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Any important tip for Disney Cruising with a child who is gluten free?

Discussion in 'disABILITIES!' started by NerosFamily, Feb 22, 2014.

  1. NerosFamily

    NerosFamily Earning My Ears

    Looking for any helpful tips for DCL trip with a child who is gluten free. Thanks!
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  3. cgncga

    cgncga Member

    Gluten free on the cruise ships is easy. We were on the Dream last August. At our first dinner, we spoke to our servers to let them know and from then on they took wonderful care of our daughter. Every night she would give them some idea of what she would like to eat the next night, and then they would come out with three different already prepared meals for her shortly after we sat down. She would choose one, and then they would dispose of the others. They always brought her a loaded baked potato (not on the kids menu) to go with her dinner.

    For breakfast and lunch they would tell us where they would be so that we could find them and get her meals. Even if something had to be specially prepared for her after we arrived, they always had something that she could start with while we waited.

    Gluten free was easy. The only place we had a problem was when we tried to order cookies from room service. They didn't have any gluten free ones. After that, we just made sure to bring any leftover donuts or cookies from her meals back to the room with us so that she could have a late night treat if she wanted one.

  4. Denine

    Denine I want to go on a cruise! I want to move to sunny

    Make sure you notify DCL of the need to be GF.

    Otherwise it is great. Every night at dinner, they asked my 11yo dd what she wanted for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They made special food for her. We were on the Wonder for 2 weeks with no problems.
  5. sleepingbean

    sleepingbean Mouseketeer

    We had a great trip with gluten free options and no worries. Some photos of the foods we ate in my photos link in sig, but overall it was easy and good. My only complaint was that the food was bland. They didn't think to bring us rice milk and when I asked they said it was on the other side of the ship? That was odd (we have dairy and gluten allergies). They brought us EnerG rolls, but no olive oil to dip them in nor dairy free butter sub. That was odd. I would make more requests at the very first meal because you have the same servers throughout, so if you let them know you'd like certain things at each meal, they can get it done for you. You'll have a great time!
  6. bbsmith5

    bbsmith5 Earning My Ears

    Does anyone know if the soft serve ice cream on the Disney cruise ships is gluten free? We are very new to gluten free with our 3 year old and can't seem to figure that out. Thanks!
  7. Denine

    Denine I want to go on a cruise! I want to move to sunny

    The ice cream is fine. We just put it into a cup.
  8. bbsmith5

    bbsmith5 Earning My Ears

    Thanks so much!! That's a relief! ;)
  9. sleepingbean

    sleepingbean Mouseketeer

    We ate rice dream on the cruise ships. (gluten free and dairy free) Also photos of that in link

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