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Anyone work retail in Ontario?!

Discussion in 'Community Board' started by melissarose, Dec 12, 2012.

  1. melissarose

    melissarose Mouseketeer

    Ok my boss just told me we don't get time and a half for working on Boxing Day and I am pretty darn sure that we should because I am pretty darn sure it's like the law or something!!! Lol does anyone else work in retail in ontario and know the rules!? I'm gonna call the labour board and find out I guess....
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  3. RunDanceSkate

    RunDanceSkate Walking to Disney

  4. formill

    formill Mouseketeer

    They can also just pay you your regular pay and give you another day off (with pay) instead.
  5. lizabu

    lizabu DIS Veteran

  6. melissarose

    melissarose Mouseketeer

    Thanks everyone. I am not impressed. I guess I'm going to have to confront my boss and discuss it with her because I'm either getting paid or staying home! Lol
  7. kwelch10377

    kwelch10377 Mouseketeer

    Do you work for a large retailer that has a corporate office, if so I suggest calling HR? Your boss just may not know what they are talking about.
  8. Tinker'n'Fun

    Tinker'n'Fun <font color=purple>"apple", peaches, "pumpkin pie"

    I was curious how holiday pay worked in Canada so I read the link. It does state that some salesperson positions are exempt from the Holiday pay. Actually, there are a lot of exceptions. I would ask someone who worked there last year how it was handled.
  9. jennyjinx3

    jennyjinx3 Mouseketeer

    We too get paid time and a half on Boxing Day. Major Food retailer.
  10. melissarose

    melissarose Mouseketeer

    My company is young, only been around since 2009 and this store is brand new so nobody was around last year. But retail workers are eligible for holiday pay, they just don't make the laws very reader-friendly. Anyways I'm gonna call the labour board help line and find out 100% what the deal is and then bring it up at work.
  11. CdnCarrie

    CdnCarrie Mouseketeer

    Boxing Day is no longer a stat in Manitoba.
  12. kimblebee

    kimblebee <font color=green>now my thoughts will be worth 5

    Seriously?!? I was looking forward to that extra pay.
  13. melissarose

    melissarose Mouseketeer

    Whoa that's a huge bummer!

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