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Aulani -- cash?

Discussion in 'DVC Resorts' started by TagsMissy, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. TagsMissy

    TagsMissy Counting down the days... It's not always easy bei

    Hey gang,

    Wasn't really certain where to post this on the boards but we're off in a couple weeks to Aulani and I am trying to work out how much US cash we should grab from the bank before leaving? Do you think $400 or 500 would be enough for 2 adults for a 9 day trip? We generally charge most stuff to our CC but we're also aware that things like the shrimp trucks etc are cash only so we're just trying to work out an idea of how much realistically we'll need.

    What do you think?
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  3. Rob S.

    Rob S. New Member

    I charge everything as well so I did not go through too much cash. There is an ATM in the lobby if you want to estimate on the low side.
  4. TagsMissy

    TagsMissy Counting down the days... It's not always easy bei

    We don't have an US account so we'd rather not withdraw from our accounts using a bank machine if we can help it; we'll probably stick to $400-500 total between us.
  5. mouseaider

    mouseaider New Member

    I'm thinking your bar bill will be at least $500.....:lmao: if you know what I mean!?!?! :woohoo:

    We don't travel with much cash but we could use the ATM if we wanted. You are in a different country. I'd call your bank and ask if you can use an ATM in Hawaii and if so, ask about what the charges might be.

    See you in a couple of weeks... :cloud9:
  6. rpcvpanama

    rpcvpanama New Member

    I would take $500. Things in HI are very expensive compared to the mainland. Better to be safe, especially if you want to avoid using the ATM. You can always lock the extra cash in the room safe.

    DMKEDM New Member

    FWIW: One year on a DVC trip (from VA to FL, so not international and not to Hawaii), I forgot my envelope of vacation cash at home...I only had $85 in my purse (and the cabs to and from home and the airport going and coming would cost $80)...that meant I had $5 in cash I could spend (it was prior to the time when in virtually all cabs you could put a cab ride on a credit card).

    I was in a minor panic...there were ways to get cash, but none of them particularly easy or good...I had two teenagers w/me, too. We were staying DVC, using ME, and had all carry-on luggage...the kids had about $20 between them...

    We got back home (after a five-night trip) with $15 in cash left over! (I had to borrow $5 from the kids to cover tips for the ME driver and I forget where the other $5 went)...bottom line, we didn't need or use any cash at all! Everything we wanted to do we did; everything we wanted to buy we bought. Turned out we just didn't need cash...room charging/credit card took care of everything.

    I suspect the same will be true at Aulani, but won't swear to it.

    Of course, there are some expenses I'd just as soon meet with cash...and you do need cash for tips (but most assuredly not $500!)...DDP helped--allowed for Mickey bars and drinks (pop rather than cocktails!) to be bought w/snack credits rather than having to charge items that cost under $10 (altho from everything I've heard about Hawaii, there may be precious few purchases you can make for under $10!)...

    So, you should be fine w/$500...altho someone w/experience with Hawaii specifically might come along and prove me wrong...

    Happy vacation!
  8. taaren

    taaren "There is more treasure in books than in all the p

    There are very few places in Hawaii that don't take card anymore (including taxis take cc) ... I only carry $20-$40 and renew that every other week. If you're eating at someplace that requires cash, it'll probably be $6-8 per person. Sounds like you're bringing more than enough. Mainly keep tips in mind.

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