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An extremely sentimental gift.

Discussion in 'Disney Movies, Books, TV and Music' started by SteveNeill, Nov 14, 2012.

  1. SteveNeill

    SteveNeill Earning My Ears

    Nov 14, 2012
    Hey everyone, I'm new to the forum, albeit I've been a member of other forums (car forums) for quite awhile, and that's where my hobby lies. I like to think I'm pretty spatially aware of guidelines and rules, so I hope I'm not out of place for digging deeply into this.

    Recently, my mom lost her job of 10 years, at a company called Zellers in Canada. I knew right away that this Christmas was going to be hard for her, and I wanted to get her something extremely sentimental. It was through a lot of hard thinking that I realized I wanted to get her the first book she ever bought me, when I was a child.

    Of course, it's a Disney book!

    The problem I'm having is this - I can't remember the title, or where to find it, for the life of me. It's pretty old too... definitely before Pocahontas even. We're talking a late 1980's, early 1990's book. I was about 2 when I received it, and I was about 6 when I lost it. Thankfully, I taught myself how to read a fair bit through it, so I remember many of the stories that were in it, as well as the lay out of the book. I was wondering if the members of this board could help me figure out what book it is, so that I could get it for my mom for Christmas. I know it would mean the world to her.


    Here is what I recall from the book.

    Within the book, there was about 15 stories. I can't remember them all, but included was:

    Lady and the Tramp
    The Three Little Pigs (I believe it was the first story in the book)
    Sleeping Beauty
    Mickey and the Beanstalk
    Country Mouse and City Mouse
    The Ugly Duckling

    And a few others.

    Lastly, the last story in the book was "Mickey's Christmas Carol".

    This book was fairly large, about 14 inches in height, and about 10 inches in width, at about 2 inches in depth if I recall correctly. It was a hardcover book.

    I vaguely remember (although I may be wrong) an orange'y reddish cover for it as well.

    I wish I could give some more information, but if I can remember anything else, I'll be sure to post it.

    If anyone at all can please help me, I know you'd be making someone very happy. My mom gave up a lot for me, and I grew up not having a lot of things other kids had. I know she gave all she could, and since I never had a dad, I always resorted to books. Although this book is long since lost in a move or whatever (one of many I went through as a child), I hope to give it back to her.

    If any help can be given, it'll be greatly appreciated.

  2. Baby Pluto

    Baby Pluto Under the Sea

    Aug 13, 2012
    Hello Steve! Firstly I wanted to say that I hope everything works out well for you and your mother. I live in Canada and wasn't very happy to find out the big American competition (Target) bought our lovely Zellers, very unfortunate.

    Anyway, I hope I can help you a little. Is this the book you're speaking about?

    (I realize it's release date is past the time you speak of, but it matched your description otherwise)

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