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Any dis fans in Maryland

Discussion in 'Dis Meets' started by mmdisneylover, Aug 4, 2013.

  1. mmdisneylover

    mmdisneylover New Member

    We live in Pasadena Md and love Disney. We just sold our Dvc timeshare but that's another story.

    Number of visits to WDW and or DLC?
    Favorite place to stay?
    Favorite park?
    Favorite ride?
    My favorite place Polyanisian, MK, splash mountain and to WDW probably 20 times or so not really sure of exact number.
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  3. d3boyz

    d3boyz New Member

    My Brother or Sister! We are AVID Disney fans, and live in Southern Maryland (ever heard of Point Lookout?)

    We bought into the DVC in FEB 2000 at BWV. We were only 'thinking' about it and realized, at the airport heading home naturally, that it was a really good deal. Then, as this was meant to be, our flight was cancelled! We went back and immediately signed on the dotted line!

    We now also own some points at OKW and VBR. We really acquired more points specifically for the crusies. NO ONE does it like Disney!

    Since we're in a financial pinch right now, sadly, we're looking to rent our out points so we can pay the assessments for this year. Whatever works, right?

    I was beginning to think we were the only Marylanders out here ... so nice to know there is more family around the state!

  4. mmdisneylover

    mmdisneylover New Member

    We had to sell ours, we got a check about 1 month ago so we will have to rent points the next time we go. We've rented before so no big deal. Hopefully you get them rented you ca nay your dues. There used to be lots of Marylanders with timeshares but I think finances have changed for lots of people. When we want points we will look to find you if you still have some maybe we can help you out.
  5. jetdoctor

    jetdoctor New Member

    We live in laurel. I am a seasoned I'm mean seasoned dis veteran. I don't own a dvc but we are really thinking about it. My wife has only been once and it was about 16 years ago. We are going in Oct for our honeymoon/wife's birthday. We split our resies up PO Riverside and WL. We got the premium annual passes my 5 time have those coveted little babies. So we hope to go at least 3 to 4 times in the next year.

    I have never stayed at either place so I'm looking fwd to trying new places. I have stayed at many of the deluxe hotels.

    I have stayed at Poly more times then I can count my favorite by far. Had magic kingdom view one christmas crazy crazy expensive but nice. Yacht club and beach once each. Old key west, my least favorite. CBR once and PO French once, although it was just called port Orleans then. Animal kingdom lodge as well.

    I am also going to expand my dinning options this time as well. We are going to 2 fine dinning restaurants Jiko our first night and the newly renovated California Grill for Halloween fireworks show should be fun. We are doing a dessert event this year at world showplace. During the food & wine. It's a party for 2 hours then Vip fireworks. I never done anything like that so we shall see. We are also going to do the Keys to the kingdom tour. What a birthday/honeymoon for my new wife. And on her bday we are going to mickys not so scary Halloween party. In all my years of going I have only been to the food and wine once and never been to that party. Christmas is great party so I hope this one is too

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  6. jetdoctor

    jetdoctor New Member

    Forgot to mention favorite park and ride. Epcot is my favorite. MK still and always in my heart but as a get older I just love Epcot. I went to Epcot on a monorail ride about 4 months before it opened. It was my second trip to Disney, summer of 1982 and I was very young like 6. I remember very little about that trip but I distinctly remember that. Then going that next summer to it being open. Wow my memories. World showcase had those double decker buses. And the custodians had those Moroccan outfits with those hats with the white cape and those boot covers that soldier wore in WWI

    Favorite ride wow toss up between haunted and or all three dis mountains. But that being said my favorite thing attraction ride show all time favorite this by an overwhelming majority is The American Adventure. Loved from the first time I saw it so many years ago.

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  7. d3boyz

    d3boyz New Member

    You know, I completely forgot to answer your questions the last time! Sorry about that.
    Number of visits to WDW and or DLC?
    Favorite place to stay?
    Favorite park?
    Favorite ride?

    Number of visits to WDW - We've been to WDW probably 5-6 times with our boys, and I had been about 3 times before that. My husband had been many times before ... maybe 7?

    Number of cruises on DCL - We've sailed with Disney 7 times and I loved it SO much, I've become an island medic on Castaway Cay! Sadly I don't get to do that too often (only twice so far, as a matter of fact ... I had REALLY intended to be there right NOW, but things didn't work out (rats!)), but it is SO nice to be there and to be part of the Disney family as a Cast Member as well as part of the family as a DVC member. "Welcome Home!"

    Favorite place to stay ... hmmm ... ANYwhere Disney! I enjoy each resort area for its own, special something that each one has. I am hard-pressed to choose one unless it's the DCL! I could probably sail for months and months without being bored. In 2007, in fact, we did back-to-back cruises with the 10-day Mediterranean and the 14-day TransAtlantic. We ended it all with 7 days more in the parks! That was an AWESOME month!

    Favorite park - This changes from time-to-time. Right now, I'd have to say I prefer Epcot only because the boys are older and can really enjoy what it's all about.

    Favorite ride - We LOVE Pirates of the Caribbean and the Haunted House, but recently have been all about Mission Space and Test Track as well! I would ride anything at Disney and just be greatful to be THERE and having a great time!

    Thanks for helping me to reminisce! I just took a trip without leaving my home!!

  8. lusby305

    lusby305 New Member

    I'm from Southern MD also, over in Calvert County. We own DVC at OKW and Saratoga Springs also. I'm originally from FL so I have been a life long Disney lover, now living in the NE.
  9. raraloveseeyore

    raraloveseeyore New Member

    Hi all! I love that someone started this thread. There used to be one a few years ago and we had some meet ups at different Maryland restaurants. I don't know what happened to it.
    I am a DVC member also. It took me ten years to talk my husband into it and then after our first time using it he said we should have done this a long time ago! We've stayed at AKV, BLT, and BWV and I loved them all for different reasons. AKV for the view, can't beat it. BLT for the closeness of MK and BWV for the walk to Epcot.
  10. Raenstoirm

    Raenstoirm <font color=green>BL6 Team Challenge Tracker<br><f

    Another Marylander here! Not DVC owners. :sad: We always think about it, but then the money is needed somewhere else. One day though!

    We live in the Kentlands which is 20 minutes from DC in Montgomery County.

    My father was actually a contractor working on the Polynesian (he was a mechanical engineer) when it was built. Disney offered him a job, but he turned it down. As a kid, that fact gave me a certain amount of grief!

    Number of visits to WDW and or DLC? Hmm, not really sure. My first trip was in 1986 (I was 4). Then a couple times as a teen and dh and I have been 6 times together (7 next week). He didnt go until he was 16 (horrible parents :p) but then they went twice a year for a few years, so he and I have been there about the same number of times.

    Favorite place to stay? Beach Club. I am trying to persuade dh to stay at every resort, but it has been a challenge. As a teen he always stayed at the Contemporary. When we started going, we did a few split stays for a few trips so I could try every resort. We spent one night at AS movies (not fans) when we couldnt get into the contemporary the day we wanted. One whole trip at POR in 2007. Two nights at Coronado last dec when we couldnt get into BC the day we wanted (he hated it so much we moved to BC early-it was supposed to be 3 nights). WL was our "home" for a few years and then the last 2 trips BC has been home. We are headed back to BC next week. Dh is so much a creature of habit, I doubt I will ever be able to try all the resorts! :rotfl:

    Favorite park? Mk or Ep although I love AK in the dark (a rare occurrence).

    Favorite ride? Peoplemover!! If you are talking about "true" rides, HM all the way although space is a close second.
  11. d3boyz

    d3boyz New Member

    Trying to get my husband to 'think outside the box' is much harder than I ever thought it would be ... he's FAR more extrovert, so I figured that would also be more the adventurer! (apparently NOT) I did convince him to do a split-split-split vacation one time. I highly recommend it! Our boys were much younger, but the result was awesome. Typically we check-in and stay put at the one location for the entire visit, but we had bought more points and there were some that had to be used right away. The oldest boy had been wanting to 'play hookey' from school, so we picked them all up early one day from school (just before Christmas) and drove south. They know I don't care for snow, so they bought my story about escaping the white stuff. They didn't question the distance too much, but the oldest one did rat me out to his oblivious brothers when he saw the mouse ears on the street signs! I told them we'd see if we could get a room for the night, and that's how we did the one-night stay each at the Contemporary, Polynesian, and Wildnerness Lodge.

    This was a fantastic time, and the moving about only added to the adventure for the boys. We just told them we didn't know how long we could stay ... it depended on if any of the other the places had room for us! They didn't need to have the 'magic' ruined by learning about reservations and all that stuff at their ages!

    Ahhh, memories!
  12. mmdisneylover

    mmdisneylover New Member

    Cute we have stayed at many. Poly, Coronado, BC, WL, Caribbean all star, SSR, boardwalk, yatch and AKL. Favorite I love all DVC but I like poly but like BC and boardwalk for location.
  13. Lsdolphin

    Lsdolphin New Member

    We live on the Eastern Shore just outside of Ocean City. We have been to Special,Olympics sailing regatta near Point lookout for several years.
    My nephew and I go to Disney once or twice yrly.

    Have stayed at Poly, Contemp., Pop., Port Orleans River., PORFQ. (Fav cause its so small), and upcoming trip will be at CBR.

    Thinking of upgrading to Ap when we get there but not sure as there are always special offers when we go which might be better deals.

    Anybody going in Nov.?
  14. d3boyz

    d3boyz New Member

    Exciting to be planning a Disney adventure in November! I would LOVE to, but have promised the boyz that we will go when they can go as well. My husband and I will be trying Royal Caribbean out of Baltimore in late January. There are about 20 of us from St Mary's County going ... want to join us?!

    Once the oldest boy graduates from UMD in 2 years, and hopefully the other two will still be here somewhere (the second is working towards a career in firefighting on Pax River and the youngest is looking to enlist and GET OUT OF ST MARY'S at the earliest possible time), we will do another big Disney adventure. My husband actually wants a cruise to Alaska! I don't care ... Disney is awesome regardless of where we go!

  15. Lsdolphin

    Lsdolphin New Member

    We had terrible experience part way cross bridge when we saw huge wave of dark smoke. Had no idea what was happening than realized it was a fire. Everyone had to back up off bridge or turn car around and go back the way we came. When we got to beginning of bridge there were cars everywhere and we had to sit for over 2 hrs. Really scary and I have always hated going cross the bridge!
  16. d3boyz

    d3boyz New Member

    Oh MY!! When was this fire? This makes me nervous, for certain. I am NO fan of bridges, and my husband and I are headed to Georgetown, DE for the weekend.

    Trying to think ahead to HAPPIER thoughts, there's an annual USO show on the first Friday evening of October, followed by a show called "Wings and Wheels" that features vintage aircraft and cars. Sometimes the B-25 bomber 'Panchito' (hangared at Georgetown) gives rides. It is way too cool! I'm too claustrophobic to crawl into the gunner's area in the nose, but all of our boys did that at one point or another before they grew to be too large to fit comfortably!

    Ok, back to reality. Maybe I can find a different route to get to the Eastern Shore that does not involve the Bay Bridge!!

  17. pieface

    pieface New Member

    Hi live in Jarrettsville 's and have been to Disney 52 times not a D.V.C. member. Love the Poly stayed there but a little to expensive for me to stay there since I have retired. Love to stay at French quarter wonderful resort be there again October 14. Magic kingdom is my favorite park but rock roll roller coaster is my favorite ride.

    I am a true Disney addict we went there on our honeymoon in 1972 and feel in love with the place. I even have a Mickey tattoo on my forearm.
  18. Lsdolphin

    Lsdolphin New Member

    Sunday just before 6pm
  19. alhrtache

    alhrtache New Member

    We are! We live in Linthicum Heights, right by BWI airport. I have been to WDW seven times, three times with DH and my son (8) and daughter (5). We are going to be there Nov. 10-17 this year and are staying at Coronado Springs. My favorite resort is POR. We wanted to stay at the Polynesian this trip but DH is a CPA and once he crunched the numbers, he changed his mind! As far as favorite ride, it's either Pirates of the Caribbean or Peter Pan's Flight.

    We are hoping to check out DVC while we are there this trip. From what we have learned, it makes a lot of sense for us to do it.

    Where are you in Pasadena?
  20. scrapbooksellman

    scrapbooksellman New Member

    We live in Columbia, MD. We have been twice for week long stays and for a one day trip this past August to check out the new fantasyland.

    We are returning in February 2014.
  21. Lsdolphin

    Lsdolphin New Member

    My brother and his family live in Columbia area actually Woodstock near Eliicott City.

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