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Discussion in 'Photography Board' started by Myron, Feb 24, 2013.

  1. Myron

    Myron Earning My Ears

    Feb 18, 2004
    I am confused about whether videos can be taken inside Disney attractions. In past visits, I had problems doing photography at such places at the American Showcase and the China film both at Epcot. What exactly is the policy now?
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  3. BirdsOfPreyDave

    BirdsOfPreyDave Disney Lover, DVC Member, SSR Fanatic DIS Lifetime Sponsor

    Jul 22, 2006
    You need to listen to the cast member (or recorded message) at the entrance of the attraction. The rules are different for each. In some, you can video so long as you don't use an external light. At others, videos are not permitted at all.
  4. wbeem

    wbeem DIS Veteran

    Apr 15, 2010
    Unless there is an announcement, photographer is generally permitted. As said above, you need to listen for an announcement or watch for signs.

    On some rides, they say "no flash photography" That means you can take pictures, but don't use your flash because it's distracting to other guests on a dark ride.

    Then there are rides where all photography is prohibited. Star Tours is a good example there. It's part of the opening presentation by one of the droids just before you enter.
  5. nigelp

    nigelp Mouseketeer

    Aug 28, 2009
    Carousel of Progress - I have been told no photography at all, no flash photography and once not a mention of whether you can take photos or not.
  6. C&B Young

    C&B Young Twitter @CanaDisney

    Jul 19, 2009
    CoP is always a mixed bag depending on the cast member. However, once on the carousel you're usually unsupervised so just don't use a flash and you'll be fine. ;)

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