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Aoa all opinions welcome!!

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by DonoMoose, Mar 19, 2013.

  1. DonoMoose

    DonoMoose New Member

    Hello, we are Pop Century Lovers! The Large bright Icons, Lg Food court, fun pools, just everything Pop screams Disney to us personally :goodvibes:goodvibes

    I WOULD LOVE TO KNOW EVERYONE'S LIKES & DISLIKES (IF ANY) ABOUT AOA!! Hubby really wants to stay there but I am on the fence about booking until I see it first :3dglasses
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  3. LisaCM614

    LisaCM614 New Member

    Never stayed at Pop but we loved AoA. Large bright over the top in your face Disney all the time. We loved how the music changes as you walk through each themed area. Lots of fun. Lots of picture taking opportunities - which made our walks slow! :)
    Our rooms were so bright (LK) and incredibly themed.

    My friends who are Pop lovers big complaint at AoA is they like the Pop food court better. I liked the food court at AoA just fine.

    The pools were super fun.

    How about a split stay so you can have your comfort of Pop and still experience AoA? Maybe that will work if your trip is long enough???
  4. KELLY

    KELLY New Member

    I will say that for our family the pop food court works better for us. I also prefer the fact that we usually end up in the 60's and it is quick to get to the food court and pool.
  5. JennyDrake

    JennyDrake Darkwing Duck's Biggest Fan

    AoA is beautiful and has INCREDIBLE theming. With that said, I won't be back anytime soon.

    We were in LM rooms and while I am a runner and don't mind walking, it was a HIKE to the main building. A senior with us (mobility impaired) using an ECV and we found it faster to load her up and drive a car.

    The food court is BEDLAM, loud, not very clean at peak times and it took a long time to get food. I also bristled at having to bus my own table, sort of the silverware from plates and try to scrap trash into WAY too small openings.

    Room noise was a factor--could have just been where/when we stayed--I am a sound sleeper, yet most nights I was aware of babies crying, children talking, etc.

    I was at AoA late September and booked back for Dec. but I changed Dec. to Pop and in May I will again be at Music.....
  6. DonoMoose

    DonoMoose New Member

    Jenny Drake (sorry not sure what I clicked that it didn't allow me to quote you properly)
    We were in LM rooms and while I am a runner and don't mind walking, it was a HIKE to the main building. A senior with us (mobility impaired) using an ECV and we found it faster to load her up and drive a car.

    Aww that must have been difficult, so sorry! I have seen on other threads the same complaint from LM guests. Do you think your experience would have been different if you were at the other themed suites? (with the exception of the food court of course.)
  7. DonoMoose

    DonoMoose New Member

    Funny you say that, I watched a youtube video, breaking down the entire food court and I felt I would like Pop's better as well ::yes::
  8. mulberrybush

    mulberrybush New Member

    We did a Nemo suite -next to the pool and on the end. It was quiet and just a quick walk to animation hall/buses. I loved it! In fact, I would choose that over the deluxes we usually stay in because it's so fun for kiddos. DH prefers to be closer to the parks, so I lose :(

    I hated POP. Won't go back.
  9. ollyg

    ollyg New Member

    Stayed there last year in LM room. Loved the resort, but that was one long walk to the bus stop. Glad I did experience it, but would not book again.
  10. Ivonne

    Ivonne New Member

    Thinking of changing reservation from CSR to AOA Nemo suite. A little nervous because we love CSR. Did you enjoy the suite? Was it comfortable? Noisy? Crowded? Sorry so many questions .....

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  11. JennyDrake

    JennyDrake Darkwing Duck's Biggest Fan

    It would have been different--yes. I still don't know how eager I would be to go back because of in room noise.
  12. summerw

    summerw New Member

    We stayed in a nemo suite. There is a big gap under the outer door so there is hallway noise, but that's all we ever heard. The dining hall is noisy with all the silverware and plate clatter. We went by pop one night and it was more crowded but quieter at pop. Also I saw several groups in pj's at pop and never once at aoa.

    If you love aoa theming, I say go for it. Definitely check the menus at aoa. Everything I ate was good, but you have to like that food.
  13. mulberrybush

    mulberrybush New Member

    I'm a bathroom person. I hate tub/shower combos. The bedroom bath in nemo is a swing door shower. It felt luxurious. The beds are comfy - still pretty new tho - not sure they'll be like that after a while. We had large adults on both the table/Murphy bed and on the foldout sofa. They said it was comfy. Can't beat two baths and a kitchenette. My dd loved the pool and wish we could go back. The blues were relaxing and the bright colors made it fun. They took out those uncomfy "finger" chairs and put in a better loungish chair. Hth.
  14. Ivonne

    Ivonne New Member

    We are leaving august 4-15. Nervous about crowds.....

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  15. mulberrybush

    mulberrybush New Member

    To add,we didn't sit down in the food court but the food we took to go was yummy. The gift shop was the best I've seen at the resorts. We went the last week of feb so it wasn't busy - that may be why everything was so quiet for us.
  16. DonoMoose

    DonoMoose New Member

    Hi :wave2: in comparison to Pop, how different are the menus? I noticed both have burgers, pizza and such. So is there a certain quality or seasoning about there foods that you need to have an acquired taste for? A little curious now because we stood at AKL last month & their burgers, pizza's just everything had an African flare that I could no longer stomach after day 2 :crazy2:
  17. Disneylover99

    Disneylover99 New Member

    A of A is a beautiful resort but the walk from the LM rooms to the bus or food court is just too far for a trip of more then 3 or so days. I can see the walk feeling especially long during the hot summer months.
  18. si-am

    si-am New Member

    I agree that the walk to LM was just TOO far. We usually stay at Pop, and the walk has never seemed as bad there, even from the 70s or 90s buildings.

    The food court at AoA is decent but I also prefer Pop just because there seem to be more varied options.
  19. summerw

    summerw New Member

    The chicken burger was spicier than expected but not too much. The burgers and pizza etc are standard Disney at both places. The only difference would be things pop has nachos and meatloaf where aoa has tandoori.
  20. DonoMoose

    DonoMoose New Member

    helpful!! TY! :goodvibes
  21. herb102211

    herb102211 New Member

    We've stayed at POP a few times and wanted to try out AoA, so we stayed there for a night in September in the LM section. It was definitely a hike to the main building. I loved the theming of the resort and the fact that it was a new resort. The food court area was quite chaotic though, even during off peak meal times.

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