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Aug 12-19.2013 Mickey's Mouseketeers -Alaska Cruise

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Meets' started by caitlinsdad, Feb 27, 2012.

  1. Tiggrou

    Tiggrou Member

    Hi Aimshna! Thank You so much for your answer! You're so lucky! I'm very excited by Alaska. Last year, in the Bahamas, it was fantastic but so different! I think Alaska is so incredible.I can't wait to discover it, and it's the same feeling for my aunt because we love mountains, forest and nature. I think we will really appreciate it. I've heard so many great things about Tracy Arm! Did You always travel in Alaska with Disney?
    We were thinking of walking around the town in the afternoon (all our excursions are in the morning) but I must admit we're a little bit afraid of missing the ship! Is the ship close to the "to-do" places? Thank You so much for sharing any tips or advises!
    We booked our plane two months ago, we will travel with America Airlines from London to Vancouver and arrive the night before the boarding. We chose to stay to the Pan Pacific. Did You already stay here?
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  3. aimshna

    aimshna Member

    I have never been to Alaska on Disney - always on Princess. I am in SF and Princess leaves out of SF for 11 day so it was great. With grandkids now we have to travel Disney. So great for little kids. You will love Alaska. It is so beautiful and it is so neat to see the HUGE whales and eagles and such. When I took Princess it docked right in the town but not sure about Disney. You should be fine walking around the towns - seems we are in port till early evening and with the extended daylight in Alaska it stays light way into the night. We are a party of 12 so Pan Pacific was a little too expensive for us so we are staying at the Hamptons Inn. Last year we took our kids (12 of us) on the Disney Fantasy to the Carribean and we had a blast but I always said everyone needs to see Alaska so this year we chose to take them all there. I know they will love it! See you onboard!
  4. vgrandy

    vgrandy Member

  5. Tiggrou

    Tiggrou Member

    Oh my god, I would like to see San Francisco on day, it seems to be wonderful! I understand, I didn't know about Hamptons Inn, my travel agent told me about the Fairmont (near the Pan Pacific), but I saw in Disboard that many people were happy about the Pan Pacific and foud a great deal on the net, so I finally booked this one. I hope it will be great! The twelve of you must be so excited, it will be a fabulous trip! Thank You for your advises, I think that we will stay on the port during the afternoon. I've heard about a totem park in Ketchikan, and would be happy to see it if it isn't too far from the port. See You on board!

    Victoria, I will tell my aunt about the FE. I would gladly participate but there is already more than 50 people, and I will need her help to make something nice for everyone. So if she can help me, it will be with pleasure! I'll come back and tell You about this tomorrow ;)

    P.S: Please, forgive my mistakes, it has been a long time since I last practised my English ;)
  6. illustratedroomscape

    illustratedroomscape Earning My Ears

    Just returned from the 5/27 AK cruise- you are really in for a WONDERful trip! We loved each day!
    I have 50 extra FE cards if anyone is interested, please email me:
    They could be turned into magnets or used in scrap booking- super cute design for AK! (posting on several spots- so request quickly)

    Update: Cards are all spoken for now. Happy cruising!
  7. Tiggrou

    Tiggrou Member

    Hi there! I've spoken about the fish extender with my aunt and she thinks that it's a great idea! So we will be with you, I'm already completing the FE spreadsheet.
    And we're looking for bright ideas to please everybody!

    Have a nice day!
  8. Tiggrou

    Tiggrou Member

    Hi everybody, the spreadsheet is completed! And the cruise is so close now!
  9. Disneynut64

    Disneynut64 Mouseketeer

    WE just booked this Cruise!! We are flying in on the 10th also staying at the hampton inn, which one are you at then we are taking the train in the am to Vancouver. What time is your train leaving we are also booked at the hamptom inn in Vancouver, Which one are you at that has the free shuttle to the port. We didn't know much about the hotels so wanted to make sure we stayed at ones we thought had the best way to get from the airport to the train and to the cruise.
  10. Disneynut64

    Disneynut64 Mouseketeer

    We just booked this cruise!!! We are flying from tampa florida on the 10th staying in seattle going to vancouver on the 11th, any other cruisers doing the same route.
  11. modegard

    modegard Member

    Have you ever had a massage at the spa on a cruise? We never have but are booked for one on this cruise. I am curious what kind of receipt they provide you? I can claim massage through my health insurance and would sure like to get reimbursed for this one!

  12. Disneynut64

    Disneynut64 Mouseketeer

    Anyone interested in a fishing trip in Ketchikan. We are looking at a charter. Price range from $99-$150. Most require 3 person min. Max of 6. There will be 2 of us. let me know if you are interested.:thumbsup2
  13. aimshna

    aimshna Member

    We are staying at the Hampton right at the airport in Seattle. We decided on rental cars from the airport - spending Saturday in Seattle and then driving to Vancouver on Sunday. The Hampton Inn in downtown Vancouver has a free shuttle to the cruise terminal. The hotel is on Roberson Street. The cruise is getting close now!
  14. Disneynut64

    Disneynut64 Mouseketeer

    We are staying at the Hampton in south center not sure where that is?? Are they allowing to return the car in Vancouver? We decided on the train from seattle to Vancouver. WE are staying at hampton on Roberson too:cool1:
  15. aimshna

    aimshna Member

    We are picking up rental cars at the Seattle Airport on Saturday and then driving to Vancouver on Sunday and returning the cars and then picking them up again when we come in on Monday. We are a group of 12 so I thought it would be better than all the stops the quick shuttle takes.
  16. wachnicki

    wachnicki Member

    Got our room number!!:cool1:
    Updated the FE list

  17. patti0911

    patti0911 Earning My Ears

    HELP! We have our room number, but I'm unable to post it on the FE list. When I click on the link it's takes me to the login page where you need a user name and password.
  18. vgrandy

    vgrandy Member

  19. aimshna

    aimshna Member

    Isn't anyone on our thread getting excited???? We are down to 50 days until the cruise leaves. Some a lot less because of leaving early and enjoying Seattle or Vancouver!!! I for one can't wait. This thread is so quiet. Last year when we were going on the Fantasy the thread there was up to over 150 pages!!!!! When is our FE cutoff date?
  20. vgrandy

    vgrandy Member

    I just finished one set of FE gifts and need to get started on the next set. Very excited about the cruise. FE cutoff date is July 12 so still time for people to join.

  21. kayaker35

    kayaker35 Member

    I hear you, aimshna..... I'm on the Eastbound Panama thread for September 2014, and we're up to 46 pages already. I was surprised this thread wasn't more popular. I'm beyond excited about this cruise! My husband and I are leaving early to do a southbound Princess cruise from Whittier to Vancouver, and then picking up the Disney one afterwards. I've already packed and repacked several times, lol.


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