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BCV resales prices? Is it worth it?

Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by bkny, Sep 30, 2013.

  1. dmunsil

    dmunsil Disney Uber-Nerd

    The Timeshare Store is listing Boardwalk in the high 80's. Are you sure you are talking about Boardwalk and not Beach Club or Bay Lake Tower?
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  3. Annielkd22222

    Annielkd22222 New Member

    No, I am not talking about boardwalk because the thread is about beach club. I posted beach club is at 98.
  4. dmunsil

    dmunsil Disney Uber-Nerd

    D'oh! Sorry - brain fart on my end. But again, BCV has generally sold only about $5 higher than BWV. Recorded median price last month was $90, and the range is about $79-95. The highest price recorded last month was $98. Prices are going up, so it's possible that the prices being negotiated today are a few dollars higher, but it would surprise me if they're $10 higher.

    Usually when I look at the range of listed prices and then later look at what the recorded prices were, I find that the recorded prices came in an average of 10% or so below the listing prices - in other words, the brokers know what the market is, and list on the high side, which is what you'd expect. BCV might not follow that pattern exactly because the prices are going up so fast, and it's such a small resort with so few contracts.

    I still think it's a stretch to try to get $113/pt. for 100 BCV points. But yeah, $100 isn't completely out of the question.
  5. Annielkd22222

    Annielkd22222 New Member

    I hope the selling price isn't 10% less, as I listed mine for only 2 dollars per point more than I wanted. (Not selling BCV or ones mentioned) but I want 100 per point and listed at 102.
  6. sweetdana

    sweetdana New Member

    How with BLT, GF extra years, is this price reasonable? Market determine price, and that is still significantly hight per yr, than every other resort. By a long shot.

    I love BC and might pay a premium over some resorts, but paying more for less yrs, would be a deal breaker. IMO there are just not a bunch if sellers, causing buying market to thrive. A yon of new buyers end up trying it, and loving it causing more demand, and addonitios doesn't help new buyers either.

    But I'll take SSR for more yrs, and less $$. .. Or wait for poly at more with more yrs and I assume less per yrs worth of points.
  7. JustTinking

    JustTinking DVC Member since 2002

    Not a BCV lover myself, but I think BWV has similar amenities at a lower price. $85/per pt seems to be the new normal for BWV. That does represent a significant discount from direct prices.
  8. dmunsil

    dmunsil Disney Uber-Nerd

    People put a lot more mental emphasis on benefits received sooner rather than later. This is rational to a certain degree - that's what time value of money (TVM) is all about. But people tend to put an even lower value on benefits received far in the future than TVM would suggest.

    With the 2042 resorts versus the 2060+ resorts, you're getting the same basic benefits for 30-ish years, at which point one benefit expires and the other continues for another 20-ish years. How much are you willing to pay for a benefit that doesn't begin for 30 years? Do you know what your life will be like in 30 years? How do you know the resort won't have been swallowed by a sinkhole or destroyed by a hurricane?

    Obviously these disaster scenarios are far-fetched, but it's not totally irrational to discount considerably a benefit that's far in the future. As time goes on and the expiration dates get closer, obviously the prices will diverge. For now, though, people don't seem to be paying that much for a later expiration.
  9. sweetdana

    sweetdana New Member

    Idk a specific, but to assume a contract in say 20 yrs compared to a contract with 0 yrs to be equal wouldn't be reasonable. (Even if resale value was 0, you would still have 30 van cations left).
    I don't know what my life will provide, but making assumptions of I have no ideas.... would lead me to not max out my 401K every yr, and I wouldn't have paid off my house. Every extra nickel went to mortgage instead of getting cable tv, or a home phone, or redoing any room in my home, or drove a newer car. ... Just cause I don't know I won't die, or end up with cancer, or what ever, doesn't mean I'm not better off having a nest egg and no mortgage. ...
    If completely destroyed there is insurance, and we'd be reimbursed "cost value ", there is just as much of a chance for the Poly with 49 yrs left as BC with 2. If there were 2 yrs left on the contract or 32 yrs would certainly change the amount of reimbursement.

    I agree with many don't look that far, but it doesn't make it more logical, it makes it more emotional.
    I also am more conservative than most, and certainly more logical and less emotional even in my time share buying.
    After heavy research I bought SSR resale, as it was the cheapest per point for the life of all contracts at time I bought. I took individual wants / resorts out of it completely. (As I was fine with a moderate) Never stayed there until after I owner end.
  10. NoleFan

    NoleFan New Member

    I think it is subjective. Some want to enjoy the now because who knows what tomorrow may bring. My DS loves BC and I want that to be annual end of school year tradition for us. We bought a small 50 point contract before prices hit the $100's. Expiration of the contract was not a factor for us. I bought where I wanted to stay. Those wonderful memories are far more important than a little extra $$ in the bank because you can't take it with you. Just MHO.
  11. bakerworld

    bakerworld New Member

    I think in the another 10 years we'll probably sell our 50y contracts - AKL & BLT and keep our BCV. It would be enough for us to go every other year for a week and I think that would work, by then.
  12. mlayton14

    mlayton14 New Member

    We paid $73 pp for bcv 9 months ago and it was loaded, amazing luck on our part, we figured BCV is something we would continue to love after kids are grown with Epcot access and the nice beach theme
  13. rwcmath

    rwcmath New Member

    That was a great buy! Our BCVs were all bought direct...last ones over $100, but still we have had them for years and we are empty nesters who love it!
  14. rowlands57

    rowlands57 New Member

    I am also an empty nester now and access to EPCOT is important to me. Now that my kids are older they appreciate it also and will try to stay at BCV when they go solo.
  15. NoleFan

    NoleFan New Member

    contracted end of April, 2013 for loaded 50 point contract in the mid $80's. Made offer as soon as contract was listed. Glad I bought when I did !
  16. cakburns

    cakburns New Member

    :goodvibes We paid $67 point (200) with loaded contract Feb 13, we paid closing though. Can't believe the prices now.... if we didn't like DW so much, we'd sell now........
  17. BelleCPP

    BelleCPP New Member

    We own at BCV and love it for the ambiance and locationprincess:
  18. PatMcDuck

    PatMcDuck New Member

    I really have to consider selling my 200 BCV points. Did not even know they were still so high. I would prefer to own at VGC....... we have not stayed at BCV in many years, I use my points at BLT and VGC anyway.
  19. Nabas

    Nabas New Member

    If you have points in the current year, BCV contracts are selling pretty quickly. If you have a stripped contract, it could sit a while.
  20. PatMcDuck

    PatMcDuck New Member

    It would be stripped, so I would not sell until 2015. I used my 2014 points to book a week (1BR) at VGC in February. So that gives me loads of time to think about it. DH always says NO when I mention it.

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