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Anyone here try dietbet?

Discussion in 'W.I.S.H' started by Disneyfn420, Jan 24, 2013.

  1. Disneyfn420

    Disneyfn420 Member

    I just found out about this site dietbet.com. Basically you bet a certain amount and you need to lose 4% of your weight in 4 weeks. There are a bunch of different groups to join in and different bet amounts. I just signed up for a contest as I hope it will motivate me. Just wondering if anyone on here has tried it and how much you got paid if you won. The pot I'm in is over $4K but everyone who hits their goal splits the money and the site takes a cut too, so won't be a huge amount(if my math is correct on a $25 bet if half the people hit their goal I'd get about $43), but it's kind of fun to have something to work towards.
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  3. lajones81

    lajones81 <font color=royalblue>DISneyLVR<br><font color=mag

    A colleague asked me to join and we start tomorrow! It sounded intriguing and I am hoping that it motivates me all month long. :)
  4. Disneyfn420

    Disneyfn420 Member

    I feel the same way...good luck to you! I am in the 344.com guys contest. Over $6K in the pot so far!

  5. Figment1990

    Figment1990 Mouseketeer

    How do they verify your weigh ins?
  6. Disneyfn420

    Disneyfn420 Member

    You have to submit 2 pics. One a full body shot and another of the scale with a code word they give you. Granted there are still ways of cheating I suppose but then you are just cheating yourself. Unless the majority of people miss their goal you won't win a ton of money, even with a large pot(so not sure it's worth it to cheat if you are only doing it for money) so I'm doing it to motivate me so I don't lose my money and hope that I get a little extra when it's over.

  7. Disneyfn420

    Disneyfn420 Member

    Just to follow up I finished my first diet bet and won. On a $25 bet I won $49.58 so I netted $24.58, almost doubled my money..and I lost weight! It definitely motivated me and made me think before I ate. I also hit the gym on days I normally would have blown off. I'm doing another round of it now!

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