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Beer Exchange

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by Heyriddle, May 25, 2013.

  1. Heyriddle

    Heyriddle New Member

    Has anyone ever done a beer exchange? If so, where did you meet up with other participants? Any suggestions?
    I read about it somewhere on these boards but cannot find it anywhere. We are not talking about cases of beer, but rather just a sampling of a few bottles.
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  3. disneydeux

    disneydeux Can Once in a Lifetime Happen Twice?

    This sounds like a FANTASTIC idea. Something like a gift exchange for beer lovers? 12 people bring a 12 pack and then exchange & you have 12 killer beers for the trip?

    Might have to organize this for our July 20 cruise.
  4. Kristina - Mom

    Kristina - Mom New Member

    Thank you for getting us organized....my DH will love this!
  5. Hazeleyes536

    Hazeleyes536 New Member

    thats a GREAT idea!!
    might have to add this to our cruise...my dh would LOVE it!!
    And you could meet in one of the lounges on the first day before the sail a way party?!
  6. amie416

    amie416 New Member

    DH and I would love to take part in something like this if one was organized for our cruise! I think the DCL policy for bringing alcohol on board says something about keeping it concealed in a bag or something, so it may be wise for the participants to exchange bottles that are packed in gift bags, maybe with a card or note that talks a bit about where the beer is from and some tasting notes? Also, perhaps the loungers near the adult pool might be a good meetup location.
  7. Lisavince3

    Lisavince3 New Member

    My DH would think this was the greatest idea ever! Although he did bring some of his favorites, he was very disappointed in all of the beer selections onboard. I will definitely tell him to plan this for our next cruise!
  8. disneydeux

    disneydeux Can Once in a Lifetime Happen Twice?

    We are doing this on the Fantasy on July 20th. Eight participants will each bring 12 beers. Still trying to figure out where we should get together and exchange the beers. Would love suggestions. Thinking the second day (sea day) prior to 1st seating - maybe around 4.

  9. lilpooh108

    lilpooh108 New Member

    What a GREAT idea! My dad would love this for his next Disney cruise.
  10. bumbershoot

    bumbershoot New Member

    That sounds terrific. :)
  11. ksloane

    ksloane New Member

    What a cool idea! Especially if there's beer made in your state or your area of the state that could make it really personal. You could do beer, wine, or anything like that. Sounds so much fun!
  12. cris0809

    cris0809 Might be why the rum is always gone

    On the Fantasy in the afternoon I'd suggest meeting in Outlook for this exchange! It's always quiet and the views are fantastic. It's a very small space but there are tables and chairs set up already. There's only one elevator that goes up there so we find the best plan is to get on an elevator and go as high as it can go, get off, then call for another one going up or take the last flight of stairs. Much better chance of success.

    I love this idea!! Way better than a FE - a BE!
  13. trickiwoo

    trickiwoo Talk Disney To Me!

    What a great idea!!!! I love doing the FE on cruises, but DH couldn't care less! But he would definitely love a BE!!!! I'm gonna bring this up with our cruise group and see if anyone else would be interested!!
  14. rentayenta

    rentayenta <img src=http://photopost.wdwinfo.com/data/500/dm.

    Best exchange idea ever!
  15. PopsAndHis2Dwarfs

    PopsAndHis2Dwarfs New Member

    As a DH I approve of this awesome idea...... It would be awesome if you got 12 craft brews from local brewery's near one's home town
  16. NCConch

    NCConch New Member

    We are on a three night cruise, so I would be interested in seven person (to get 6 other beers) exchange. I'm not sure I would want to carry around two six packs of bottled brews while waiting for our room.
  17. su_A_ve

    su_A_ve New Member

    You would probably want to do it the first day. By the second day, you are so involved in your own thing that you'll more than likely forget about it...

    Coordinate with the group doing FE and meet.
  18. jenf22

    jenf22 New Member

    Has anyone done this yet? I'm trying to set one up for our cruise in September. I figured we could just do the exchange at the meet up on the first day. Is it ok to just put the beer out on a table and have the exchange there (i.e. in Vista Cafe)? Does this violate any of DCL's rules? I don't want to get in trouble or get DCL rethinking their policy about allowing alcohol on board. So far we only have 4 people interested :( I'm hoping some more will come around!
  19. disneydeux

    disneydeux Can Once in a Lifetime Happen Twice?

    I will let you know on July 28th. We are planning on meeting on the 1st sea day at the Cove Cafe. If they don't want us to pull out the beers, we will figure out another situation.
  20. jenf22

    jenf22 New Member

    Great! I'm going to hold you to this!
  21. Mackie Mouse

    Mackie Mouse Even my dog loves Disney

    As long as you don't put the beers in your FE (see: other thread from today), you should be fine :X

    In all seriousness, this is a VERY fun idea. Will have to keep it mind for our next cruise! Please keep us posted and let us know how it turns out!

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