April 2013 Car Rental Discount Thread

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by pershing, Aug 5, 2012.

  1. lovingthemouse

    lovingthemouse <font color=CC66CC>You must believe......and then

    It is another car rental site - usually are lowest as your time grows closer...take a look and see if you can find some good prices.
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  3. 1988XJ

    1988XJ New Member

    I just wanted to say thank you guys for the KLM code. It saved me at least $200 extra from my previous quote with National.

    I don't know if you guys seen the Compass Group code or not, but it's actually even cheaper than the KLM one, except it doesn't have insurance. Which is what I needed, so the KLM works out cheaper for me. If you guys don't need insurance, this one is probably one of the best ones.
    Contract ID XZ53043
    Company name is Compass Group.
  4. bigfish32

    bigfish32 New Member

    Not that I am aware of. Travelocity code is for the public and the second is an ecode. From what I have read on here make sure they take the discount off for the second one after you return the car. It is not reflected in the price when you book it.
  5. Castlepixie

    Castlepixie New Member

    Try using Hertz for April rentals using the VISA CDP listed on Mousesavers.
  6. travelalot

    travelalot New Member

    I actually get better rates ( about $60 lower than those from that site ) for a weekly rental using this $30 off coupon for Florida rentals . It says it expires at end of Feb, and I get an error message, but it knocks off about $60.
  7. mommyof2girlies

    mommyof2girlies New Member

    Does anyone know if you need anything to use the Compass Group contract id? I'm getting a nice rate using it.
  8. 1988XJ

    1988XJ New Member

    This one seems to still work with the KLM code.

    "Website is having trouble, so they are giving out $20 off discount codes for weeklies.

    Code is NWEBCPN027

    Exact error message is:

    Nationalcar.com System Maintenance Notification

    Our nationalcar.com reservation system is currently experiencing high volume. We value your business and would appreciate your calling National Car Rental directly to make a reservation. Please call 1 (800) 227-7368 so that we may complete your reservation.

    Due to this inconvenience, we would like to offer you $20 off your reservation. Please request Coupon ID: NWEBCPN027.

    To receive $20 off, reservations require a 5-day minimum, 28-day maximum rental period for Compact through Luxury car, Minivan, SUV or Convertible. Coupon is valid only at participating U.S. locations. One coupon per reservation and may not be combined with other discounts.

    For calls originating outside North America, dial 1-801-533-4442.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Thank you again for choosing National Car Rental.
    © Vanguard Car. Rental USA Inc."
  9. 1988XJ

    1988XJ New Member

    People seems to be able to use it without getting ask. But use it at your own risk. I actually prefer the KLM one now since I signed up for their membership for their free rental insurance.
  10. Steamboat Girlie

    Steamboat Girlie I WANT TO BE LOCKED IN THE DISNEY VAULT! "Huh-huh.

    I just used this code. Hope I don't need to present any coupon!
  11. JandD Mom

    JandD Mom Paying for hope and change.

    Hi Everyone,

    I have been able to get much lower rates using the old American Express code 5125601. It has beat the KLM code by a lot. The only thing it hasn't beat is the suspicious Unigraphics code which many people are concerned about using.

    Good luck!:thumbsup2
  12. DVC Daisy

    DVC Daisy New Member

    Which company? Alamo? I don't remembe. :confused3

    Thanks! :cool1:
  13. JandD Mom

    JandD Mom Paying for hope and change.

    My apologies. It's with National. I have a much better rate with National than I have been able to get with Alamo for my dates. Alamo isn't even close. Unless someone has a code they care to share.
  14. 1988XJ

    1988XJ New Member

    Wow, I almost fell off my chair when I check my rental with this code. I booked a Luxury car for 1 week in Maui and the KLM quote got me $420 total. This code quoted me $1076 total and without insurance :eek:. It's even more than without any code. Gotta be careful when checking. Full size and below seems like a good deal thou.
  15. JandD Mom

    JandD Mom Paying for hope and change.

    Ummm, yes. You checked for a week in Maui. This is a thread about people checking rates for Disney World, in Orlando, in April.

    So yes, it's not surprising the code was not the same for Hawaii.
  16. ProudMommyof2

    ProudMommyof2 New Member

    Might be a silly question but, do you need to have an American Express?
  17. Steamboat Girlie

    Steamboat Girlie I WANT TO BE LOCKED IN THE DISNEY VAULT! "Huh-huh.

    I just had a question, when I used the KLM code,
    it says that supplemental liability insurance is included.
    Does anyone know what that means?
  18. MarthaJr.

    MarthaJr. New Member

    American Express Code and KLM code both make my rate go up. I used no code at all and got the best price!
  19. spel

    spel New Member

    I tried that Amex code on the National website & it said coupon not valid. Any advice??
  20. MarthaJr.

    MarthaJr. New Member

    Try the numbers in the contract id box rather than coupon box
  21. trtl6941

    trtl6941 New Member

    I just tried this code and it gave me the price of $3,300 for my rental :eek: I currently have one booked for $500!

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