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ALOHA! The Polynesian Resort Information Thread: January 2012

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by guitarob, Jan 17, 2012.

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  1. sandym718

    sandym718 Mouseketeer

    We were there March 3-10 and wristbands were not in use at all. The only trip we've seen them used were last year, late March. This trip the Volcano Pool slide was closed almost the entire time, reopening in the afternoon on the 9th. The pools were not crowded at all.
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  3. denene914

    denene914 Earning My Ears

    Just booked the Polynesian Resort this past weekend for November 11th. So excited! Have never stayed at this resort before. Got a magic kingdom view room at 40% off( have a relative who works at Disney). I was told that there were no garden view rooms left. Is the magic kingdom view room worth the extra money?
  4. cobbler

    cobbler <br><font color=blue>Tag #1: (Under Construction:

    I have a quick question regarding cabanna's. Are there issues - or has anyone experienced issues - with either non-resort guests and/or resort guests trying to go into the cabanna you have rented and make themselves comfortable?

    If so how did you handle this?

  5. carlnix30

    carlnix30 Mouseketeer

    I did!! I rented the premium cabana last year.. I had one guy walk in and ask me where the trash can was. Another one actually sat in one of my chairs.. I went over and politely told him the "cordoned off area was mine" then had to get really rude when he got mouthy! Then when wishes was over his not so friendly wife decided to come over and rudely sarcastically apologize to me and my wife for disturbing our "high priced resort" so I ended with "I think the bus is leaving for your resort". I think some people heard it on my live cam feed!! Lol but most "people that can read" won't bother you! The area is cordoned off with signs basically saying for vip's only. The big problem with the premium is it is on the beach with no barrier between the cabana and the water.
  6. carlnix30

    carlnix30 Mouseketeer

    If I had my choice of MKV or Club level garden view I would choose CLGV because the beach is always available to sit and watch the castle lights change and wishes. We stay Club level magic kingdom view because we haven't stayed in any other type if room.(creatures of habit) but I think we would be just as happy in club level garden view.
    With that said club level garden view is actually cheaper than plain Magic Kingdom view. And you get so much more! There is a lounge where at any time day or night you can sit and stare at the castle while drinking the free soda or beer of your choice. You get personal one on one check in (not stand in line at the check in desk in GCH) and they provide snacks and light breakfast. All included in the price!
  7. Wow! Some people have no manners at all...:sad2: Unfortunately,it's almost everywhere you go, even at Disney... From reading through the thread, sounds like you ended up with a magical vacation all in all... ( Even though it kind of sounded like maybe you wanted to "help" them to their bus... :lmao:)
  8. JVP1

    JVP1 Member

    Does anyone know why the Poly doesn't enforce non resort guests using the pool?
  9. 1971DBday

    1971DBday Keep moving forward!

    I have to admit I would be crying....(now 40). However, your talking about a person that cried with a good glass of wine when her youngest lost her first tooth a week after she turned 5. :sad:But as a PP stated at least you will be able to send your Grandson home when you've gotten your fill! That's one of my favorite things with nieces and nephews!!!
  10. princssdisnygina

    princssdisnygina Disney Princess

    They do. On and off. I have been there many times when they have checked for wristbands and many times when they haven't checked. I have seen them ask people to leave quite a few times.
  11. padawans

    padawans Mouseketeer

    Congrats on being a young grampa. My dad was 40 when he had me. I didn't start having kids until my 30's. My dad unfortunately died of cancer before I had kids. I would embrace being an underaged grampa. You will have lots of years to enjoy your grandkids. :goodvibes
  12. KAA1972

    KAA1972 Member

    My mom and dad took me to my first WDW trip when I was 5 (35 years ago) and we stayed at the Poly. Now, my husband and I are taking my mom and dad and our 5 year old. I felt like we are definitely going back to where it all started!!! :woohoo:
  13. carlnix30

    carlnix30 Mouseketeer

    That's a great way to look at it! :cool1: :thumbsup2 :hug:
    :rotfl2: I can just say "here ya go he's poopy!" :lmao:

    It was funny and made me angry at the same time. :headache: a whole lot of people either have reservations at Ohana or the luau and just hang around to watch Wishes on the beach. In my opinion the poly beach is the best place to watch it. Head on view, not being elbowed by the mass crowds, no camping out for an hour or more to get a good spot to see wishes, no fighting over getting on the monorail or bus, and so much more that you don't have to deal with, so I don't blame them for coming to experience wishes on the Poly beach. However they should be respectful of the Cast Members, guests, and the resort because if it does become a bigger problem than it already is, they will start chasing them off. Walt knew what he was doing when he built the poly right across the lagoon! He just didn't know that society would change so terribly. :rotfl2:
  14. bethnkatesmom

    bethnkatesmom Earning My Ears

    We just returned from Poly and had a wonderful stay!

    We were moved to Poly in February because our RR at POR would not be done. I had put in a request for Tokelau 3rd floor. We were so excited when we saw that our building and floor request were both granted at check in. When we got to our room I was even more excited when I saw that it was a corner room!

    We walked into our room and sitting on the dresser was a milk container half full, box of cereal, comb, couch was unmade and sweatshirt on balcony. There were no clothes in the drawers or anything else but there was definately somebody elses stuff in our room :confused3

    We went back to the front desk and the manager went to look at the room. He said that the family had definately checked out but he thought they might have returned later after the room had been cleaned to nap kids or something. Why would your key still work after check out?

    Since we loved the room we offered to wait to have it cleaned again but the manager said don't worry I am going to give you a better room ......... He moved us to Hawaii!!!!!!

    We had such an awesome time. I loved every minute of our stay and hope to return to Poly in the future.
  15. damren

    damren Forever Disney

    Sweet Upgrade!:cool1:
  16. Grace&Carolinesmom

    Grace&Carolinesmom Mouseketeer

    bethnkatesmom What a great story! That is customer service at its finest. A manager making sure that your lemons turn into magical lemonade :wizard: He knows now that you will be hooked on Poly and be back. Glad you had a wonderful stay.
  17. maiapapaya

    maiapapaya Totally DIS-tracted!

    We rented a regular cabana and it wasn't a problem. The advantage with the regular cabana's location is that they are in a raised area. The only way to access them is up a set of stairs and that can be roped off (our attendant would actually close it after himself)
  18. auprincess

    auprincess Mouseketeer

  19. 204charity

    204charity Mouseketeer

    That's good to know! Just 11 more days and we will be at the Poly!!! :goodvibes
  20. Tinkerbellie16

    Tinkerbellie16 <marquee><font color=deeppink>Certified <font colo

    So I just got back from staying at the Disneyland hotel and I had to tell you about their quick service - Tangoroa Terrace. It was like being at Captain Cooks! They had the same decor, ordering kiosks (even with the 'order here' icon surrounding by those palm tree leaves!), and Polynesian feel. Of course, it just made us 'Poly' homesick but it was neat to see.

    Back to regular programming... :)
  21. MushLRC

    MushLRC Member

    Okay so I'm reading through the posts while drinking coffee and the Napolean Dynamite voice just made me snarf my coffee up my nose. Thank so much for the laugh. :rotfl: Now go feed Tina!! :rotfl2:
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