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Be Our Guest Dinner

Discussion in 'Disney Dining Reviews' started by TruBlu, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. TruBlu

    TruBlu <font color=green>I was very excited to see how yu

    The food was just okay, but the atmosphere was AMAZING!!!
    We were in the West Wing & it was AWESOME!!!

    I was a little surprised that we had to choose our dessert when we ordered??? :confused3 But, we each picked something from the menu. I also asked for The Grey Stuff. Our server said that you had to be celebrating something to get it. I told him we were & he gave me a strange look. :confused3 I said, "No, we REALLY are." (We actually truly were - I am recovering from my 13th surgery!!! And we were just a few weeks out from DS11's birthday - we were supposed to be there on his birthday, but had to postpone the trip.) The good thing was that at the end of the meal when he rolled the cart over, he didn't make us stick with our original selections. We got to pick what we wanted. :thumbsup2 So, I'm not sure why we had to order it with our meal??? :confused3

    For dinner we had:
    DS11: pork chop - Which he pulled off the bone like a caveman, but then he ate it with a fork and knife. :thumbsup2 He didn't seem too impressed and left quite a bit on his plate.
    He did, however LOVE the strawberry cupcake. :thumbsup2

    DS13 and DH: steak - Both cooked a perfect med-rare, but fatty. Neither of them were impressed at all. They only finished the fries.
    DH also loved the strawberry cupcake, and DS13 loved the chocolate cupcake.

    ME: I ordered the steak & DS13 ordered the shrimp and scallops. When it was delivered he said he really wished he has ordered steak instead. SO... DH and I both offered to trade with him. Thankfully I WON! Because - the shrimp and scallops in the puffed pastry were AMAZING! Kind of spicy, but not to much. Perfect! For the first time ever, I finished first & I cleaned my plate!!!! SO GOOD!!!! Definitely order this!!!! ::yes::
    I also really liked my passion fruit cream puff. Not the best dessert of the trip, but very good.

    DS13 & DH left to take pictures and DS11 and I requested The Grey Stuff (again). I had to ask twice & remind our server, but I wasn't leaving without it! He only brought 2 - I'm guessing since we were the only two at the table, but he really should have brought 4. There is only a tiny swirl on the plate.
    We LOVED it! It is a mousse, but hard to explain the flavor - I tasted hints of dark chocolate & DS11 swore he tasted coffee. The flavor is very faint... I wish I could have had a bowl of that for dessert. :thumbsup2


    It was a one time only for us, but an AMAZING experience!!!

    Getting to have photos with the Beast was wonderful & the talking suits of armor were really cool. :lovestruc
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  3. disnut1149

    disnut1149 New Member

    Thanks for your review!!! We'll be trying it for lunch in August!!
  4. TruBlu

    TruBlu <font color=green>I was very excited to see how yu

    I think I'd like to try lunch, too. Dinner wasn't bad, just not great enough to go back. BUT, I'm really happy we did it. No regrets. :thumbsup2
  5. Coyotesweat

    Coyotesweat New Member

    Woohoo! Scored a BOG reservation for Super Bowl Sunday! I have been checking every so often since I began my trip planning in Early Dec, but didn't hold out much hope. Every day, unavailable. Got bored this morning and by cracky it said "call for reservation"! So I called and got an 8:05 pm for me and hubby. That will spice up our cheapie QS dining plan! We will likely split the Charcuterie plate and have some soup and dessert. (We are light eaters and on a budget). I think I will have a beer, too! Want West Wing if I can get it! Means we will miss Wishes and the projection show, but we can see that on Weds when we return to MK.
  6. TruBlu

    TruBlu <font color=green>I was very excited to see how yu

    Very cool If you decide to split a meal, definitely go for the shrimp and scallops. It was AMAZING!!! :goodvibes
  7. taylorali

    taylorali Earning Our Ears ~ Growing Old Together

    Thanks for the review! My fiance and I have dinner reservations for BOG in April! We are super excited although I'm getting the feeling dinner won't be as good as dessert. We are celebrating our 6th year of dating too!

    My question is, if we are celebrating something and booked our reservation online through the Disney website-how are they supposed to know we are unless we tell them, like you did? Congrats on your successful surgery btw! Just had one in January (I have crohn's disease) and I will certainly be celebrating that success as well!

    Thanks again!!! :tink:
  8. TruBlu

    TruBlu <font color=green>I was very excited to see how yu

    Just tell them - as many times as it takes. ;)


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  9. hygienejean

    hygienejean <font color=blue>Are we still trying to figure out

    We ate there last Friday night. I agree the atmosphere is amazing. My family loved the seafood/ puff pastry and the steak. My niece and DM loved the Ratatouille. I don't know why I ordered the cornish hen but I would never order it again. It was tiny and the au jus that came with it tasted like pure fat. I wish I got the pork...oh well next time! We ordered the choc cupcake and it was just ok. Dry and very much like Sara Lee. There was also a big rush by our server to clear the plates and turn the table over quickly. A few of us were still eating when she came over and asked if we were done...
  10. TNS_Tinkerbell

    TNS_Tinkerbell New Member

    Thanks for sharing... We are very excited about trying this place in September!
  11. lisa2465

    lisa2465 New Member

    I ate year last November for dinner and I thought the steak and atsmophere where awesome. I did not have an ADR, but got in as a walkin. I loved that Beast came out and greeted his guests, we also had a photo oppurtunity after dinner. I am hoping to get an ADR for my upcoming trip later this year.
  12. pitahen

    pitahen New Member

    We had an ADR in January and the food was great.
  13. vettegirl

    vettegirl Proud USAF Wife!

    Sending in my ADR here is week to the IPO at the Beach Club, still on the fence about BOG, but reading this review we may just try it!
  14. TruBlu

    TruBlu <font color=green>I was very excited to see how yu

    Definitely go!!!
    I guess absence makes the heart grow fonder, because when I wrote this review I thought once would be enough. It's only been a little over a month & I already can't wait to go back!!! :)

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  15. tmanaster

    tmanaster New Member

    OP- I admire your persistence! I wish I could be more like that. "The Grey Stuff" looks great!
  16. luvmylatte

    luvmylatte New Member

    So excited, just scored an ADR here for the last night of our August vaca. Can't wait for this dinner. Atmosphere looks awesome as does the food. :):banana:
  17. tmanaster

    tmanaster New Member

    Have fun!
  18. eboothecat

    eboothecat New Member


    OK I'm sorry but is that a hair on the plate in the try the grey stuff writing :crazy2:
  19. TruBlu

    TruBlu <font color=green>I was very excited to see how yu

    LOL - I saw that in the picture, too. There was definitely not a hair on it, but I'm not sure what that is. It must have been on my camera or something because it isn't in any of the other pics & I took about 10.
    Grossed me out at first too when I noticed it.

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  20. eboothecat

    eboothecat New Member

    Thank you for clearing it up lol
  21. TruBlu

    TruBlu <font color=green>I was very excited to see how yu

    Any time. :flower3:

    I'm always getting random stuff on my pictures I take with my phone.

    I guess I should wipe the lens off sometimes!!! :eek:

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