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Aulani Reservations

Discussion in 'DVC Resorts' started by oktracy, Nov 16, 2012.

  1. oktracy

    oktracy New Member

    Has anyone out there been successful in getting Aulani reservations at 7 months for June 2013? I have been lurking a bit on the DVC members online reservations site and it looks to have been impossible to obtain a week long reservation for early to mid June 2013. I know the point value is lower this time of year but will it get any better in July and August?? I am trying to decide if I need to buy Aulani points.:headache:
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  3. Ambassador

    Ambassador New Member

    I did an online chat with them yesterday, asking the same question. We are not DVC and were told we could book four months out. You should be able to book seven months in advance: call them and check. It may be seven months to the day?
  4. dianeschlicht

    dianeschlicht <font color=blue>DVC-Trivia Contest, Apr-2006: Hon

    While there might be non-DVC units available at 4 months, don't count on DVC units at 7 months because of the low point values. I had no issues at all booking a week in February at the 7 month window, but that's not a low point time. On the other hand.....I'm not ever going to be interested in doing Hawaii in the summer. I like to save that for the winter when it's cold at home.
  5. eva

    eva <font color=blue>Often uses her unique ability to

    Hard to say. I made a reservation for May 11 - 19 at the 7 month mark with no problem. But, the kids aren't out of school yet. So that could make a difference. I know the CM told me this may be the best year to get 7 month reservations because of all the units becoming available. But that should change as time goes by. Once they are sold some members are not reserving right away. This leaves openings for the 7 month mark for now.
  6. GrumpysFamily

    GrumpysFamily New Member

    We managed to book a 5 night stay beginning on June 7th at exactly the 7 month mark, the minute online booking was open. After I finished our reservation (at 7:08 am CST) I checked and there was no availability for any 2 Bedroom Units for the first night of our stay. So, it can be done but you have to book the minute the 7 month booking window becomes available online.
  7. aclov

    aclov New Member

    Nope not me, I waitlisted for a one bedroom. My dates aren't too flexible and called yesterday exactly 7 month window. They don't have consecutive nights, one day here one day there, or nothing at all.
  8. andriade

    andriade New Member

    I have been trying to book for the last 3 days. I need a 2 bedroom any view. I can't get the first night. It looks like the other nights are still available but I can't get the first night. I am bummed. I hope July gets easier to book. I will keep trying every day.
  9. Cinderpamela

    Cinderpamela New Member

    At the 7 month window I was able to book a studio poolview for 6 nights staying the end of July through the first few days of August for an anniversary trip. I called right when the booking window opened.

    This has me wondering... as the resort is getting ever more popular it may get a lot harder. We are wanting to go back again Spring Break 2014, hoping it will still be possible at the 7 month mark. I would hate to think about having to stay somewhere else since we had promised our boys that next time round we would take them too.
  10. mrobin023

    mrobin023 New Member

    I booked a one bedroom OV for June 7-14 at the 7 month mark no problems. I was online at 7am CST on the dot.
  11. pharmlivin

    pharmlivin New Member

    @ around 10 AM EST on Nov 8 Studio OV all nights were available when I booked. No WL.
  12. Stitch_lover_Sith

    Stitch_lover_Sith <font color=royalblue>So I want to weigh in on thi

    One thing you are going to want to think about is there are a lot of Aulani owners that will be vacationing at the same time. Schools get out, vacations, graduations, all of these things happen in June. But I would say keep trying but have a back up option that you would be ok with as well.
  13. oktracy

    oktracy New Member

    Thanks for the updates everyone. I had truly forgotten that the "go live" time for on-line booking is 5 am PST or 8 am EST. I live on the West Coast. :rotfl:
  14. SplashMom

    SplashMom <font color=deeppink>I have a whole new perspectiv

    We had no problem getting a studio at the 7 month window. We are booked for 12 nights (end May-early June) and we booked 7 nights, and then we had to call daily to add a day until we reached our desired number of nights but it wasn't a problem at all. Now we just have to wait, lol!:)
  15. MJS

    MJS New Member

    I was able to book a room for June at the 7 month window. When I tried to book it first thing in the morning a few days ago, at the opening of the 7 month window, the days I wanted were not available. I kept getting shut out on the computer with a "not available" message. I looked again later that day, and I was able to book six consecutive days in 2BR OV we wanted. Member Services helped me add the seventh day the next morning.

    Keep checking the member reservation site. Hope everyone gets the reservations they want! Good luck!
  16. aclov

    aclov New Member

    So if you have no luck what are other options you are considering? Paying cash, or doing an RCI exchange to another timeshare?
  17. andriade

    andriade New Member

    I am in the same boat as you. I need to get up at 5 am to go live with everyone to book. Ugh.
  18. osprey84

    osprey84 New Member

    I was not successful for the week I needed in June and I am not flexible with the dates so I had to re-think my plans. I even checked today to see if there was a change in the week I needed and they are all booked. Good luck to those still trying.
  19. WDWmom08

    WDWmom08 New Member

    I'm in a similar situation. My dates are flexible (but my points aren't) and I can't seem to book anything. I just got off the phone with member services and they were not at all helpful. I would prefer a 2 bedroom lock-off or standard villa but I would take 2 studios for any 5 night stretch in June or July. The first two days of any reservation are always booked. I was trying to actually get my name on something...anything...but it's not happening. I am now on this revolving door of waitlists but I don't know which one to keep.
  20. aclov

    aclov New Member

    I think flexibility helps with this popular resort but unfortunately I don't have any as I know alot of you don't either. I was able to book 5 nights out of the 8 I wanted in OV but not at the beginning of my trip. I'm now thinking of staying on Waikiki Beach for those 3 nights and than heading to Aulani. I'll try to waitlist but not feeling optimistic about that.
  21. andriade

    andriade New Member

    It looks like there are a lot of us that are frustrated. I know I am. Last summer wasn't this bad! I hope July is a tiny bit easier.

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