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April 26th 2014 Western Caribbean Fantasy!!

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Meets' started by JessieB923, Feb 8, 2013.

  1. JenGC

    JenGC New Member

    Oh yeah.....I'm there! Lol
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  3. Mom23WildBoys

    Mom23WildBoys New Member

    Hey All!
    We're booked on this cruise! It'll be our second cruise (leaving on our first in two weeks! Disney Magic 8 night Bahamian), and will hopefully be our anniversary trip every year for a while. I think we're going to love DCL!

    I'll try and join the FB page too... :)
  4. JenGC

    JenGC New Member

    Come on over! We're just a chattin' away!
  5. Mom23WildBoys

    Mom23WildBoys New Member

    Finally found the FB group!
  6. JessieB923

    JessieB923 New Member

    Added you just now :)
  7. peja

    peja New Member

    Hi there, originally booked for Feb 2014, then I found out I will not be able to get the time off of work. Then booked for March 2014, then realized I would not be able to book with my points for airfare as its prime time spring break...so now we booked for this cruise and I think I am super happy with the alternative....yippee...It worked out for the best in the long run...

    This will be our third cruise. We did the Eastern Carribbean on the Magic in April 2011, then the California Coastal Pixar Cruise on the Wonder in September 2012, and now this one. We are a family of 4 from Canada.
  8. JenGC

    JenGC New Member

    Hey there! I am sooooooo glad you had so much trouble with the other cruises lol I did the same thing. Booked dec 2012 on board the Fantasy for April 12th I think and found out it was the week before Easter! Booked this one and found my twin!!! (We like the same things, even named our kids the same name so we decided we were twins bahaha) we talk daily on the Facebook page so come on over if you haven't already!
  9. taormin1

    taormin1 New Member

    Hi guys! I just requested to join the FB group! We just booked this cruise onboard the Fantasy last week! My family and my sisters family will be coming!
  10. JenGC

    JenGC New Member

    Welcome welcome! :welcome: Glad you could come with us! We are going to have an AMAZING time! Only 355 more days!!! :cool1:
  11. JessieB923

    JessieB923 New Member

    Welcome!!! So happy you've found us on facebook!
  12. hetyler

    hetyler New Member

    My boys will be 8 and 5 at the time of sailing :) They are so excited already. i don't know how we are going to get through the next 11 + months! LOL

    I also just submitted a request to join the fb group. That will be much easier for me to follow :)
  13. jsrnec

    jsrnec Milton, NH

    I just booked my first cruise as well..Now the count down begins.. I of course am terrified to go on the cruise but my wife and daughter are fine with it
  14. JenGC

    JenGC New Member

    Woohoo!!! Welcome! :welcome: I was terrified as well on my first cruise. I have a thing about water. I can swim, but the thought of being surrounded by water just sent me over the edge. I am soooooo glad I went on my first cruise. I even went through a tropical storm and truly adore cruising. Actually my second cruise was just as rocky! LOL I got the patch and they worked wonders for the sea sickness. But April should be a mild time to cruise.

    I do have some bad news though. Disney cruises are ADDICTIVE!! lol Come on over to the Facebook page and join the chats! We try to talk about SOMETHING every day!
  15. cekala

    cekala New Member

    First timers. Me (Mark), my wife (Gina) and the kids. Our son will be 7 and our daughter 5 at the time of travel. Thought I was crazy looking for a forum a little less than a year out; glad to see there was one.

    Sent a request to join the FB Group as well.
  16. JenGC

    JenGC New Member

    Well I'm glad you decided to check into it!
  17. JessieB923

    JessieB923 New Member

    So glad you all found us :). I created this fourm right after I booked and then waited what felt like months for Jen to join were going to have a blast!
  18. JenGC

    JenGC New Member

    YEAH WE ARE! We're gonna be like :hyper2:
  19. JessieB923

    JessieB923 New Member

  20. Calimum

    Calimum New Member

    Hi everyone! We just booked our cabin on this cruise!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited! It will be me (Michelle), DH (Dave), DGrammy (Claudette), and DS (will be 11). We have cruised before, but not all of us together, and not on Disney...look forward to getting to know people before then! And learning more about this amazing ship!
  21. Calimum

    Calimum New Member

    Just read other posts to find out what this is...sounds fantastic and we would love to join the FE!

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