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    When checking out prices for trips to DLP, there are a few options if you are an AP holder, or are thinking about becoming one.

    You can phone Disney for a room-only price for your particular type of AP, you can check any package discounts on the official Disney site (which would include park tickets, but which can often be cheaper than AP room only), or you can look at offsite (and occasionally onsite room only) hotels through various hotel booking agents.

    There is however another option, which may offer the best of the package discounts offered by Disney, combined with the advantage of being an AP holder.

    Firstly, look at the package price for one adult only on the official Disney site, for the dates and hotel you are interested in. If you have a child aged under 7 and Disney are offering the "kids under 7 stay and play free" offer, you might want to include your child in the package too, as this should not increase the price, and you will get a 2nd set of park tickets. If, when you compare this with other pricing methods as above, this works out the best deal for you, then this is what you do.

    You can either phone Disney (you can try the booking number 08448 008 111, or the French booking number 0033 1647 44000), or use a travel agent (I know that First Choice and Co-op travel can do this for you, at no extra cost). When you call or visit your travel agent, you ask for one adult (or one adult and one child as above) to be booked on the package (hotel room and tickets). Then, you have the other members of your party added to the booking for the room only, specifying you don't need park tickets for them. This will mean that the total price you will pay for your accommodation is the price for the one adult booked in on the package. In the onsite hotels, this means you can add up to 3 names (or 2 if you have a child booked on the package) to the booking for room and no tickets included, and for the Davy Crockett Ranch, you can add up to 5 names (or 4 if you have a child booked on the package), as the DCR can accommodate up to 6 people in a cabin.

    You may have to pay a couple of euros local tax when you check in at your hotel, some members here have had to pay, some have not.

    Thanks to our members who have tried and tested this method, and posted about it :goodvibes .
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