. My husband's employer uses ticketsatwork.com. You need to have an employer password. Priced out my 5 day tickets at $259 for adults and $244 child. This is slightly higher than the current promo of $255 adult and $235 child through ARES but expires on 3/11/13. Our trip is not until April but if yours is before 3/11/13, that's the cheapest. You'd have to check on the 3 day prices though, I didn't write those down.
  6. mmmears

    mmmears New Member

    Disney online has the $220 deal for 3 day hoppers. I was told by a CM (when I made my hotel reservations) that it was internet only and you can't purchase them for that price at DL. They have to be used by a certain date, but 2/15 is definitely within the window.
  7. tiggerjay

    tiggerjay New Member

    A couple of places to check: through your work, credit union or bank. Also check Costco, AAA and VONS/Safeway. There are a couple of authorized ticket resellers online. Buy in advance, even if just from the Disney website... Print at home tickets are less than gate prices and you go directly to the turnstiles, no need to redeem at a counter. Of course if you need more than just tickets, see a Travel Agent...

    Avoid general ticket resellers, signed on the side of the road down there, Craigslist or Ebay, etc. Disney has started (Jan 2013) enforcing the "non transferable" element of the tickets by using photo ID matching to specific tickets. If your photo doesn't match what is associated with the ticket, they will not let you in, regardless of your story.
  8. Chereya

    Chereya New Member

    You could also try to match up your trip dates with a convention or sporting event in town and try to buy the convention tickets. Many of the conventions and sporting events are open to the public but you'd have to do your own investigation. I think the convention tickets are a good chunk cheaper.
  9. CalvaryMike

    CalvaryMike New Member

    Or if you know someone in So. Cal, they might have discounts at their work. Currently, I can get an Adult 3 day PH with MM for $198 through my work.
  10. HollyL

    HollyL New Member

    I saved quite a chunk of money getting convention tickets.
  11. ValpoCory

    ValpoCory New Member

    I work at IBM, and they offer 10% off the already discounted promotional tickets. Double discount. That took the price for four 5-day PH from $1120 to $900. I then went and bought Disney Gift Cards at a 20% discount and used those gift cards to buy the tickets. Triple discount. Ultimately, I bought $1120 worth of PH passes for $720. A 36% discount.

    But I understand that discount is only readily available for people going in the promotional period, who work at a large company with a Disney discount through their work, and live either in Texas or near a Target store in December.
  12. damiel

    damiel New Member

    I just called our local AAA office (Washington State) and was told AAA does not offer any discount on park tickets.:( They do give yoyu a free parking pass if you buy the ticket from them.
  13. Dylan&LandonsMama

    Dylan&LandonsMama New Member

    There is a medical convention going on when we are supposed to be there and I can register for that for free. I can also purchase tickets through there but I am scared that they will get cancelled if I don't actually attend the conference.

    Any experience with this??
  14. Dylan&LandonsMama

    Dylan&LandonsMama New Member

    Bumping this up! Anyone know?
  15. Scribble Kitty

    Scribble Kitty New Member

    You'll be fine using convention tickets. Many conventions advertise anyone can buy and use their tickets since there doesn't seem to be a limit on them and there really isn't any way to track whether you attended their convention or not.

    It just comes down to how you personally feel about it. If you're conscience is pulling at you, pay the few extra dollars and get the promo tickets Disney is offering.

    EDIT: Just looked up the current convention prices and found this disclaimer:
  16. Dylan&LandonsMama

    Dylan&LandonsMama New Member

    Yes that's the disclaimer Im worried about. But I registered for the convention so how can they track my tickets to the convention? Ill have the paper saying I am registered?

  17. Scribble Kitty

    Scribble Kitty New Member

    If you registered for the convention I think that's all that would matter.
  18. Disney Dreams

    Disney Dreams <font color=deeppink>Proudly afflicted with TDMA!<

    Registered is not the same as " participating or attending." So, technically, yes, you are in violation of the T&C for the use of these tickets.

    Will they know? No clue.
    Can they find out? Probably.
    Is it. Worth the risk? That's only a question you can answer.

    - Dreams
  19. sonnyjane

    sonnyjane New Member

    I'm with Dreams. I'm learning over my years here at the board that I'm a bit of a stick-in-the-mud when it comes to following the rules for things like these. As Dreams said, will they find know? Not sure. Will anything happen if you don't really attend the conference? Couldn't tell you. It's up to you to decide whether or not you'd like to find out.

    I feel odd about utilizing discounts that shouldn't technically apply to me. The one exception would be the Gay Days rates because the organizers of that event posted on these boards that they were okay with people using their discount even if they didn't go to the sanctioned events.
  20. Dylan&LandonsMama

    Dylan&LandonsMama New Member

    The more I read the disclaimer I think the more I am with you guys on that. i can't risk $700 worth of tickets being cancelled over a $150 discount. I'm just going to buy regular 3 day park hoppers. Thanks for the feedback!
  21. dmband

    dmband New Member

    Same here
    I could have prob got convention tix but the risk wasn't worth it
    My cm friend said (at wdw) they have print outs of different tix options and such and if they wanted it would be very easy to see if a convention was taking place at the time where discounted tix are available.
    I didn't want to risk $1200 to save a couple after talking to her

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