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Any NH Disney lovers out there?

Discussion in 'Dis Meets' started by NHTikiBeckie, Jun 24, 2013.

  1. jrsmom

    jrsmom Mouseketeer

    I will! We are always will to travel for food!!! I checked out the menu online the other day. I didn't see a buffalo chicken sub? That is my son's favorite!
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  3. SunshinesOrangeBird

    SunshinesOrangeBird Earning My Ears

    Hi, my name is Joseph. I actually live in Haverhill, MA but I am always in Salem and Plastiow NH...it's good to know that there are other dis fans out here in NH. I was so disappointed that the New England dis meet was in the beginning of October. Because me and my fiancé will be in Disneyland Tokyo for two weeks for our honeymoon. I always thought that New England was too big for one dis meet considering from Bagor ME to the Cape is about nine hours driving.
  4. CMDTA

    CMDTA Member

    I'm in the lovely (term used loosely) Farmington. It's right next to the very lovely (term used very loosely) Rochester. I grew up in Portsmouth though. We have so many people near or in NH, I think we need an NH Dis Meet.
  5. DisneyFoodieFan

    DisneyFoodieFan Love all things Disney World! Food and Fun!

    I think a Dis meet would be awesome!
  6. abismommy

    abismommy A veteran traveler, Newbie Mommy to a Princess

    I'm in Haverhill MA, northern end on the NH boarder.
  7. SunshinesOrangeBird

    SunshinesOrangeBird Earning My Ears

    I think Portsmouth would be a great place for a NH dis meet! It has so much character and there is always fun things to do. Unfortunately we need a big NH following to have one...:(
  8. Mrrizzoratt1971

    Mrrizzoratt1971 Earning My Ears

    I live in Haverhill, MA right on the New Hampshire border. I think a meet anywhere in the area would be great.
  9. gracer9977

    gracer9977 Happiness is Disney

    I am in Hillsboro, NH and work in Concord, NH

    I am all for a NH Dismeet. :goodvibes Hoping to get to the NE one in MA for October but it is a bit of a hike.

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