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And these are the {Resort} Changes of our Lives ~In Memory of JungleCruiser <3

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by pas130, Nov 10, 2012.

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  1. LuvLuvLuv

    LuvLuvLuv New Member

    Just finished preparing stuff for tomorrow, and wanted to pop in to say......

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

    Much love to all. Have an amazing holiday with your families!!
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  3. Grumpy Grandma

    Grumpy Grandma New Member

  4. Grumpy Grandma

    Grumpy Grandma New Member

    Isn't this a change of dates? Already confused! Whats a mama to do? :rotfl2:
  5. DetTigsGal

    DetTigsGal New Member

    Happy Thanksgiving all :)

    WDWKOOK <marquee><font color=purple>Lawyered-Up and Shovel

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING Resort Changers and aspiring RCs!​

    Instead of PMing everyone, here are some holiday Orange Birds, in various sizes, that you all are more than welcome to copy and paste into your signatures (just right-click your mouse to copy the IMG code or let me know if you need the code):​

  7. hstrickland

    hstrickland New Member

    [​IMG] HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all my DisFriends!!! [​IMG]

    Hope each of you has a wonderful day with family and friends!! Eat well;)

  8. Janet B

    Janet B New Member

    Hi Peeps! :)

    Miss .. I agree 100% All of you ladies are wonderful!!

    Happy Thanksgiving !!!

    And a very Happy birthday to Christine!! :yay:
  9. Jungle Cruiser

    Jungle Cruiser New Member

    Happy Birthday Christine!party::bday:
  10. pas130

    pas130 New Member

    I am thankful for ALL my wonderful DIS family :grouphug:

    As I reflect on a wonderful dinner with my kiddos and DH...I also reflect on 2 people I was able to help last night...a newborn who needed surgery, and a very kind man suffering horribly from the "C". The baby has a bright future since she is now in the best Children's hospital around, and soon her mom can be with her...the nice man and his wife, so positive, but scared, he is critically ill...but the love you could feel between them :love:

    I am blessed to be able to comfort others if only for a moment...and I am blessed to see CLEARLY how truly blessed I am to have my life each and every day...even when the days are long and hard.....

    MUCH LOVE TO YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:goodvibes
  11. jennyjinx3

    jennyjinx3 New Member

    :hug: how very well said Jeanette.
  12. pas130

    pas130 New Member

    Thanks Jen :hug:
  13. i_heart_the_mouse

    i_heart_the_mouse New Member

    I hope my RC peeps had a lovely Thanksgiving. :grouphug:

    Mine? Not so great. Next year I'm skipping the IL's, DH can go alone if he wants. if my kids are told they are too picky and should eat more food one more time it won't be pretty.

    Sorry MIL, it's not that they don't eat well. It's that they like food that resembles what it is supposed to be as opposed to your over-cooked, over-seasoned, fatty, greasy, over-sauced crap. I don't even like it, but I eat it with a smile and don't make rude comments because I have a filter and I don't like to hurt people's feelings or make them uncomfortable.

    You can also quit berating them for not coming to see you more when, except for picking on them, you ignored them for hours. I doubt you even know any of their ages or middle names. You are the adult in the relationship, let's quit blaming the kids.

    You have now embarrassed and ridiculed my kids one too many times and I'm not feeling the need expose them to that anymore. <rant over>

    Happy Friday everyone. If you are shopping, I hope you get some great deals! :cool1:
  14. jennyjinx3

    jennyjinx3 New Member

    Oh I am so sorry, and I can relate so much. These are the exact things my MIL was doing to my kids. Just include yelling at them too, in favor of a different grandchild. How any grandparent can treat their grandkids this way I will never understand. I think you are doing the right thing protecting your kiddos from this. :hug:

    I hope today is better for you.:flower3:
  15. i_heart_the_mouse

    i_heart_the_mouse New Member

    Sorry you have to go through it too.:hug: We have the favoritism issue too. What is wrong with people?

    Today is going to be great! My horrible kids started off the day by cleaning the house from top to bottom without even being asked. Even scrubbing floors and toilets. I love them so much :goodvibes
  16. jennyjinx3

    jennyjinx3 New Member

    Wow! What a huge help that is! I am watching DH and the girls put up the tree, we have an artificial one:rolleyes:. Our Elf on the Shelf is going to make his first appearance tomorrow morning too. We were going to wait until Dec 1 but what's a few days early right? :goodvibes
  17. Jungle Cruiser

    Jungle Cruiser New Member

    Oh, I heart the mouse, so sorry your Thanksgiving was less than steller :headache: Let's be honest, the Thanksgiving meal is not for most kids. My older one would eat turkey, but I remember my DH and I trying to sneak food off my younger DD's plate so no one would notice she wasn't eating. Then we always had to trip to the car "to look for something" where she would eat a sandwich we brought so she wouldn't be hungry. Pumpkin pie, not a kids favorite. I used to bring chocolate chip cookies for the kids, not caring what my in-laws thought!

    miss, hope the turkey cooperated. Can't wait to hear the story of how it went popcorn::

    Grumpy Grandma, a low key day on Tuesday sounds perfect. My DD will be going home that day, not sure when, so if it is in the afternoon, she may want to go to the MK, one more time that morning before she leaves. However, one thing I thought would be nice is appetizers (and perhaps an adult beverage) in the Old Faithful Club at 5:00. Sound good?! :goodvibes

    We had a nice Thanksgiving, just the four of us. My DD's cooked and my DH cleaned up. :goodvibes MY younger DD went back to NYC last night, she had to work today and my older DD is flying back to CA early tomorrow morning. It was nice to have them home :hug:
  18. i_heart_the_mouse

    i_heart_the_mouse New Member

    What a fabulous day! Enjoy it :goodvibes We'll probably go artificial tree shopping tomorrow and set it up then. My adorable yet mischievous kitty loves to climb and tear it apart so it's time to start over. Plus the kid's school is asking for old decorations that they can repurpose so the time is right. :thumbsup2

    Wow, you are so smart! I will keep those ideas in my back pocket for the future! :thumbsup2

    I'm glad you got to spend a low key day with your family. I bet it was wonderful! :cloud9:
  19. Mousemommy1

    Mousemommy1 Active Member

    Wow i_heart_the_mouse - I'm sorry you had to deal with evil in-laws on Thanksgiving. That would make me so angry. :sad2: Your kids definitely don't need to be subjected to that kind of negativity.

    Luckily, I love my in-laws. We had DH big fat Greek family over for Thanksgiving yesterday...12 people. It was great, the girls always love playing with their cousins and dinner came out great. Clean up was not so much fun though. :headache:

    Today, we woke up and pulled out all of the Christmas decorations!!! :yay: The tree is up and DH did his best Clark Griswold impression with the Christmas lights outside...but our display came out great! :goodvibes

    For the first time ever, I am about 85% done shopping before December!!! :dance3: I have a few small items to purchase but all the big purchases have been made. Sooooooooo excited!!! LOVE Christmas!!! :santa:
  20. babyberger

    babyberger Active Member

    I am thinking about a change.......for my trip next weekend....EEK!!!!!

    An atrium club level room opened up with an AP discount, obviously more than what I am paying for my BLV but I am thinking I could book CL and cancel the wishes dessert party since we could just watch wishes from the lounge balcony. I am sure even with the party and a couple of breakfasts and snacks we would do better money wise not changing to CL, but I am thinking of the convenience of watching the fireworks with tired cranky kids and not having fight the crowds back out of MK after the dessert party.

    Considering we are supposed to be cutting back I am having a hard time justifying it, but DH told me to do whatever I wanted.

    Help me!!!!!

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  21. Mousemommy1

    Mousemommy1 Active Member

    The convenience factor is HUGE!!! And you can't get a better view, even at the dessert party. I say book it....also, I am on my 3rd glass of wine, so you might want to take that recommendation with a grain of salt...I am considering CL at AKL...but definitely AKL....DH is on board...:scratchin
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