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Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by montugirl, Mar 17, 2013.

  1. montugirl

    montugirl Member

    We are booked for a nemo room from 4/13-4/20. I'm going to request an area of the hotel, does anyone have advice on best rooms. Trying to get away from the pool area but my mom will need to least walking so i'm thinking first floor any advice?
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  3. AliceIn

    AliceIn Active Member

    The Nemo area is right next to the main pool. If you want quiet, you'll want to request a room facing away from it. The best bet is building 4, and request a high floor facing the lake. The elevators are located at the center of the "T", so if you want less walking request a room closer to the elevator. First vs. higher floor won't make a difference for walking distances.

    I think they show movies between Nemo and the Lion King, so building 5 might not be advisable.

    We stayed in Cars last year - it was very peaceful.
  4. montugirl

    montugirl Member

    Thank you.

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