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Discussion in 'Cooking' started by snowgooseltd, Nov 1, 2009.

  1. snowgooseltd

    snowgooseltd DIS Veteran

    Aug 17, 2000
    This is a little off-topic but you guys never fail to help so I thought I'd give it a try....I'm planning on giving more homemade gifts this year and I thought that fudge might be a good idea. Can any of you share your fudge recipes with me? On another thread it was suggested that you fill a cookie cutter with the fudge and then wrap in cellophane, top with a bow and you've got a great presentation. I thought that I could use cutters that had a theme that pertained to each person to make it more personalized.

    Thanks, in advance, for any help....
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  3. kaytieeldr

    kaytieeldr Reserving the right to make jokes out of typos - b

    Jun 11, 2005
    There's a Cooking forum here on the DIS - under the "Just for Fun" category. It's got a thread with tons of sweets and snack recipes, including several different fudges.
  4. psammie1025

    psammie1025 Mouseketeer

    Jun 26, 2003
    This makes a huge pan, enough to share with family & friends!


    4 & 1/2 cups Sugar
    1 (12oz) can Evaporated Milk
    1/2 pound Butter
    2 (12oz) packages Milk Chocolate Chips
    1 (12oz) package Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips
    2 (7oz) jars Marshmellow Creme
    2 teaspoons Vanilla
    2/3 cup Bailey's Irish Cream
    2 cups chopped Nuts

    Follow directions EXACTLY!

    Set all chocolate chips, marshmellow creme, vanilla, Bailey's & nuts in a very large bowl. Set aside for later.
    Bring butter, sugar & milk to a boil & then cook slowly for exactly 11 minutes, stirring constantly.
    Pour milk mixture over the other ingredients & stir slowly to blend. Do not use a mixer.
    Pour into a buttered 10 x 15 inch pan & chill very well.
    Cut & enjoy!
  5. TiffanyK

    TiffanyK DIS Veteran

    Oct 28, 2003
    Here's a recipe for Mocha Fudge. It's really easy, smooth and deeply chocolate.
  6. MomtoGKC

    MomtoGKC DIS Veteran

    Oct 11, 2006
    We've always used this recipe - it might have come off the jar of Kraft marshmallow creme. It is SUPER sweet and simple to make.

    3 cups sugar
    3/4 cup margarine
    2/3 cup undiluted evaporated milk
    1 12 ounce package semi sweet chocolate chips
    1 7 ounce jar Kraft marshmallow creme
    1 cup chopped nuts (optional)
    1 teaspoon vanilla

    Combine sugar, margarine and milk in heave 2 1/2 quart saucepan. Bring to a full rolling boil, stirring constantly.

    Continue boiling 5 minutes over medium heat, stirring constantly.

    Remove from heat, stir in chocolate chips until melted.

    Add marshmallow, nuts & vanilla; beat well until blended.

    Pour into greased 13x9 pan. Cool at room temperature; cut into squares.

    When you cut it make sure knife is really hot or else it crumbles. Wipe off and run under hot water each time you cut.
  7. sherry7

    sherry7 DIS Veteran

    Apr 29, 2001
    I make about 20 lbs of fudge each year for Christmas, but this one is DS's favorite:

    Cookies 'n Cream Fudge

    * Yield: About 2 1/2 pounds
    * Nutrition: See Below
    * Prep Time: 10 Minutes
    * Cook Time: 0 Minutes


    * 3 (6 oz.) packages white chocolate baking squares
    * 1 (14 oz.) can Eagle Brand® Sweetened Condensed Milk
    * 1/8 teaspoon salt
    * 3 cups (about 20 cookies) coarsely crushed chocolate creme-filled sandwich cookies (Oreo's)


    * LINE 8-inch square pan with wax paper, extending paper over edges of pan.
    * MELT white chocolate squares with sweetened condensed milk and salt in heavy saucepan over low heat. Remove from heat; stir in crushed cookies. Spread evenly in prepared pan.
    * CHILL 2 hours or until firm. Remove from pan by lifting edges of wax paper. Cut into squares.

    * Nutrition Amount per Serving: Calories 133,Total Fat Grams6,Calories From Fat 54,Saturated Fat Grams 3.3,Saturated Fat Grams Pct DailyValue 17,CholesterolMilligrams 6,SodiumMilligrams 57,Sodium Milligrams Pct Daily Value 2,Potassium Milligrams 44,Potassium Milligrams Pct Daily Value 1,Total Carbohydrates Grams 13.5,Total Carbohydrates Grams Pct Daily Value 4,Sugars Grams 12.3,Protein Grams 1.3,Protein Grams Pct Daily Value 3,Calcium Pct Daily Value 3,Niacin Pct Daily Value 3,Folate Pct Daily Value 2,Magnesium Pct Daily Value 1,
  8. mamo-4-wdw

    mamo-4-wdw It's kind of fun to do the impossible. - Walt Disn

    Jan 16, 2004
    This recipe is on a different forum I go to. It is super easy and so good,I didn't use the butter< I thought it made it sticky(tackey) and it is still really good.

    Easy Fudge

    one 8x8 pan
    WAX paper for the pan
    1/2 stick of butter
    1 can of sweetened condensed milk
    3 cups of chocolate chips (1 and 1/2 bags)

    Melt the last three in the microwave for 1:30 minutes, stir, then another minute. Make sure you stir in the middle, don't burn it.

    Pour into a wax paper lined pan. Yes, use the wax paper, you need the wax paper, if you don't use the wax paper, you are really going to regret it. Even leave a bit up the sides.

    Refrigerate for a couple of hours and then cut!

    Very easy for variation.

    Best "seller" is butterstotch, which is simply taking 2 cups of chocolate chips and 1 cup of butterstotch chips.

    Mini M&Ms are another good subsitute.

    You can use flavor extracts like mint, orange.

    Cover the top with coconut.

    Subsitute 1 cup of walnuts for one cup of chips.

    normal recipe + 1/2 c chopped walnuts and 1 c mini marshmallows, turned in after the mix is well blended and ready for the pan = Rocky Road

    normal recipe - butter + 1/4 c. peanut butter = extreme peanut butter fudge.

    For the holidays, I make about 8-10 or more different types and that's what I give for gifts to just about everyone I know.

    I haven't tried this one but it sounds easy too!

    My easy fudge is this:

    1 bag of chips (any flavor)
    1 can of frosting (any flavor)

    Heat the frosting in a skillet until soft. Add the chips, stir till melted. Pour into 8X8 pan and let set. I've made chocolate/chocolate, pb/chocolate, pb/whitechocolate, white chocolate/ to play with!__________________
  9. sherry7

    sherry7 DIS Veteran

    Apr 29, 2001
    This one sounds really good, and I have a big bottle of Bailey's just begging to be used up. I printed it out to make at Christmas time.
  10. MazdaUK

    MazdaUK <font color=green>Curse this time difference!<br><

    Sep 17, 2004
    I can get marshmallow fluff here:banana: Only for a limited time but itt special offer £3 for two tubs (about $1 per tub I suppose):woohoo: So now I can make fudge again this year:yay:
  11. sherry7

    sherry7 DIS Veteran

    Apr 29, 2001
    For those of you who cannot find marshmallow fluff, you can still make fudge using regular marshmallows. I can't remember what the conversion amount is, but you could google it to find out.
  12. Disneyaunt4

    Disneyaunt4 <font color=red>I wonder what they put in that wax

    Jun 9, 2006
    The only place I can find the marshmallow fluff is at Walmart :worship:

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