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ALOHA! The Polynesian Resort Information Thread: September 2012

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by guitarob, Sep 1, 2012.

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  1. Cindie-rella

    Cindie-rella ...Laughter is timeless. Imagination has no age.

    We have a Lagoon View coming up in April. I wanted to request Tahiti also, but I was going to ask for 1st floor w/patio. It will be me, my DH & DGD. Any reason you like 3rd floor better? Also, having a LV, will we still have a glimpse of the Castle from certain LV areas/rooms?
    BTW...ENJOY !!!pixiedust: :goodvibes
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  3. TaraZ

    TaraZ New Member

    Tahiti 1st floor is our favorite! There is definitely a castle view from 1037- that was our first room at the Poly five years ago!
  4. cmesq61

    cmesq61 New Member

    Not sure if LV at Tahiti would have view castle. We like 3rd floor cause the view is more likely unobstructed, less noise outside of the slider BUT we no longer have little ones.
  5. Tinkerbellie16

    Tinkerbellie16 <marquee><font color=deeppink>Certified <font colo

    I thought I read somewhere that each longhouse would take about 2 months. And of course, it's never set in stone when they will start or finish. I just love Tokelau so even if they are still rehabbing it, I hope they will have rooms available!

    I sincerely hope I can keep this a secret. It's so hard for me. My daughter mentioned that she was glad she and her friend could share a bed rather than a pull out couch and it was hard not to tell her we would have that fabulous daybed too!

    And it was so cute, her friend called this evening and they talked about what they were going to pack...for their American Girl dolls!!
  6. Cindie-rella

    Cindie-rella ...Laughter is timeless. Imagination has no age.

    Did you book a TPV or a LV when you stayed in 1037 ? Have you or anyone else here ever requested a "specific" room # ? I'm really starting to get excited now! Just wish my sciatica wasn't causing me crippling pain :sad2: That's the one thing worrying me about this trip. I need to find relief quick !!!!
  7. TaraZ

    TaraZ New Member

    1037 was not a requested room, but it was booked as lagoon view. I have requested particular rooms-- our family has our favorites! :yay: Fingers crossed that we get our request for next week!

    Hope you can find some relief- have you tried steroid shots? My dad did those for a while and they helped him.
  8. lsg1

    lsg1 New Member

    I am sitting on my balcony on the second floor of tokelau facing the quiet pool. Very relaxing except for the occasional beeping of a truck backing up that is being used in the rehab oh Hawaii. I'm glad I'm more towards the front since the rooms by the lake face the Hawaii building and there is some barricading and construction workers going to and fro. Yesterday the path from the front of tokealu was blocked to the beach while they worked.

    Off to Hollywood Studios :-)
  9. DisneyJanFeb2008

    DisneyJanFeb2008 New Member

    Does anyone know if the volcano pool is closing for rehab soon? I've read speculation but haven't seen any facts. We are going Feb 20-27 and considering changing from BC to Poly (if we can).
  10. Mommy2TwoMickeys

    Mommy2TwoMickeys New Member

  11. hebbynan

    hebbynan Chase and Eli's Mom

    I just read on Tikiman's page that Tahiti is scheduled to have its refurb begin on July 14th. This has me worried! We booked Lagoon View with Tahiti requested for our September 18-24 trip to the Poly. Now I'm a little worried that it may not be done in time for our trip. If it's not.....what would be my next best request for lagoon view rooms? This really has me bummed....this is our first time staying here and the last trip that we are pulling oldest DS out of school. Makes me want to :sad1:!!
  12. jandkmom

    jandkmom New Member

    That sounds AMAZING! Maybe I can bring my Dole Whip from Capt Cooks over to the bar for a shot? :scratchin
  13. smartestblonde

    smartestblonde New Member

    We are making our first trip to Disney in 11 days and are staying at the Polynesian. We were upgraded to a lagoon view room, so I'm wondering which building I should request upon check in. Our kids are 4 1/2 and 6, and the only thing I'd like to have is 2 sinks. Love this thread, such wonderful info!!!
  14. Wanna be Ariel

    Wanna be Ariel New Member

    WOW!!! I am sad I cant make this, but I might have to bring my own rum in september to make my own.:lmao:
  15. jenniferma

    jenniferma New Member

    We left that morning.. I am almost certain it was 8 am. I remember thinking, whoa that would be early if you had a non-park day planned!
  16. yolie912

    yolie912 New Member

    Does anybody know what kind of refurb is happening? What are they replacing? Thanks!
  17. Chrisrokc

    Chrisrokc New Member

    Does anyone know if any of the renovated rooms are ready? Anyone seen one?
  18. Sandy55

    Sandy55 New Member

    Hi! We'll be there the week of Sept. 21 and have requested Tahiti also (although garden view). We have the same concerns. Want to stay close to the TTC and not sure what other longhouse to request if Tahiti is not finished. Keeping our fingers crossed!
  19. princessap

    princessap New Member

    do you mind me asking how you know you were upgraded already?
  20. smartestblonde

    smartestblonde New Member

    Not at all....we used a travel agent, and about a month after we made the reservation, she contacted to let me know we had been upgraded for free :-)
  21. princessap

    princessap New Member

    that is awesome. Have a great time!!

    It is minus 20 degrees celsius without the wind chill where I am so I cannot wait to get to the poly in February!!
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