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August 2013 Canucks

Discussion in 'Canadian Trip Planning & Community Board' started by World Showcaser, Feb 27, 2013.

  1. Babooagain

    Babooagain Earning My Ears

    I found the info for a great deal on another thread here on the Dis, but I think it's all booked now.
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  3. World Showcaser

    World Showcaser Mouseketeer

    Any other Canucks out there visiting the World in August? I would love to add you to our list and see you there!
  4. ixmnrs

    ixmnrs Member

    Just a note to anyone who may be travelling in the beginning of Aug, new discounts were released to general public for dates up to Aug 14, 2013.
  5. World Showcaser

    World Showcaser Mouseketeer

    Yes and I have a question about that. I know it's a fat chance but we don't check in until August 14. Would we be eligible for the discount at all?
  6. World Showcaser

    World Showcaser Mouseketeer

    I heard a rumour that a deal for 8/15 and beyond will be realeased 4/25.
  7. pipertoad

    pipertoad Earning My Ears

    Didyou hear what it might be?

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  8. KandyM

    KandyM Member

    Man, the waiting is driving me nuts! I can't seem to make any plans for our August. We will do 3 days at universal but which three days? Well, that depends on Disney discount dates! Now I have a 40% off pin for universal but only covers certain days of my trip, do I want to book with it? I booked a much smaller discount there already, is it worth switching? Dont know because i dont know what disney discounts might be. We would have done universal at start of trip, 40% discount is at end of trip....we only want a rental car for universal leg so can't book that either as dates may change! Do I book any disney ADRS, well can't really as I don't even know what days of my trip will be Disney days and which will be universal!

  9. MaryannF

    MaryannF <font color=purple>Very interesting...<br><font co

    My mother died suddenly on the 3rd day of our 14 day stay at Pop Century in February. We had to abandon our vacation and fly home the next morning to arrange the funeral. That week I found out about the Dream Cars Weekend at Coronado Springs Resort. http://www.dreamcarsweekend.com/
    As owners of 2 antique cars we got excited and booked Coronado Springs for August 29 to September 5.
  10. World Showcaser

    World Showcaser Mouseketeer

    No. I didn't hear any details and it wasn't from a reliable source. Just from another DIS thread.

    And welcome MaryAnn! I've add you to our list. (Sorry to hear about the death.)
  11. DisneyFreak06

    DisneyFreak06 Mouseketeer

    I will be going sometime between Aug 18-28. Dates will be finalized when/if a promo gets released or a good seat sale comes up! Flights out of PEI are tough.

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