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Andy's Real mom

Discussion in 'Disney Rumors and News' started by John Paul, Feb 24, 2014.

  1. John Paul

    John Paul 42 Wallaby Way

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  3. wiigirl

    wiigirl New Member

  4. disneydennis

    disneydennis New Member

    Makes you think for sure.
  5. BillSears

    BillSears New Member

    I love it! There are so many things inside the PIXAR movies that connect back to each other. I'm sure this is one of them.
  6. yitbos96bb

    yitbos96bb New Member

    I see two different ages online for the first movie...6 and 8. Where is the 6 coming from? Andy seems awfully advanced for a 6 year old...
  7. TooExcitedCantSleep

    TooExcitedCantSleep I can't with you basic chicks

    That is pure genius.....I would have never guessed that----just genius. Can't believe I did not connect the dots. Now I did spot Sid as the garbage truck man because of his ugly tshirt....but not this. Just WOW!!!!!!! :rotfl2:
  8. surferdave

    surferdave Not hero DIS deserves, but the hero DIS needs righ

    Nicely done by the author. Just one thing bothers me.....

    Molly is a baby in the first movie, which means Andy's father either died or walked out not long before the movies started.

    Why is every father who isn't present in a narrative assumed to be a deadbeat dad? He could be serving in the military, he could be working overseas to provide for the family, he could be kicked out by the mom who decided he wasn't her type after all. Oh well, we'll just assume he's dead.
  9. brekken1

    brekken1 New Member

    Interesting article!
  10. jeffbear

    jeffbear New Member

    Technically, if he's dead, he's not really a deadbeat Dad.

    I think it's just cleaner when the story doesn't address it to assume that a missing is dead. That way you don't project any bad actions or motives onto the Mom or her missing partner.
  11. surferdave

    surferdave Not hero DIS deserves, but the hero DIS needs righ

    The author said he was either dead or "walked out". I was taking "walked out" to mean he abandoned the family, I don't hear that phrase used any other way. I agree with you (in fact, just because he doesn't appear in the movies doesn't mean he's not there), it's the author of the article that made the assumption.
  12. Whatsthegoodword

    Whatsthegoodword New Member

    Like in "Peanuts," the parents are irrelevant to the story. The Dad doesn't matter - neither does the Mom, really - but they chose to show her to us to help tug at our heart strings...

    Dad might be down in the living room reading the paper.
  13. LSpell619

    LSpell619 New Member

  14. Reddog1134

    Reddog1134 New Member

  15. LSpell619

    LSpell619 New Member

    I think his tweets kind of make fun of the pixar theories that people come up with. I would take that as him saying it isn't true. If it were true, I think they would have implied it much heavier than the "evidence" this theory provided.
  16. jetsdude

    jetsdude New Member

    I could be wrong but I believe I read somewhere that humans are really expensive to animate so they left him out because they didn't feel that he was necessary to the plot.
  17. M-I-C-K-E-Y

    M-I-C-K-E-Y New Member

    ...or perhaps he's keeping something under wraps. ;) If there IS a TS4 being considered, and this IS something of a plot point, would ANYONE admit to it?
  18. yoshi2010

    yoshi2010 New Member

    If Pixar did Toy Story 4, it would focus on a story revolving around Bonnie and her family. It was made clear in Toy Story 3 that Andy has moved on. But for now, I'm really enjoying the TV specials! Can't wait for the Christmas special coming later this year! :)
  19. michelleiada

    michelleiada New Member

    Really enjoyed this article and the possibilities it suggests. I think I'm going to rewatch the three of them now...
  20. TooExcitedCantSleep

    TooExcitedCantSleep I can't with you basic chicks

    This is so true and this is why I believe the author or blogger completely!!!!!! You just can't make something like that up-----just admit it instead of denying it.

    Hm.... that's a good idea on this slow Oscar Sunday. :rotfl2: Thor 2 came out this weekend so I wanted to watch that----but it's completely sold out everywhere on Redbox and all the streaming websites want you to buy it----it's less than 20 bucks so I might just have to. :sad2:
  21. OlaftheSnowman

    OlaftheSnowman Disney obsessed and LOVING IT!!!!!!

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