Anyone want to guess what other October discounts might release?

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    Sep 1, 2003
    With the no free dining rumor, I'm trying to figure out how to get our annual vacation in. I thought about it and figured it wouldn't make that big of a difference.....they should release something for October, right? Then I started pricing out our package with no discounts and no free dining. DEPRESSING!

    For the past 7+ years we've went during Free Dining, with a large family it saves us so much more than other discounts.

    Last year we spent 4000.00 for 2 value rooms: 2 adults, 4 kids (teen, junior, child, child). That was for 8 nights and upgraded dining.

    This year if we went the same time, paying for QSDP and not upgrading, the same base tickets: 2 adults, 4 kids (teen, junior, junior, child) we're looking at 5400.00!!!! :scared1:

    I know I can't swing what other discounts 'might' come out for the fall? I know we have no way of knowing for sure but the no FDing for values rumor came from a reliable source, so I'm trying to plan appropriately.

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