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Americans are back at Disney Parks, profits up 73 percent!

Discussion in 'Disney Rumors and News' started by Rumors Rocks, May 8, 2013.

  1. nataliej_vk

    nataliej_vk New Member

    I've been to both parks but WDW is very different from US. US is a park with rides where as I view Disney as an experience with rides. At Disney you can take a true vacation and shut out the chaotic world for a bit. Live a few days at a more "sleepy" rate(though still running around with your head cut off heheh) disney offers a whole package. For me as a single mom I adore that when I get on the plan for Orlando I do not have anything to worry about. Transportation, hotel and food is taken care of. I know my child will b entertained as well as myself. US I feel (and did) see everything in 2 days Disney after 3-5 day trips I still havnt seem it all. US has thrill rides but for someone who literally has an allergic reaction to heights loves that at Disney I get stories, rides and thrills for my daredevil little one where as at US I'd have spotty transport and less themed hotels. I pay the money for a total vacation. Package and piece of mind and I believe that's what most family's love over all the coasters at US
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  3. smak1026

    smak1026 New Member

    We are going twice this year! What an amazing place.
  4. mvk

    mvk New Member


    I didn't know this was the comedy forum!
  5. buckeev

    buckeev RedNeck Mouseketeer

    "Disney reported lesser growth at its international parks, thanks to higher guest spending at Disneyland Paris and larger crowds at Hong Kong Disneyland. ___" :confused3

    Sorry..I guess I'm not "bizness savvy"...but can someone explain that statement?

    Personally, I attribute the great WDW Corp. profits in the US to the obviously rebounding US economy.

    US/Comcast is making it hand-over-fist too, so it's not just a Diz thang.
  6. jade1

    jade1 If your lucky enough to live on the lake, your luc

    No unit performed better for Disney than its parks division, where Disney has plowed close to $6 billion into new projects over the last few years. :scratchin
  7. jagfanjosh3252

    jagfanjosh3252 #1 fan of the Jacksonville Jaguars

    Sorry. How is that funny? Pray tell
  8. DizFanSLD

    DizFanSLD New Member

    Not to jump into an argument, but I'm just curious. If all four Disney parks had major expansion construction going on at the same time for months, or even years, wouldn't that tend to annoy both frequent and infrequent guests even more than having parks that need some expansion?

    I totally get that there are some areas that are in extreme need of updates (Indiana Jones at DHS sorta leaps to mind!), but I know that I would be hacked if I spent all of my money on a Disney trip and had construction walls up all around me at all four parks. They are in the last stages of New Fantasyland, and assuming it is still happening, Avatarland starting soon at AK. I would think that it makes more sense to finish up at MK before starting on a major project at either DHS or Epcot.

    I am only able to afford a Disney trip once every two years, so I am always hoping for minimal construction and upheaval during my trips. Maybe I would feel differently if I could go several times a year like many of the folks here.

    Just my 2 cents...
  9. mvk

    mvk New Member

    Universal will never surpass Disney, so Disney will never be playing catch-up.

    Is the shine already off of HP the original? Or is Universal just not a true destination, only a side excursion to a WDW vacation?

    Disney parks was up 73% last quarter while Universal was up 12%. That widens a gap that was already very very large.

    I think it might be even funnier that you weren't just trying to be funny when you said Disney will be playing catchup to Universal if Disney doesn't do something grand soon.
  10. lego606

    lego606 New Member

    Uh.... that's Tokyo Disneyland's castle.
  11. ChrisFL

    ChrisFL Disney/Universal Fan and MALE

    The problem is there is NO breakdown of those numbers of Anaheim vs Orlando....most of that increase was probably in Anaheim.
  12. michelleiada

    michelleiada New Member

    I agree, I'm happy Disney is doing well, because I know they will continue to deliver top notch vacations. You get what you pay for and I'm ok with paying a little more for continued quality!
  13. beer dave

    beer dave There are 10 kinds of people in the world-- those

    If anaheim represents, lets say for arguments sake, one fourth of the revenue for the parks ( I think this is generous) and was the major source of the increase, their revenue would have to increase by 280 percent to result in a 70 percent increase in the total park revenue. Likewise, to represent half of the increase, they would need 140 percent.-- Did cars land really do that much? That would be amazing.
  14. beer dave

    beer dave There are 10 kinds of people in the world-- those

    I'd be surprised if anyone has ever spent an entire week at US exclusively.
  15. Mouse14

    Mouse14 Wish I was at the Lodge

    I completely disagree with this, Disney has always been and still is about customer service....everytime I'm there I am blown away from the high level of customer service.
  16. Tonka's Skipper

    Tonka's Skipper New Member

    I totally agree!:thumbsup2
  17. Lucille1963

    Lucille1963 New Member

    This was my first thought too.
  18. bcrook

    bcrook DIS Veteran<br><a href="http://www.disboards.com/s

    I guess it depends on what you compare it to. None of the hotels or resorts provide a high level of customer service if compared to other high quality hotels in the same price range around the world.

    I don't get the same high quality service at restaurants in wdw as I do at other restaurants that I drop $300.00 per meal.

    I don't find the bartenders or kiosk vendors doing an exceptionally good job either. The level of training is simply not there compared to the price.

    I wouldn't say Disney has bad customer service, but I think it would be a stretch to say they have a high level.

    I am not being argumentative, but it really is about perspective.
  19. Tonka's Skipper

    Tonka's Skipper New Member

    You are on the money about it all being about perspective and being very subjective.

    I do agree the hotel are expensive, but I have always found the service to be top notch. Granted you are not at the waldorf or fours seasons. The fly in the ink well with this is your paying for being at WDW, on Disney property and paying for all the perks and extras like the transportation, monorails, boats, , near DTD, shows, fireworks, campfires, characters about, in a nut shell *pixie dust*. You can't find Pixie dust anywhere else and Disney knows it. Hopefully Disney will never forget it either! I think Iger got a good kick in the rump with HP.

    Maybe another way to put this.......if you took the Disney resorts and put them out in a Kansas corn field, could you charge what they charge now? NO......if you took the Waldorf and put it out in another Kansas corn field, could you charge what they are charging now...NO!

    Its about location!

    Otherwise I have rarely ever had anything but great service in the restaurants, parks etc. Again the price reflects being at Disney!

    Like all companies Disney is going to charge what the market will bear.



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