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Any news on D23 ?

Discussion in 'DVC-Mousecellaneous' started by pyrxtc, Jan 17, 2013.

  1. pyrxtc

    pyrxtc <font color=deeppink>Married 10-5-02<br><font colo

    I could't even find it on the website anymore with the new layout.
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  3. CMOORE185

    CMOORE185 HH 240 Points, SSR 260 Points

  4. erionm

    erionm New Member

    I haven't found anything yet on the member website related to the free D23 membership for DVC Members.
  5. Horace Horsecollar

    Horace Horsecollar <font color=blue>DVC members represent a unique ca

    Free D23 membership for DVC members, presumably at the D23 Silver level (or at a new, lower level), was an Internet rumor last year. It hasn't actually happened so far, and I would be surprised (but delighted) if ever does.

    At this time, there's only a discount offer. Go to DVCmember.com and log in. Then go to "Perks and Discounts" / "At Home Perks"

    By Popular Demand - D23 Has Extended Their Member Discount! D23, the official Disney fan club, is offering Disney Vacation Club® Members a 10 percent discount off the purchase of new Gold and Silver D23 Memberships!​
  6. erionm

    erionm New Member

    It was confirmed in the Winter Disney Files Magazine sent out by DVC this past November.
  7. tripletsmama

    tripletsmama New Member

    It was confirmed that we will receive a free membership? What does a membership include? :)
  8. pyrxtc

    pyrxtc <font color=deeppink>Married 10-5-02<br><font colo

    yes it was confirmed in the magazine and said it would start in January. Well January is half over.... maybe I have mistaken the month it will start ???
  9. Horace Horsecollar

    Horace Horsecollar <font color=blue>DVC members represent a unique ca

    I found it too on page 9 of Disney Files, Winter 2012 (with issue Gaston on the cover). The article is a full page. It's a new "exclusive" membership level for DVC (not the existing Gold or Silver level), promising a membership card and "special discounts, events, merchandise and more." There should also be access to D23 online content when it becomes gated for members only some time in 2013.

    I think it's safe to say that we shouldn't expect the Disney Twenty-Three quarterly "coffee table" magazine and Walt Disney Signature pen that Gold members get, or even just the Walt Disney Signature pen that Silver members get.

    The Disney Files article ends with this paragraph:

    It doesn't say January 1, just January. Technically, January 31 is still January. My guess is that in the scheme of all the other huge website changes Disney is making this month, the D23 registration for DVC members is a lower priority than most other functions.
  10. pyrxtc

    pyrxtc <font color=deeppink>Married 10-5-02<br><font colo

    thank you for all of that. With everything being packed up I couldn't even tell you which box my copy is in. There used to be something on the website about it but I can't find it anymore. 10 days til January is over, hopefully they announce on time.
  11. DVC2000V

    DVC2000V New Member

    Looking through the D23 Membership Discount page on DVC site and saw this today

    D23 Complimentary Registration Tool Coming Soon!

    As reported in the winter 2012 edition of Disney Files Magazine, D23 &#8211; The Official Disney Fan Club is creating a special, complimentary D23 Membership level* available to Disney Vacation Club Members.

    This complimentary D23 Membership level will include access to insider Disney news, entertainment, merchandise and more.

    An email later this spring will alert Disney Vacation Club Members to the launch of an online registration tool that'll allow Members to take advantage of this offer, so be sure to register your email address here on DVCMember.com if you haven't previously shared your email address with Disney Vacation Club.

    To learn more about D23, visit www.D23.com.
  12. Sammie

    Sammie New Member

    Have no idea where I read this, as I read way too much on all these forums, but somewhere it was announced on the recent Member cruise that we were all automatically made members in Jan. but we would not receive the magazine and more details would be be forth coming by email.
  13. Horace Horsecollar

    Horace Horsecollar <font color=blue>DVC members represent a unique ca

    But it's not automatic, and it's not happening in this month.

    See post #10 (from DVC2000V) in this thread.
  14. sarahk0204

    sarahk0204 New Member

    And now D23 just announced some Fanniversary events in various cities around the country. Tickets go on sale 2/5, so of course DVC D23 won't be sorted out by then. Fooey! :sad:
  15. tjkraz

    tjkraz <img src="http://www.wdwinfo.com/images/silver.jpg

    Might not be an option anyway. Note the passage quoted above doesn't say anything about the free DVC level of D23 membership including participation in their special events. Many events are sold out within minutes and D23 members have expressed frustration over difficulties booking. I don't think it would help the situation any if they added 100,000+ DVC members to the D23 ranks, and gave us all open access to the special events.
  16. Sammie

    Sammie New Member

    I emailed my friend that went on the Jan. Member Cruise and this is what he said they were told on the cruise.

    All DVC members are now basic members of D23. If you want the Magazine you have to still purchase the upgraded membership.
  17. erionm

    erionm New Member

    But if you read post #10, it states that you will have to register to take advantage of the free membership. That text is a direct quote of what is on the member website.
  18. Sammie

    Sammie New Member

    I am not doubting that, just sharing what was shared on the cruise.
  19. erionm

    erionm New Member

    Doesn't matter what was said, only what DVC & D23 requires.
  20. Sammie

    Sammie New Member

    Ok; I was simply letting others know it was discussed on the cruise by DVC.
  21. tjkraz

    tjkraz <img src="http://www.wdwinfo.com/images/silver.jpg

    I don't know who was saying what on the cruise but a lot of erroneous information surfaced about the D23 perk. This is third-hand information but I've had people tell me that reps on the cruise said it would be the full Gold membership level--including event access and the print magazine.

    Either some cruisers misunderstood what was being said, weren't getting their info from the right sources (sales Guide?) or certain DVC officials simply did not provide accurate information. Perhaps a combination of all of the above. :headache:

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