BCV resale prices May 2013

Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by dmunsil, Jun 9, 2013.

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    There weren't very many, so it didn't take long.

    One other title company came up more than once, TRCS, which is Timeshare Resale Closing Services. They are the title company for, at least, sellingtimeshares.net, which is a company that buys deeds outright at low prices and sells them at higher prices, as far as I can tell.

    The other title companies are Magic Vacation Title (MVT), First American Title (FAT), and Timeshare Title & More (TTM), and one random one I've never seen before which I listed as OTH for other.

    Standard caveats apply:

    - The date listed is the date on the deed, which is typically shortly after the ROFR waiver comes. The actual price was negotiated 3-4 weeks prior, so these prices are lagging about 2 months.

    - The price is calculated from the Florida deed document tax, which gives the price to the next highest multiple of $100. As a way of trying to compensate for that, I've rounded all of the prices down to the nearest dollar, which I think is right more often than not.

    Date    Points  UY       Sale PPP  TitleCo 
    7-Apr   400     Mar      $76.00    TRCS
    10-Apr  150     Feb      $63.00    FAT
    18-Apr  260     Dec      $76.00    OTH
    25-Apr  100     Apr      $79.00    TTM
    25-Apr  150     Aug      $74.00    MVT
    26-Apr  350     Feb      $75.00    MVT
    1-May   225     Sep      $77.00    MVT
    2-May   200     Feb      $65.00    TRCS
    2-May   170     Jun      $75.00    MVT
    6-May   200     Jun      $71.00    MVT
    8-May   270     Feb      $77.00    MVT
    10-May  200     Mar      $78.00    FAT
    14-May  100     Feb      $80.00    TTM
    17-May  200     Jun      $72.00    TTM
    Date    Points  UY       Sale PPP
    15-Apr  160     Aug      $68.00   
    22-Apr  150     Aug      $75.00   
    13-May  150     Feb      $73.00
    Median sale price was $75.50. Median ROFR price was $73.
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    Mar 30, 2013
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    Aug 18, 2011
    Thanks! you gave me hope.. you are awesome for taking the time to do all this! :thumbsup2

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