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  1. lizaisabel

    lizaisabel Mouseketeer

    Apr 19, 2013
    I am considering staying at either AoA or POR since we are a party of 5. However, AoA are a little bit expensive over POR, but in the past I stayed at moderate and value resorts and I preferred the beds from moderates since the ones at value were to firm. Moderates resorts beds were more comfortable, but I don't know how compare the beds between those two resorts. Please help me by giving me your feedback about both resorts.:cool1:
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  3. 2ofUs

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    Sep 24, 2004
    Beds at WDW are updated/replaced on a frequent schedule. Perhaps you experienced a 'needed to be retired' bed at the value? We've stayed at POP and AllStar several times, as well as most Deluxes and several of the DVC properties and have not really noticed a big difference - and we have a temperpedic at home.

    AoA is the newest of their resorts. Though I have not stayed there myself, I have visited the resort, eaten there and know several families that have stayed and loved the beds, even the pull down table & pull out sofa beds.

    Where you chose should probably be based on the ammenities you require:
    ~ Do you need or would your family benefit by having a microwave?
    ~ Would you appreciate having a separate bedroom and second full bathroom?
    ~ Is having great kid-themed pools (and the largest pool in any WDW resort) important? If yes is the answer, then AoA should be your choice.

    If you'd prefer a bit more adult feel, boat access to DTD, full service restaurant on-premise, more mature landscaping, then POR should be your pick.

    Hope this helps.
  4. rosiegmendez

    rosiegmendez Mouseketeer

    Aug 10, 2012
    We just returned from our trip a few days ago, split stay at A0A and POR (we couldnt decide, are a family of 5, just like you!).

    AoA makes a great first impression (great theming, awesome pool, fresh, clean, new), after a while it does feel very "value". Granted it was our first time to WDW so we had nothing to compare it to. We had two connecting LM rooms. The food was not the best and very non-traditional (macaroni cheese casserole square, not mac and cheese).

    Pool was fun but very crowded. But, buses very convenient (one stop, one resort).

    Then we transferred to POR AB room, requested Bldg 16 and wow, we were blown away at how beautiful the resort is - grounds, buildings,pool, river. It felt like we were in a Mark Twain novel. Very "Tom Sawyer". Room was bigger (compared to one LM room at AoA) and though we missed the 2nd bathroom, the overall feel and amenities of the resort made up for it. The fold down bunk bed is AWESOME! Kids took turns sleeping on it. Very comfy.

    Food is much better at POR - better quality, better options. Kids' feedback: better mac and cheese, much better pizza!

    We preferred the POR pool with water slide and shooting water. There's a cool play structure and fire pit near the pool so the kids swim, play, roast marshmallows, all within visible distance of my lounge chair.

    POR also has the cool boat ride to DTD but we didnt care for DTD - crowded and not the best restaurants (not big fans of food at Rainforest, Planet HOllywood, etc). Boat ride was very fun, though. They also rent out the 4 seater bike things that you pedal - that was a lot of fun to ride around as a family. They have a very scenic bike path around the resort that straddles the river.

    But, buses at POR have multiple stops. It's a big resort and has 4 different bus stops. More convenient at AoA.

    I'm happy to give you more tips if you want to message me.

    Overall - we would prefer POR but glad we at least tried AoA. Next time - split stay at POR/Beach Club!

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