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Discussion in 'Disneyland (California)' started by twinspirit, Sep 23, 2013.

  1. twinspirit

    twinspirit New Member

    DD6 is one inch too short for Indiana Jones. :( What are the chances that her runners would give her that extra she needs vs sandals? Maybe with a folded napkin in the heel? haaha

    First ever Disney trip Sept 19-28 2013 8O
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  3. wilkeliza

    wilkeliza New Member

    Not to burst your bubble but there is a big possibility she will not be allowed to ride. Even with taller sneakers or napkins (CMs will probably realize something is in the shoe if it is an inch) she probably won't measure up because our body shrinks across the day due to gravity.

    An inch is quite a bit to make up in just a few days. It is better to use your time preparing for the fact she probably won't get to ride instead of trying to get around the safety rules.
  4. OregonMinnie

    OregonMinnie New Member

    Maybe I'm overly protective, but I tend to air on the side of caution. They've done numerous tests to determine the correct height for each ride, and there's a reason for that height. It is a really jerky jerky ride, so I would just prepare her for the fact that she isn't quite tall enough this trip.

    I know when they have their heart set on going on a ride and can't, how tempting it is to find a way, but I wouldn't do it. She will still have a fantastic time!
  5. Gisele

    Gisele <font color=orange>I love honey, but not the sting

    She might grow enough to make the grade, by the time your trip arrives. If not, then you can always experiment with anything from her wearing thick layers of socks and added insoles to her keds to adding foam inserts into her little shoes.


    No......really. It is just a thought.
  6. old lady

    old lady New Member

    Maybe it is not safe to do so, but she might pass if she had boots. I wouldn't recommend this for a rollercoaster though.
  7. bumbershoot

    bumbershoot New Member

    An inch is a lot. Please don't do it. Indy will almost certainly be there the next time you visit CA.
  8. Minuet888

    Minuet888 New Member

    as a mentioned in another thread Indiana Jones can be a dangerous ride for youngsters
    Once I saw a young kid go around a sharp turn and almost fly out of the car the mother grabbed the jacket of the kid.
    Please don't risk it, your child isn't worth a ride on Indiana Jones
  9. Happy 2 B Me

    Happy 2 B Me I have ears --just not Disney Ears.

    I know for a 6 year old not getting to ride an attraction they are wanting to is very disappointing. I have to say that Indy is a very jerky, come what may ride. I think as a parent I would be very happy that height issue would keep my child from riding it for a while longer. I remember one trip where after I got off I realized I was very sore. I did not look at my arm or thigh until later in day and saw that I some how had gotten bruised. I enjoyed the ride and would probably try it again if it was not a life issue that I keep my stomach area stress free. Next year make a huge deal that DD can now ride if she wishes.

    At the end of the day I hope you have a wonderful time.
  10. twinspirit

    twinspirit New Member

    Nope, we want to respect all the rules. No worries there. We make sure we teach the right values to our kids :)
    Sounds like a painful ride! Good excuse to say 'pass!' :) DD and I can check out the shopping there instead.

    First ever Disney trip Sept 19-28 2013 8O
  11. Cheshirecatty

    Cheshirecatty New Member

    twinspirit-----You have a great attitude!!! Kudos to you for following the rules!

    And just my opinion....the shopping is lots of fun in Adventureland!

    We always find one or two things we "need";) when we wander those shops!

    Have Fun!:)
  12. crystal1313

    crystal1313 New Member

    My DS5 was just barely not tall enough last visit, DH said they could slide a paper through between his head and the marker. They wouldn't let him ride, and we were ok with it. We use it now as an excuse to eat his veggies at you want to be tall enough to ride Indy? Gotta eat your veggies! LOL.
  13. DizMe

    DizMe <font color=darkorchid>Here we gooooo...<br><font

    When my dd (who is now 13) was younger, she was just a tad too short for Indy. She put on shoes with higher soles the next day and she was allowed on, though they checked her about 4 times between the entrance and the loading station. Guess what? She didn't like the ride. She wasn't ready for it yet. She loved SM, Splash, etc but Indy was too jarring and spooky for her. I learned my lesson from that! You are smarter than I was.
  14. WTFetus

    WTFetus New Member

    I get what you're saying, but I wouldn't say that if a minimum height is 48 inches, you'll be in danger if you're 47 inches. I'm pretty sure Disney is aware that there are people who try to sneak past the height limit/take into account CM error, and therefore set the minimum to be higher than it actually is.
  15. rainyday77

    rainyday77 New Member

    Skechers makes tall toes shoes that add an inch which is hidden in the boot but they are around $60 or $70. However, I think they might be uncomfortable for all the walking. I have found that even when my daughter is tall enough she is light and moves around on some of the jerkier rides. I put her on the inside (ESP. With Indy and big thunder) and put my arm around her.
  16. Here4mydisneyfix

    Here4mydisneyfix Andrew Sutton, you genious man, you! She will reme

    Our almost 3 year old is just under 40" barefoot. (She turns 3 AT Disneyland on our 2nd to last day! We are going to do Minnie's for Bfast on her special day and she keeps telling EVERYONE everywhere we go that she is going to eat with Minnie mouse on her "Birfday!" Sooo cute!) We thought for sure she won't make it on the 40" rides, but when we put her shoes on and remeasure, she is over 40"! These are just normal Nike's, but I realized they have a 1.5" sole! They don't look tall or anything though, they look just like all Nike's do, so regular tennis shoes instead of flip flops or other flat shoes might just do the trick for you too!
  17. aliceindisneyland

    aliceindisneyland New Member

    Kids under 7 aren't placed in the outside seats of this ride so she is in no danger of flying out of the truck.
  18. Albytaps

    Albytaps Mickey's Biggest Fan

    Wow! This DL board is so much more lax than the WDW board is. Awhile back I made a joke about getting a kid platform shoes to be able to ride something and I almost got banned.
  19. Here4mydisneyfix

    Here4mydisneyfix Andrew Sutton, you genious man, you! She will reme

    Ooooh I've seen threads like that here too! Maybe you caught us on a chill day! HAHA!! :lmao:
  20. DisneyJamieCA

    DisneyJamieCA New Member

    It's still early ;) Hopefully this one won't get like that, especially since the OP has come back to say they won't try to skirt the rules, but I have seen plenty go that direction!
  21. kmedina

    kmedina Loves all things Disney

    I am not going to lecture you on the dangers of someone too short riding as I am sure someone already did or will. I will say that my DS measured right at 46" without shoes on just before we left. His shoes gave barely any height. When we arrived at the line to get measured, he refused to stand up straight (probably because he changed his mind about riding). He was less than 1/8" short according to their marker. They would not let him on. I explained that he was measured without shoes at the doctor's office. The CM said they must measure up on their ride without assistance from the parent (as I tried to get him to stand up straight). Unless shoes are obviously giving too much height (in which case they may direct the kid to remove them for the measurement), they will let the kid on as long as the bar touches the top of the head.

    If you DD is too short this time, it gives her something to look forward to this time. My DS6 now is over 48", so no matter how much he slinks, he will clear the line. We're riding next month.

    Indy is almost exactly like Dinosaur at AK and that only has a 40" height limit. I am sure there is a reason, but I find that odd.

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