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August 31st 2013 - 7 night Mediterranean cruise aboard the Disney Magic

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Meets' started by Florida Mel, Jun 7, 2012.

  1. Florida Mel

    Florida Mel Ready to sail on Disney Magic with Mickey

    :drinking1 Here's a new planning thread for the 7 Night Mediterranean Cruise aboard the Disney Magic setting sail on August 31 to September 7 2013 :sail:

    UPDATE - I'm sorry but I've jumped ship, Florida bound! I will however maintain the thread for you and drop by a couple of times a week to update the front page etc pixiedust:

    Our Facebook page is born, thanks to ThePicketts: Our cruise Facebook page

    Updated Fish Extender Lists: Click here for updated FE List Thank you MissMorningStar :cheer2:


    Day 1 Barcelona, Spain Onboard - 4:00 pm
    Day 2 At Sea
    Day 3 Villefranche (Monte Carlo, Cannes, Nice), France* Ashore - 7:45 am Onboard - 6:30 pm
    Day 4 La Spezia (Florence, Pisa), Italy* Ashore - 7:45 am Onboard - 7:30 pm
    Day 5 Civitavecchia (Rome), Italy Ashore 7:15 am Onboard 6:30 pm
    Day 6 Naples (Pompeii), Italy Ashore 7:45 am Onboard 5:30 pm
    Day 7 At Sea
    Day 8 Barcelona, Spain Disembark - 7:00 am

    Roll Call

    Tony (tony64) and Theresa (lattelover)
    Amy (amystevekai&bump), DH Steve, DS 9 Kai and DS 6 Lucas
    Debbie (Debsters41), DH John, DD 19 Fofy and DD 17 Emmanuela
    Rachael (Rachieiom), DH Stephen (Ste123) and DS 32 month year old (our youngest cruiser so far) Noah
    Leah (lcj19), DH Joe and DD (3) Baylee
    Damian (ThePicketts), RuthAnn, Damian Jr (14) and Dakota (7)
    Sarah (TheKeerys), Andrew, Bethany (8) and Jason (6) - celebrating their 10th anniversary onboard :flower3:
    DisneyJoe25, DW (lcj19) and DD
    Stevie (45) and Mary (43)
    Rob (Roblab), DW Lorna, DD Shannon (9 on the cruise) and younger sister Shayna
    Tiffany (cntclark), DH Casey, GPIL Warren and Diana, MIL Janet and DD Isabella (3)
    Dottie (Pirategirl65), DS Ryan (25) and DD Miranda (19)
    Amanda (missmorningstar), partner (Paul) and DD Cameron-Jayne (14)
    Becky (BeckyMJ), DH and two sons Harry (7) and Noah (3) - Shhhhh, it's a surprise!
    (Himmin) and DH
    (cforsythe) and DH Tim
    Jamie (jmedrew), DH and DDs Morgan (12) and Brenna (8)
    Lorna (Pluto number 1) and Adrian
    AngieBelle and DH Derek
    MrSanderz27 and DW
    WildernessMickey and DH
    Lorna (Pluto number 1) and Adrian
    Whiteside61, DM Mary Lou and DS Patty
    Donica (Dgaines81), DH Kyle and DD Zephyr (18 months)
    GurglingSuitcase, GF and DD
    Stephen (Scottishsteve), DW Christine and DD Kayla (3)
    Luis (Masmiles) 44, the Disney-man, Fina (not allowed) and Erica (10)
    Danielle C and family

    80 shipmates - aaarrrrrrrrrggggghh

    Welcome onboard shipmates! :woohoo:

    Planned activities:

    Palo Brunch on Friday September 6th at around 11am

    Roll Call:


    Mary (3 people)
    Mr. Sanderz (2 people)
    Maria + Emma + Leticia
    Damian (2 people)
    Tiffany (3 people)


    Tony (2 people)
    Debbie (3 people)

    Pre-Cruise meet at the Hard Rock Cafe in Barcelona - Friday night 30th August (debsters41 organising) more info to follow :cheer2:

    Roll Call:

    Debbie (4 people)
    Mary (3 people)
    Damian (4 people)
    Rob (4 people)
    Amanda (3 people)
    Charleen (2 people)
    Tony and Theresa (2 people)

    Cocktail Mixology Private Session :banana: contact Debsters41 if you want to join in

    Roll Call:

    Mr. Sanderz (2 people)
    Debbie (3 people)
    Mary (2 people)
    Tiffany (3 people)
    Steve and Christine
    Sue (2 people)
    The Labbes (1 person)

    Onboard Dis meet :disrocks:
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  3. Florida Mel

    Florida Mel Ready to sail on Disney Magic with Mickey

    Onboard are myself (Mel), DH (Leigh) and DD 14 (Lydia)

    This will be our 3rd Disney Med cruise and we are looking forward to sailing on the Magic again :woohoo:
  4. tony64

    tony64 <font color=blue>Should've been a Cowboy<br><font


    We are tony64 and lattelover (Theresa)

    This will be our 2nd Disney cruise and we are really looking forward to it.:goodvibes
  5. Florida Mel

    Florida Mel Ready to sail on Disney Magic with Mickey

    Welcome onboard Tony and Theresa :woohoo:
  6. amystevekai&bump

    amystevekai&bump New Member

    Hi everyone:thumbsup2

    We are Amy, DH Steve, DS Kai (aged 9 when we travel) and DS Lucas (aged 6 when we travel).

    This will be our 5th and 6th Disney cruises, as we are doing back2back meds next year!!:yay:

    Must say, that despite cruising in the caribbean, Bahamas and Hawaii - I can honestly say that our cruise on the Magic last summer in the med was easily the best one we have done - can't wait to get back there!!:banana::banana:
  7. Kathymford

    Kathymford A little obsessed is ok....right?

    Hi everyone!! Please add me Kathy and DBF Steve. This will be our first Disney cruise and first time in Europe!! :cool1:
  8. IrishCowboy

    IrishCowboy DIS Veteran<br><a href="http://www.disboards.com/s

    I have added your thread to the cruise meet list :thumbsup2

    Have a great cruise!
  9. debsters41

    debsters41 Active Member

    Hello! Thanks for making the new thread and sending us the link from the old one!

    We are also booked on this cruise! We are Debbie, DH John, DD19 Fofy and DD17 Emmanuela.

    Looking forward to great planning!
  10. Florida Mel

    Florida Mel Ready to sail on Disney Magic with Mickey

    Welcome onboard Amy, Steve, Kai and Lucas :woohoo:
  11. Florida Mel

    Florida Mel Ready to sail on Disney Magic with Mickey

    Welcome onboard Kathy and Steve :woohoo:
  12. Florida Mel

    Florida Mel Ready to sail on Disney Magic with Mickey

    Awesome, thank you :thumbsup2
  13. Florida Mel

    Florida Mel Ready to sail on Disney Magic with Mickey

    Welcome onboard Debbie, John, Fofy and Emmanuela :woohoo:

    You're very welcome, I'm glad you found us. We should find the page much easier to keep organised now :wizard:
  14. Florida Mel

    Florida Mel Ready to sail on Disney Magic with Mickey

    Hello fellow cruisers :sail: we have 15 onboard so far :confused3 wouldn't it be lovely if we had the whole ship to ourselves :dancer:
  15. Rachieiom

    Rachieiom New Member

    Hi there

    I have booked this cruise for me and my family. I am Rachael (31) and am bringing my DH Stephen (34) - username Ste123 on the forum and DS Noah (will be 32 months when we cruise).

    So excited for this next cruise as we have just returned from the 2nd June - 8 Night Bahamian Cruise on the Magic, was absolutely amazing!

    We joined the FE group last time too and it was lovely coming back to our cabin each night to more gifts!

    Looking forward to getting to know you all :)

  16. Florida Mel

    Florida Mel Ready to sail on Disney Magic with Mickey

    Welcome onboard Rachael, Stephen and Noah :woohoo:

    Great idea about a FE list, I'll add it to the fron page in anticipation of a fellow cruiser offering to organise it :rolleyes1

    I'm up for organising a cocktail tasting session too if anyone would like to take part :cool2: It's usually $18 each and is heaps of fun :cool1:
  17. tony64

    tony64 <font color=blue>Should've been a Cowboy<br><font

    I was wondering if people were getting into Barcelona earlier in the week and were interested in a DIS meet before the cruise?
  18. debsters41

    debsters41 Active Member

    Hello again everyone! Now that Summer is here my favourite thing to do is to plan things to do on vacation. This year is a staycation for us, but next year is the cruise! We are planning on arriving in Barcelona a few days early, and so are up for a meet! We will also participate in fish extenders and any tastings you suggest! I was wondering, since my daughter is Greek and is going to be 19 on the cruise, will they let her take part in the tastings? I read somewhere that they may allow it with parents' consent. I am a bit worried about her, as I know my younger DD will be hanging out in the stack all day/night. It isn't important, I just like finding things out! :)

    Have a good week and Happy father's day to those who celebrate!
  19. amystevekai&bump

    amystevekai&bump New Member

    We are back-to-backing, so unfortunately (or fortunately for us;)) we will already be on the Magic. Unless people are arriving ultra early - in which case we plan to be in Barcelona on Thu/fri 22nd & 23rd of August and would be happy to meet up:thumbsup2
  20. debsters41

    debsters41 Active Member

    How wonderful for you! :cool1:
  21. amystevekai&bump

    amystevekai&bump New Member

    yes - we are very lucky - must say I am more excited about this vacation than any other we have taken!!:thumbsup2

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