Belated Honeymoon 11/3/13 on the Fantasy

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Trip Reports' started by merciemac, May 17, 2013.

  1. merciemac

    merciemac Earning My Ears

    Mar 29, 2013
    So my husband was a little worried about me posting our story but finally said maybe it will make our trip a little better.

    So lets start from the beginning. My name is Mercie (Mercy) Macatrao (25). I am married to a wonderful man named Mark (28), together we are M & M. We live in sunny Southern California. Yes we have Disneyland passes and yes we are DVC members as of 2011. We love everything about Disney. We have every Disney movie and go to the park regularly, Disney is just a part of our life.

    We have always known that we would have a Disney vacation as our honeymoon but were not entirely sure what it would be. So last year in December 13, 2012 Mark and I got married we decided that we wanted to go somewhere warm and beautiful. This left us with two options. Our home resort at Aulani or on a cruise to the Caribbean. Of course we settled on the cruise.

    This cruise is so much for me and my husband. Mostly it is a belated honeymoon. Last year I was starting a new job at the corporate office of a large logistics company in Southern California. This meant I had very little to no time off. Second we were completely broke. I mean so broke that we were back to our college diet of spaghetti morning noon and night. Have you ever had spaghetti and pancakes? If you answered no, then congrats you were not ever super broke but you also have not lived yet. Third, the reason for our sudden and speedy wedding is a whole other drama in itself. My parents and family disowned me because they did not believe my husband was rich enough for me. Mark always calls me his uptown girl or his Princess Jasmine. But he is a wonderful and I love him with all my heart. In the end all this left left me and Mark unable to take our much needed and deserved honeymoon. Third, this cruise is hopefully the relaxation time my husband and I need. I recently found out I am reproductively challenged. Something which nearly broke my heart. My husband and I have been together five years since before we got married and were anxious to start a family. The possibility that this might happen has been incredibly stressful on the both of us. But with my husbands love and support I have resigned to not give up. We have decided to stick to the idea that once we stop trying and maybe if we just have a chance to relax then it will happen. So fingers crossed Disney we will sprinkle a little extra pixie dust on us and work a little magic to help us create our little prince or princess.

    So that's our story. I didn't mean to get so sad but everything about this trip has given me so much hope. For months now I have been reading the DIS Boards learning as much as I can about cruising with Disney so that I will have all the tips and tricks. I'm at almost 5 months till our trip and every day I get more and more confident that this trip will be the most amazing thing ever.

    So far I have the vacation time all planned out, and our flight. We leave out of LAX at 12:01 AM on November 3. And yes I know this sounds ridiculous. But I got such a great deal on our plane tickets. So we will be taking a half day at work on Nov 2 so we can take a long nap the remainder of the day that way we will bright and bushy tailed the next day. We arrive in Florida at 9:30 AM on November 3 and then the plan is to take the Disney shuttles to Port Canaveral. I haven't booked that yet but I will in the next couple of months.

    Okay so as for the cruise part we don't have a room yet, we are just GTY 9A, but we are really hoping for an upgrade. If we don't get upgraded automatically we are hoping to be able to pay the difference at the port and get a little bit higher of a room. But fingers crossed. We are on second dining which is great for us cause we seriously want to enjoy the nightlife. Yes at heart we are still two silly college kids even though we have settled into our nice little careers.

    For now that's about it. Hopefully over the next few months I will have more to add. Such as pictures of the FE I am sewing, the small treasure trove of FE gifts I have started collecting. Maybe a update on the hunt for the greatest luggage on earth (pink with peacock feathers). Updates on the whole passport obtaining of 2013. And more.

    Have a magical day.
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  3. kmchar1

    kmchar1 Mouseketeer

    Mar 13, 2003
    Just a heads up. I am on the Nov 2nd Fantasy Cruise as well this year. It doesn't start on the starts on the 2nd. I hope your flights were not booked on the 3rd????
  4. merciemac

    merciemac Earning My Ears

    Mar 29, 2013
    No My flights are right it's just my brain that needs checking. Tickets are fine, I just can't read a calendar.
  5. Jenn-N-Bryan

    Jenn-N-Bryan Earning My Ears

    Jan 17, 2011
    I loved reading this! My husband and I took our honeymoon on a Disney cruise 13 years ago (we also did the red eye and people thought we were crazy!!) ... when we booked it, we were broke too. We had just bought our first house and I had visions of us eating Top Ramen for years!! We are going on our 4th Disney Cruise and we leave in a month. I am so very excited for you and know you will have an absolutely wonderful amazing time...enjoy eachother on your vacation since it's your 'late' honeymoon!! The rest will fall into place when it's ready to happen! We have a 16 year old, and we never ever see her on the cruise (except for dinner) so we always joke that it's like another honeymoon for us when we go!! Post a trip report after - I will be looking forward to seeing/reading your experience!!!

  6. jjgarv

    jjgarv Gotta get away to where the boat leaves from...

    Mar 20, 2002
    We did a 4 day cruise on the Magic with 3 nights at the Wilderness lodge for our we are also DVC members.
    We too faced struggles with starting a family, went through all the testing, some meds, everything short of invitro.
    After a long struggle, we gave up, turned it over to God:rolleyes2, and went on our first 7 day cruise on the Magic.........couple of months later, we were blessed to find out we were pregnant!:cheer2:
    Our "souvenir" is now 10.....and she has been on 8 Disney cruises (she is dying to become Platinum).
    Disney cruises are a huge piece of who we are as a's the best week of our year.
    Enjoy every minute of planning this cruise as who knows where this adventure is heading!:sail:

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