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Atlantis/Comfort Inn Question

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by seadreamer, May 20, 2012.

  1. seadreamer

    seadreamer New Member

    Has anyone recently booked a room at the Comfort Inn just to use the Atlantis facilities? Did you have any issues accessing the slides and pools at Atlantis? Did the wristband also give you access to the ruins, aquarium, and shops? How did you book your transfers from the ship?
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  3. sweetpee_1993

    sweetpee_1993 New Member

    We did NOT book with Comfort Suites because the fine print fees, cost of our own transfers, and lunch didn't make it much of a savings at all for us. We closed our eyes and booked with Disney. We just got back from our cruise a week ago.

    From all my research & having just been there, I have answers. To get to/from. When you get off the ship and walk to the end of the pier there's lots of taxis, vans, & buses right there waiting. Grab a taxi and head to CS on Paridise Island. Not sure of the cost. Think I read $2/person + you pay the $1 toll to cross the bridge. When you get to CS, go to the check-in desk & tell them you want to check-in & check-out. They're very familiar with the practice. I'm pretty sure at check-in is where they want you to pay the fine print fees. They'll give you your wristbands and point you in the right direction. You should have no different access to slides, aquarium, shops, etc. than any other day guest for the Aquaventure. This is how I understood this to work. After you're all tuckered out from your day of fun in the sun just walk back out the front door of Atlantis and there will be taxis around. There will be valet people and other Atlantis folks on-hand to help you find a cab. Tell your cabbie where you need to go and he/she will deposit you right back where you started at the end of the cruise ship pier. :thumbsup2
  4. rosermama

    rosermama New Member

    What are the fine print fees???? Why do they charge them??? HOw much are they??
  5. travelfanatic

    travelfanatic Mouse fan

    They charge cleaning fees for every adult registered & some energy fees. If you go onto the site to book it they will tell you what they are. We still ended up saving even after paying some fees. It was a great savings for us as a family of 4. We had access to all the things you mentioned. This excursion was the highlight of our trip! Going to be there again in 2 weeks!! :cool1:
  6. WDW Princess 71

    WDW Princess 71 New Member

    They are very expensive, can add over $100 easily to your "total cost" displayed online when you are getting a quote. They include housekeeping, energy charges, etc. that are mandatory regardless of whether you utilize the actual room or not. So, like the PP, I also found the cost with all the fees in the end to be not much savings at all and not worth the extra hassle of getting our own transportation and walking further to get to Atlantis and buying our own lunch, all just to save maybe $60. That said, I've done the Comfort Suites option before a few years ago but it was in January when the rate was substantially lower than the aquaventure price so it was worth it to deal with the extra hassle. But for under $100 savings for us this time, it wasn't worth it and we'll be doing the aquaventure next week.
  7. rosermama

    rosermama New Member

    Thanks for the info we have looked at this one before also maybe one day I will save my pennies and the next time I am on a 4 night cruise try this one.
  8. scootch

    scootch New Member

    I have done it twice and it saved me lots of money... depends on what kind of rate you get at CS. It is so easy too. I take my girls without my husband and was a bit anxious the first time, but it is great. I like it over DCL as you don't have to wait and go over as a huge group. You just get off the ship and get a taxi whenever you want. $4 per person, some taxi's charge a $1 fee on the way over(I offered it the second time and the guy said, thats ok). They drop you off, you go in and checkin/check out at the same time. Takes less that 10 min, walk out the back door, thru the casino, down the steps by the dig and get your wristband and then you are free to do all the pools, the dig, the beaches, ect... It is absolutely STUNNING resort and we loved our days there. Loved it so much that it was the only way my kids could convince me to go on the Dream. There is a food stand by the pool. It was myself and my two dd's(9 and 11) last trip. We got a nacho and kids nugget meal... about $20 and were looking for people to give food to that were on the cruise as the serving was huge. Free refills on drinks. When you are done, just go to the front of the hotel and there will be cabs waiting. If you are a bit anxious about going thru Nassau alone, just find someone on your meet thread and go over with them. Since there are just three of us, I offered a family of 5 to ride over with us and was able to put one of their adults on our room. I got a AAA rate at CS. They did not ask for my card. They don't care as they get money for doing nothing. The second time around I had enough points to get a free room from ichoice. We are going on the Disney Fantasy in November and my kids are so bummed it is not going to Nassau. Truly, if I can do it alone, anyone can!! :thumbsup2 If you have any more questions, just pm me
  9. lark

    lark New Member

    Taxis are $4 per person.

    The procedure changes from time to time but recently it was this: You don't get wristbands at CS. You get vouchers and then go to the customer service desk on the bottom floor of the Royal Tower and sign some stuff (liability waiver I think) and get wrist bands.

    Same access. The fees should only be charged on the first two booked to the room, unless the 3d and 4th are adults.

    Biggest saving is for family of four, especially with kids 10 or older, snce disney treats them as adults for excursion pricing.

    If you don't want to use the room during the day, tell them when you check in and they will check you in and out at the same time.
  10. gaildmoody

    gaildmoody New Member

    Does anyone have the link for the Comfort Inn so I can check it out? We are a family of 4. 2 adults, 2 children (12&7). Does it include the aquaventure as well? Any info would be great because we don't want to spent $600 to go to aquaventure.
  11. sweetpee_1993

    sweetpee_1993 New Member

    Google 'Comfort Suites Paradise Island' & it'll turn up a link. Remember, the estimated total does not include the mandatory fees, transportation, or lunch. Keep that stuff in mind when considering the final cost. Also, if you book the cheapest Advance Purchase rate it's fully non-refundable. So if for some reason you don't make it or the ship's port schedule changes you are outta luck. If the rate is great it's hard to argue but there's definitely other factors to weigh, too. Have fun! The Aquaventure was really awesome!
  12. TheWog

    TheWog <font color=indigo>The Curse has been Reversed<br>

    Yes, it includes all Atlantis amenities including full access to the water park and beaches.

  13. fitnessmouse

    fitnessmouse New Member

    i just priced a room for 2a+2c and it says the following
    nightly rate $250
    estimated taxes 82.90
    estimated total 332.90

    Estimated Total: $332.90 (US Dollar) including taxes of: 18.00%, 18.95 PER PERSON PER DAY

    i took it as that meant the 18.95 was the housekeeping (5.00) and surcharge (13.95) per adult

    will there be more fees to pay at checkin?
  14. mommy2tati

    mommy2tati New Member

    We just did this on our Magic cruise last week. The rate quoted on the site was $223 per night for 2A & 2C (10 & 7). Total paid with taxes & fees was $308. Compared to $622 if we would have done the DCL Aquaventure excursion that was quite a bargain. Total for 2 rooms we paid $597 for 3A & 5C (10, 10, 8, 8 & 7).

    We had access to al of Atlantis just like someone staying there. Like a PP said you take a taxi over to CS, check in & out, take the card showing you're a guest over to the Royal Towers & get your wristband. Then explore as much or as little as you want.
  15. interested

    interested Kayla's Gramma

    We too have done this on more than one occasion although it has been a couple of years. Was a substantial savings. We have never even seen the inside of a Comfort Suites room!
  16. sweetpee_1993

    sweetpee_1993 New Member

    I just did a quote and this was the best available for the hubby, me, & our 2 boys on 9/28:

    Sub Total: $291.20
    **Estimated Tax: $109.27
    Estimated Total: $400.47 (US Dollar)

    But then, underneath all this in red text it says:

    Please note: Must have one adult 21 years or older in each room. Energy surcharge: 13.95 per person per night. Housekeeping gratuities: 5.00 per person per night These are additional charges not included in nightly estimated total and must be paid directly at the hotel. Groups are for Five or more rooms and require a 2nt stay. For groups please contact 1-800-417-6738 Ext 24. Persons 16 and older are charged as adults. 3rd/4th person charged 40.00 per night + tax and service charges.

    The bold italicized part says that the Estimated Total ($400.47) does not include the additional surcharge & housekeeping gratuities. I read on Cruise Critic where people were totally miffed at having to pay the fees because they never even set foot in the room.

    Also, I think the "value" in booking at CS vs. thru DCL depends on the group. Numbers of people and ages of kids makes a difference. See the bottom part where they say 16 year olds are charged as adults? Then they say 3rd and 4th person is charged $40 per night + tax and service charges. They don't say that the $40 is reduced for kids under 16. To be safe I'll calculate the 3rd/4th person fees for both boys. That adds $117.90. So now my total would be looking like this:

    $400.47 Estimated Total + $37.90 (energy surcharge & housekeeping gratuities for hubby & me) + $117.90 ($40 adult fee, energy surcharge, & housekeeping gratuity x 2 for my 3rd/4th people) = $556.27

    I still have to pay for our transportation each way. $4 per person plus tip to driver = $20 x 2 trips coming & going = $40

    DCL's excursion includes lunch. Each of us got a burger, fries, & drink. The drink is free refills. I recall making a mental note that each meal was about $15 so that adds another $60 to the bottom line.

    Now we're up to $656.27.

    I booked thru DCL for $169 x 4 = $676. The total savings is $19.73. I didn't like risking booking an advanced purchase rate then have something happen that prevented us from getting into the port on the day I booked. I just wasn't that overly impressed with the savings when I weighed everything out.

    Again, the savings is different for each person's group size & composition. It also depends on the rates you can get. A friend of mine got a killer military rate a while back so it really made it worthwhile for her family. There's a lot of factors and each person would have to crunch their numbers.

    My big thing is those red print fees/charges. I would be hopping mad if that got sprung on me when I got there. I think it's kinda crappy for them to not include these in the estimated total. Doesn't feel right to me. That's the part I'm always hoping people are catching. :thumbsup2
  17. fitnessmouse

    fitnessmouse New Member

    Maybe I should book a room at the Atlantis Beach Tower then. This is what I get when I price a room (again 2A+2C):

    Accommodations $260.00
    Taxes, Fees, Surcharges & Gratuities $84.70

    Sub Total $344.70
    Trip Add-Ons $.00

    Aquaventure Included

    Grand Total $344.70

    It doesn't say anywhere about any other add-ons and charges:confused3
  18. sullins5

    sullins5 alias the 'disneychick'

    :thumbsup2: Thanks so much for your post! We're headed there on the Wonder in Sept and starting to research! This helps alot!

    Annnnnnnd....I just did a search for Atlantis Beach Tower which came out to $510. for our family which is dh, me, 24dd, and 14dd....Ouch!

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