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Avatar Land will be amazing

Discussion in 'Disney Rumors and News' started by johnnycake, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. ChrisFL

    ChrisFL Disney/Universal Fan and MALE

    That isn't correct, they sell wands at other locations in IOA including the large store at the front of the park. There's 3 other locations in WWOHP they sell merchandise, and also have wand sales outside of Forbidden Journey
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  3. johnnycake

    johnnycake New Member

    From what I am hearing we will see concept art within this next year, anyone else hear that
  4. MJMcBride

    MJMcBride Barely lost is barely found

    Nothing but rumor but it makes sense. This has been in development for over a year. I can't imagine it would be another year without something. But it might not be til the Expo in the fall

    DRDISNEYMD *+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+* *+*~The Snow Queen~*+* ~A gi

    ~I just found out that Ollivanders puts on a magical demonstration with amazing special effects known as the "wand experience" -- where the wand chooses its owner & it looks awesome! :goodvibes

    ~Anyway, this is more like an attraction than a regular place that just sells the wands. I've never been to Universal but that is so creative.

    ~I saw pictures of the line & can see it's wise to arrive at Ollivanders early or maybe at the end of the day! It's nice to know that you can get the wands at other locations, but I would definitely want to get one from there, just for the experience! :goodvibes
  6. TLSnell1981

    TLSnell1981 <marquee><img src=http://photopost.wdwinfo.com/dat

    I think, Disney missed out on Narnia. Many possibilities, fits with the animals and has the probability of several more movies. It couldve been beautiful.

    I have zero intreste in Avatarland.
  7. ford91exploder

    ford91exploder New Member

    You do mean mindblowingly bad do you not???, As in the first incarnation of California Adventure where the Mission Tortilla factory was the most interesting (and Exciting) attraction there.

    I do not understand why Disney wants anything to do with the "Blue Cat People movie" unless its a highly developed sense of irony. I can summarize the movie in one sentence.

    "Non-White primitive people good, U.S. Military and Corporate types unredeemably evil, the end"

    While the SFX were indeed marvelous the subtext of the movie made me walk out in disgust.

  8. Friendly Frog

    Friendly Frog DIS veteran with a mouse on her back.

  9. Peter Pirate 2

    Peter Pirate 2 <font color=red>I may be a Disney curmudgeon but I

    I can't believe I have read so many conspiracy theories regarding Avatar in this and other threads. Really, do you folks not watch a George Clooney movie on principal as well? (rhetorical).

    TLSnell, I am really surprised by your statement. Will you really be disppointed if Disney gives us a mindblowing depiction of Pandora with a couple of great, cutting edge rides that wiould make Universal jealous?

    I know that is asking a lot from Disney, considering how much effort was put into FLE but still until it is done I have hope? As I said previously (in different words) I think Disney could give us a great land based on nearly anything if they really try. Thoughts?
  10. ChrisFL

    ChrisFL Disney/Universal Fan and MALE

    Yeah, how dare a movie portray a position on an issue that isn't absolutely 100% neutral :rolleyes:
  11. johnnycake

    johnnycake New Member

    This is the thing a couple of cutting edge showing everyone we did it

    DRDISNEYMD *+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+* *+*~The Snow Queen~*+* ~A gi

    ~After seeing what Disney did with Narnia at DHS, no thank you!!! I don't want any more of that! I don't care if people don't like Cameron or his ego.

    ~I have high hopes for Avatarland, in part, because Cameron is on the team. I know we won't get another "recreated" ride with Na'vi's on a stick & blue glow in the dark clam shells. :goodvibes
  13. super mike b

    super mike b New Member

    That much? :stir:
  14. Dznefreek

    Dznefreek R.I.P Bruce

    FWIW I have a close friend and his dad was one of the chief ride engineers (Imagineers) for TSM and is getting ready to go to Paris to work on their version.
    He received an email last night stating he would be taking the lead on Avatar.
    I know there will be doubters but this guy has always been right in the past with what he has told me . . . . .
    His dad also said we haven't seen anything yet in terms of what My Magic+ can do.

    DRDISNEYMD *+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+* *+*~The Snow Queen~*+* ~A gi

    ~We have a Disney insider (sort of)!!! Thanks so much for the awesome update!!! I can't wait for more details to come out! :cool1: :goodvibes
  16. SpacePlace

    SpacePlace New Member

    I completely agree. Disney is securing the stories for their rides (like Star Wars and Avatar) but that's only HALF the battle. They have to have the "up-a-notch", breakthrough technology to compliment these ride themes and take them above what Universal is doing. Universal is putting the money into these technologies (like KUKA arm for HP), they get it. Disney needs to do the same thing and go all the way on this or else they might as well not have ever purchased these story rights.

    The first time I went on Star Tours, the story AND the new technology, wow. I'm tired of getting on "new" rides now like Monsters Inc. and Mermaid that are just the same dark ride technology as what was there in the 1950s.
    I want Disney to do more. Because I am there, 90%, for the technology. Thanks for the awesome post!
  17. KaylaSue22

    KaylaSue22 New Member

    I think Disney adding an Avatar attraction will be awesome! I loved the movie and I know that Disney can do amazing things!
  18. Hollowellfam6

    Hollowellfam6 New Member

    Disney is like Apple, everyone expects great things, and when they just make rides that are technology based , but you can't see the technology then everyone thinks they are a flop. These guys are not stupid, they have great things in store, but to speculate on the "Next Big Thing" is purely that speculation. Just wait and see....I can assure you it will be magical, even if you don't understand it.
  19. Jasonkat

    Jasonkat New Member

    There's no problem with a movie that wants to project a certain political point of view.

    To each his own, if you don't like it, don't watch it, etc.

    But I think some of us are questioning Disney's decision to create a land that offends 50% of the audience.

    Avatar is a political movie. By saying that I'm not trying to create a conspiracy or be "titilating" or anything. I'm just stating a fact. Go to google and type "James Cameron says Avatar is Political" and you'll see for yourself that he INTENDED the movie to carry a political message.

    There's nothing wrong with a movie doing that, and I'm sure 50% of the country was like "Yeah James Cameron! Way to speak the truth about the EVIL of oil drilling and corporate greed!" but I think Disney would be unwise to build a major area around a political theme.

    For the record I think a "Farenheit 9/11" themed land would also be a bad idea.
  20. twebber55

    twebber55 New Member

    is 50% a factual number or is that just you trying to make a point? he also states in an interview "at the end of the day you re still making a movie to entertain" far different from Fahrenheit 911

    im moderately conservative so me and james probably dont agree on much politically but im completely for this land based on the visuals and theming that could be created
  21. Jasonkat

    Jasonkat New Member

    50% is based on the assumption that over a long enough time period 50% of the population is Republican and 50% of the population is Democrat. Between 1976 and 2016 we'll have 20 years of Republican white house and 20 years of Democrat white house. So it looks like a 50/50 split to me.

    It's stupid for Disney to promote a political message.

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