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Aulani resale offer accepted...thoughts.

Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by antpag101, Jan 20, 2013.

  1. antpag101

    antpag101 Member

    Need quite a few points to stay at Aulani for two weeks.

    I think I have a good deal.....thoughts would be great.

    3 contacts , 200 points each, same use year.

    $88 a point and has subsidized dues. Just waitin for Disney!
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  3. a742246

    a742246 older than dirt

    That is a great deal. Good luck!
  4. ELMC

    ELMC Active Member

    It's a great deal, and a savings of close to $24,000 over buying direct. My questions is, how frequently do you plan on going to Hawaii? Is that going to be a good home resort for you?

    Congrats on your purchase. :)
  5. antpag101

    antpag101 Member

    We live in Vancouver and travel to Hawaii every year for two weeks.

    I just came back from Aulani and spent over $10k for a 1 bedroom suite.
  6. DisWitt

    DisWitt Fan of Disney 1.0 - aka Disneyland

    That IS a great deal! I haven't seen something like that show up in my email listing that I get... But with subsidized MF's and such a low price, I would hold my breath for the 30 day rofr. Keep us posted!
  7. ELMC

    ELMC Active Member

    So that would be a yes! Congrats again.
  8. zavandor

    zavandor Active Member

    That's an incredibly good deal!
    Maybe too good? Disney is quite aggressive with ROFR of subsidized contracts. I hope everything will go smooth with ROFR. :wizard:
  9. antpag101

    antpag101 Member

    Will keep you posted
  10. lodge

    lodge Active Member

    I've been wondering what subsidized maintenance fees are for some time now... what's that mean?:confused3

    To OP, considering what I've seen, you got a GREAT deal (yeah, let us know if it passes ROFR PLEASE!!)
  11. Breyean

    Breyean DVC Since '93

    We bought Aulani and had subsidized dues. In a nutshell, the early calculation of what the dues s/b to adequately maintain the property was questioned by the state.

    Disney then suspended all further Aulani sales while they reworked the numbers to satisfy what Hawaii wanted.

    When they started selling again, the dues were higher for all new contracts written after that date, but for early owners the original dues stood.

    But, here's why we took advantage of Disney's offer to sell Aulani back when all this was announced. The amount of the subsidy was fixed as the difference between the original and revised dues. As the dues increase each year, the subsidy amount does not. So as a percentage of the total dues owed, what now looks like a lot will look less valuable in the future.

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