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An Extra Helping of Disney (Comments Welcome)

Discussion in 'WISH Journals' started by Minnie Momma, Jul 25, 2012.

  1. redlight

    redlight New Member

    Sounds like you are making progress. Soon you will be able to complete the Bob workout!
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  3. Minnie Momma

    Minnie Momma New Member

    One mile at a time Amy! Probably doesn't help that i skipped the second and jumped to the third. I thought one and three would be a good combo. Obviously I need to start at 1 and work my way through!

    It will be really cool when I can do all 4 together!!!!
  4. Minnie Momma

    Minnie Momma New Member

    :banana: 205.8 :banana:

    200 is half way to my goal!!!!!!!

  5. redlight

    redlight New Member

    Almost halfway!
  6. momof2minnies

    momof2minnies New Member

    You are doing awesome- keep up the great work!!!!!!!

  7. Minnie Momma

    Minnie Momma New Member

    Thank you Linda and Amy!

    Down a little bit more -- 204.8 this morning.

    hmm..... must be something to this diet and exercise thing :eek:
  8. momof2minnies

    momof2minnies New Member

    Almost in Onederland!!!!!!!!!!! Keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Minnie Momma

    Minnie Momma New Member

    Always learning something.....

    So I didn't exercise for 2 days in a row --- scheduling conflict and poor excuses (ahem) ---- and my weight popped up to 206.2

    Had toaster waffles for breakfast one morning and frozen yogurt in the evening.

    I exercised and ate right yesterday and now I dropped back to 205.0

    Yup, gotta exercise on a very regular schedule and eat right. The only way I am going to get to ONEderland!
  10. redlight

    redlight New Member

    Good job!
  11. NightAngelX

    NightAngelX Would rather be at WDW

    I wanted to wish you lots of luck! We have similar start weights and goals! My start weight (this time around) was 220 (currently 206) and I need to lose 50 lbs before I book my next trip to Disney. DH is going to lose 50 lbs with me so we will be a whopping 100 lbs light next time we hit Disney World!

    Congrats on almost being to Onderland AND HALFWAY!! You can do it!

    I am going to subscribe and cheer you along. :thumbsup2 I think I will create a WISH journal too!
  12. Minnie Momma

    Minnie Momma New Member

    WOW --- talk about similar! We need to keep each other in check. I will be subscribing to yours too. Main Street USA here we come!!!!!!
  13. NightAngelX

    NightAngelX Would rather be at WDW

    Thanks for following my journal. How are you doing on your plan?

    We are so close to Onderland!!!
  14. Minnie Momma

    Minnie Momma New Member

    Had a few non-exercise days and that sets me back. It really is important to have regular exercise! Went to the gym tonight! And Onederland is going to look so great!!!!
  15. Minnie Momma

    Minnie Momma New Member



    getting CLOSER!
  16. Minnie Momma

    Minnie Momma New Member

    The bad news: I ate my salad at work yesterday...... and then ate 2 slices of plain pizza.

    The good news: I did my Biggest Loser walk today AND rode the bike for 10 miles. Jelly legs anyone?

    :offtopic: Why is it that some days are so much easier to eat healthy? I am sure that it didn't help that I found out one of my favorite customers has been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. I asked his wife how he was doing and all she could say was; things are not good. The tears were in her eyes. They are such a sweet couple. She was out for a bit while the nurse was with him. My prayers are with them.

    In other news I bought 2 more Disney shirts at the outlet -- one with Tink and the other is Minnie/Mickey themed. Size XL. Perhaps someday I will fit into a LG. And why is it that they don't make all those super cute shirts that they make for the kids for the adults? :clown:
  17. NightAngelX

    NightAngelX Would rather be at WDW

    Congrats on your awesome workout! I'm sure you burned off some of that pizza!

    I think healthy eating is easier some times than others depending on your mood. You said you were sad. So it could have been 'emotional' eating. But even if you don't think you were emotionally eating (eating to feel better), I think that when you feel mad, sad or just overall not yourself then you are more likely to make the non-healthy option. When you are feeling happy or good about yourself and your diet then you are more likely to continue to make good healthy choices. A third option (i am over analyzing this I know) might be you have been depriving yourself too much. I personally don't think any food should be 'outlawed'. Everything in moderation is best. If you have been craving that pizza for a long time then finally in a moment of weakness you gave in you might have felt awful and eaten an entire pizza. I think you did awesome by eating just two pieces and then working out on top of that. If I want pizza I have it but just not all the time and I eat a portioned amount that is usually within my calorie limit for the day. I just try not to let it think 'ugh i've ruined my diet...hand me a pint of ice cream too'. :) Oooh and one final idea...you could not be eating enough on your 'healthy' days making you more hungry on others so you eat more. That said there is something called calorie cycling where people purposely have a day of high calorie foods following a few days of low calorie eating just to keep their metabolism guessing.

    Okay I think i'm done. :blush:

    Hope you have a wonderful weeend! :goodvibes
  18. crazydaisy00

    crazydaisy00 The problem is not the problem. The problem is you

    Just came across your thread and wanted to say :wave2:! Im very proud of you :woohoo: way to go :cheer2:!! Im also trying to loose weight and having a hard time, I ended up with whooping cough in Dec and I am still recovering so exercise is not an option at this time :sad2:...I have always been healthy and exercised some but had my :eek: DS a year ago and so hard to shed the baby weight this time. Im 33 and had my planned DD and DS when I was 21 and 23 so was so much easier! My DS 12 gained weight with me and we are both trying to get a start but seems like no incentive right now, at least not enough to really help us kick the bad eating habbits. A WDW trip is a great way to get in shape :rolleyes: might have to make a goal to book a trip when we hit our goals, I love this idea. Im also wondering once you hit your goal and book that well deserved trip how do you plan to keep up with daily exercise and do you have other incentives to help motivate you? Just looking for some ideas!;) Im also thinking of encouraging my DS to start following threads like this and possibly start his own, maybe with positive feedback he will stay on board!
  19. redlight

    redlight New Member

    Healthy eating is definitively easier when your mood is good. I struggle with keeping my eating in check when I'm emotional.
  20. Minnie Momma

    Minnie Momma New Member

    Hey Elizabeth! I had a great weekend. Overnight scrapbooking with friends is always a good thing! And thanks for the encouragement. Gotta get a good sweat going tomorrow!

    Welcome to the Funny Farm Crazy Daisy! :flower3: Thanks for the encouragement. We all need everything we can get!:flower3: The goals we have set for the trip are not the final goal. We will still have to work and tone and sweat and eat right for quite awhile. My 13 yr old is also on this wagon ride. She was not on board at first, but once she tried the gym she was hooked. We found an all girl gym, so that was the selling point for her. Also, she is ready for a change. We do not use the word diet or weight with her. Only how she feels about how she looks and how healthy she feels. Some days she eats better than others and that is OK. She will sometimes ask for suggestions, but we do not push. It is so important that she does this for herself and for how she is feeling. I see you're in PA -- did you know that 7th graders are free at the YMCA? Oh --- and no scale is EVER involved or mentioned to her. It's all in the fit of the clothing!

    I am such an emotional eater Amy. Some days are definitely better than others! A new day has begun...........
  21. Minnie Momma

    Minnie Momma New Member

    It was a GREAT weekend. Lots of fun. Scrapbooking with my bestest buddies and dinner with co-workers for our very belated Christmas party.

    1st I did an overnight scrapbook extravaganza with my close friends. One of them is a committed M-W-F gym go-er and I tagged along with her. And boy did I work up a sweat! 20 minutes on the bike and I almost did 10 miles. 20 more minutes on the treadmill and 10 of that was a level 6 incline. I was stinky and smelly and so proud of myself. :)

    And can I say how much I LOVE wearing my sz XL Disney tees!?!?!?!?!?!?!? :lovestruc

    2nd was dinner at Shady Maple Smorgasboard. That was tonight. I could have done better. I could have done sooooooo much worse.

    Tomorrow I sweat! :scared1:

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