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All Star Movies Super Duper FAQ/Answer Thread

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by ChairborneRangr, Oct 27, 2004.

  1. JustMeFran

    JustMeFran New Member

    To answer my own question about using USPS to ship...it worked great! We shipped the package on 21 Dec for our arrival date of 2 Jan. At check in I forgot to ask for it, so when I got to our room I called the front desk. We took off to Epcot and when we got back it was waiting in our room for us. Wonderful!

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  3. MamaJessie

    MamaJessie New Member

    Happy that worked out for you!
  4. kookiekat02

    kookiekat02 New Member

    I am hoping to book some rooms at the Movies in 2014 and as I was discussing this with my sister she questioned whether there is any room under the beds to store anything? If anyone can answer the question I would be very appreciative...Thank you in advance!
  5. LisaBi

    LisaBi New Member

    Nope...at least not that I recall. I'm thinking the bottom of the beds are a box like structure.
  6. Ckmommy72

    Ckmommy72 New Member

    This may have been asked/answered earlier in the thread...I confess to not reading all 100+ pages.

    Is there a fee involved when having something shipped to ASMo? We are thinking of having a box of stuff delivered from Walmart. Also, we land at 6:30pm, expecting to be at the resort 7:30-8:00 (renting a car). Will we be able to get our box when we arrive, or will we have to wait until the next day? Will they leave it in our room if we aren't there or will we need to be present? We hope to be up and out for RD the next morning, so would prefer they just bring it in and leave it.

  7. dansdad

    dansdad New Member

    No fee involved. Bell Services will hold your package until you check in. Once in your room, call Bell Services and they will bring it up to your room.
  8. macleod1979

    macleod1979 New Member

    Thanks for the info
  9. Ckmommy72

    Ckmommy72 New Member

    Thanks for your help!!:thumbsup2 So, if we arrive at 8:00pm, that's not too late? Bell services will still deliver at that time?
  10. Ds4angels

    Ds4angels New Member

    Just wondering if they've switched over to bracelets yet or still using KTTW cards?
  11. dansdad

    dansdad New Member

    KTTW. According to someone staying there now, they are currently swapping out the old door locks for the RFID locks. Even the resorts that have had the RFID locks for a while are still using KTTWs. The new KTTW cards have an RFID chip in them.
  12. JustMeFran

    JustMeFran New Member

    We are here now (leaving today, though =( ) and our room in Toy Story Buzz we just tap the KTTW to the lock and it unlocks.
    -Fran =)
  13. sayheyrenee

    sayheyrenee New Member

    we are staying here in May . we are in a standard room which I believe are the Love Bug and Mighty ducks buildings . the only request we put in Is for a King room . I understand its request only .

    here is my question : where are king rooms for standard buildings? Are they . in both love bug and ducks? reason I am asking is that I would prefer to be in Ducks since its close to the music bus stop and food court building . BUT I don't want to request Duck Blvd if it trumps getting a King bed . A king bed is more important since we have a 2 year old whom I'm not positive will stay in a pack n play.

    I hope someone can help :)
  14. EpcotBill

    EpcotBill New Member

    I about 99% sure that all buildings have some King beds. I would request Mighty Ducks and King bed in whichever order was most important to me.
  15. sayheyrenee

    sayheyrenee New Member

    thank you . the only thing I could find was that mighty ducks had the king accessible rooms . It was my understanding that they are the handicapped rooms though .
  16. chimilady

    chimilady New Member

    bump - cause I couldn't find the thread.
  17. EpcotBill

    EpcotBill New Member

  18. chimilady

    chimilady New Member

  19. Ds4angels

    Ds4angels New Member

    How were the buses when you were there? Standing room only or not too bad?
  20. JustMeFran

    JustMeFran New Member

    They were really amazing, actually!
    Only the buses home at park close were standing room only, but we never had to wait for another bus to come, the line always fit on the bus. We never had to wait more than 5 min for a bus, and most of the time we did not have to wait for one at all.
  21. tophatgirl

    tophatgirl New Member

    1st time at ASMo....we did not request a preferred room, I don't really care, but is there any advice on what to ask for when we check in? Are there any reburb'd areas? DH and I like an upper floor for noise reasons. Thanks in advance!

    PS - no time to read 152pgs!! :goodvibes

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