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ALOHA! The Polynesian Resort Information Thread: Summer 2011 Edition!

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by guitarob, Jul 19, 2011.

  1. sandym718

    sandym718 New Member

    Thanks for the new thread, Guitarob!!!!

    We did the session back in 2009, in its previous incarnation. We were very happy with it, especially for the price. At the new price, it can still be a good way to get some nice, full-group family shots, but much less of a deal.
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  3. cmesq61

    cmesq61 New Member

    Fabulous new thread. Makes me excited!
  4. 1971DBday

    1971DBday Keep moving forward!

    Welcome!!!! You will be addicted like the rest of us soon!!!!
  5. 1971DBday

    1971DBday Keep moving forward!

    Thank you again guitarob!!!!! I am honored that some of my photos made it!!!!
  6. ProudMommyof2

    ProudMommyof2 New Member

    Great job- thanks so much!!!!
  7. Pookasaurus

    Pookasaurus New Member

    dizneechic - you have a beautiful family and I love that pic with your kids on a hammock! I might have to attempt to copy that with my kids (or kid, not sure the little one would cooperate!)

    Can you book the photo sessions when you check in, or are they better to book in advance? I'm not sure I'd actually want to do one or not but its something to think about!
  8. Pookasaurus

    Pookasaurus New Member

    Thank you! That is what DH and I keep saying, we'll probably never be able to stay anywhere else.

    BTW - my husband works in Downers Grove :)

    (sry for the dbl post! Should have edited but wasn't thinking)
  9. This thread is awesome!!! We can't wait for our first stay at the POLY:cool1:
  10. Great new thread!!

    Does anyone have a copy of the July Recreation Activities Schedule?
  11. kaysmommie

    kaysmommie New Member

    Thank you so much for your reply. I'm also surprised the photographer wouldn't be prepared for a foggy lens in the morning in the heat and humidtiy of Florida :goodvibes. Your pictures are beautiful, such adorable children. We are also hoping to get some good family pictures. The regular photopass pics are not usually nice enough to hang up in the house. I just called to make an appointment and they are closed but I will call again in the morning. We are hoping for a time before the Luau around 5 or 6 pm.
  12. OhdahLolly

    OhdahLolly New Member

    Wow, Rob! This post is nothing short of amazing all the way around. You can tell that a labor of love went into this, and it totally shows! :lovestruc

    Looking more forward to going "home" in a few months! :cloud9:
  13. dizneechic

    dizneechic New Member

    Thank you very much. :lovestruc The photog that managed to get the 3 of them in the hammock like that had the boys get in 1st and then tossed my dd on top and said squish your brothers. :lmao: She ended rolling off to the side though so we just went with it. It was quite funny though and I think why they all stayed there long enough. ;)

    As for booking, we went the afternoon we checked in and asked what they had open. Surprisingly there were a lot of spaces so we had several days/times to choose from. It was the last week of Aug though so a slower time of year. If you're there peak season maybe call ahead, but if you can't decide I say try once you arrive and if the stars align roll with it!

    That should be a beautiful time of day! I've heard the 12-2 time frame is rough, high sun and lots of squinting. Late afternoon and mornings were supposed to be fabulous. :goodvibes And for the record, our fav pic of that trip was actually a park photopass photographers shot of us all.
    http://i302.photobucket.com/albums/nn110/sfamilyblog/Disney - August 2010/photopass/Photo0259.jpg
    I'm one that lives behind my camera and I wanted to take a trip "off" so we did both photopass CD's and LOVED it! Of course we spent time hunting down photogs because I wanted my money's worth since we bought 2 :laughing: but it was so nice to be in some family pictures for a change!
    *(I can hear the whispering... she does exist...)*
  14. FosterA

    FosterA New Member

    oooooh, I can't wait to stay here:cloud9:
    I'm going to crawl right out my skin if Nov 15 takes any longer to get here!
    We've never been to WDW before, let alone the Poly!

    I gotta check out all these beautiful photos and figure it all out. I wonder which section we'll be assigned to? Oh, and how much do those fabulous pineapple drinks cost and where do you get those bad boys!?
  15. 1971DBday

    1971DBday Keep moving forward!

    Small world...I didn't even notice that you were from Chicagoland....I work in Hinsdale and I met someone on the board that ended up working at the same place as me....now we have our quick little updates when we bump into each other. :hippie:

    You will love it there! Are you flying out of O'Hare or Midway????
  16. firehazmat

    firehazmat New Member

    Looks so nice. We were just there in late May and now I can't wait to go back. Hopefully next spring........ Drooling and dreaming!!!
  17. BeeBeeCee

    BeeBeeCee New Member

    Just Checking in...like the new thread :cool1:

    WDWKOOK <marquee><font color=purple>Lawyered-Up and Shovel

    I've packed my spork, but I'm having misgivings about it seeing that it's plastic. I'm considering supplementing the spork with a chop stick or two from Kona Island Sushi.

    WWYD? Should I email the IPO? They've emailed and told me to let them know if they can be of further assistance.
  19. disneydreamin247

    disneydreamin247 New Member

    In true spork wielding fashion I say double arm yourself and use both!
  20. maiapapaya

    maiapapaya Totally DIS-tracted!

    Just checking in on the new thread. Once again, awesome job guitarob! Thanks so much for your hard work! :worship:
  21. In December 2010 when I was visiting the Polynesian their Boutiki store was still selling Polynesian logo shirts, along with other logo itmes.

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