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Alaska Excursions--post your reviews here!

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by ClaireinTN, May 18, 2011.

  1. neoavatara

    neoavatara Member

    OK, I didn't do this...but my server Vicki did, and she had a blast...though she said she got a little motion sick. But small plane. But I heard the views are incredible.
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  3. We're doing dogsledding & -glacier-flightseeing in Skagway.
    Whale watching with harv & marv in Juneau
    Kayaking (some of us kayak fishing) in Ketchikan.
    I have an embarrassing question about the helicopter excursions. Do they weigh you? Is it private or a big ole scale in front of everyone? All of us are well under the 250# limit, but still don't need the stress!
    Also, how cold was it dogsledding? We're on the June 14th cruise. Looks like the temperatures keep creeping up in the ports. Don't know about on the glaciers though.
  4. jlwhitney

    jlwhitney Mouseketeer

    We went dog sledding in Juneau through coastal and they did weigh us, but only the person checking our weight could see the number and she did not say it out loud or anything, i really wouldnt worry about it.
  5. staffieri

    staffieri Mouseketeer

    We need more review!!!!! Calling all Alaska Cruisers!!!!
  6. DizC1288

    DizC1288 Member

    WE have this booked for Aug. How was it?
    Was there much walking?
    Did they give you clothing/jackets to put on?
    Was it cold?

  7. jlwhitney

    jlwhitney Mouseketeer

    Not much walking at all.

    They do have jackets to borrow if you need them, (not sure how warm they are, but defiantly water proof)

    You get glacier boots to wear (they go over your shoes) to make it easier to walk, You are basically walking on snow.

    We had a 60 something degree day with sun, so i was not cold at all, we didn't even need hats and gloves. I wore my rain coat as a wind breaker, with a long sleeve shirt and fleece vest. The day couldn't have been more perfect. You would probably have needed hats/gloves if it was colder and over cast.

    Overall, the experience is amazing and the company seemed excellent. We were impressed, everything ran completely on schedule.

    I hope you have the kind of day we had, absouletly perfect!!!
  8. Aby

    Aby Obsessive and Compulsive

    When we took our helicopter tour in Hawaii, we were all weighed privately. The scale was turned backwards so only the person weighing us could see and nothing was said aloud. I believe they have to do this in order to figure out how to balance the helicopter properly, as they put us in very specific seats after we were weighed.

  9. DizC1288

    DizC1288 Member

    We are doing the one booked through Disney....is that the one one you did or did you book through a different company?

    I am so excited to dog sled.....it is the one thing I wanted to do in Alaska!!

    Thanks so much for your information *Ü*
  10. jlwhitney

    jlwhitney Mouseketeer

    We booked it through Coastal Helicopters. look them up, it will save you a hundred bucks a person for the same thing.
  11. staffieri

    staffieri Mouseketeer

    Would love to hear more reviews?

    Did you do the Disney Liasrville with characters?
    Did you do any of this on your own?

    Love to hear about it....
  12. DL1957

    DL1957 Mouseketeer

    We did Liaarsville through a Disney tour but on our tour there were no Disney Characters. :( I must say the performance there was just ok. Not bad but something we don't have to do again.
  13. Smileneyes

    Smileneyes Father & Son Cruisin' Buddies!

    I believe, based on my comparisons, that this is truly a savings IF you are under the 250 pound limit. At least a couple of the Disney excursions (if I am looking at the same ones) do not have the "additional half seat surcharge" if you weigh above that 250 pound limit...while booking separately through Coastal Helicopters does have the surcharge.

    Just my beginner's observations.... :confused3
  14. staffieri

    staffieri Mouseketeer

    Did you do it with the train?
    Did you eat there?

    I have a DS 12 and DD5
  15. Cerberus9

    Cerberus9 Member

    We did Liarsville with the train (no Disney Characters)

    The train ride itself took about an hour and a half or so (I kind of lost track of time). It was a great trip--you pass through 4 different climate zones (tundra, rainforest, etc.). You could go out of the cars (in the areas between them) and take pictures. In Fraser BC, a customs agent borded and checked passports (you'll need those), then we got on a bus and went back via the highway. Every so often, the driver would stop and we'd get out for a picture opportunity.

    The bus stopped in Liarsville for an hour. They had hot apple juice and animal crackers to eat. We missed out on the animal crackers because we had to go to the bathroom (I recommend going using the facilities on either the bus or the train as opposed to Liarsville). There wasn't a whole lot to Liarsville... they put on a short musical show, and then a poetry reading (which was fantastic, and I don't like poetry). We then panned for (Canadian) gold, which the kids loved.

    After that, we browsed Liarsville a bit (not much there, actually), and bought a few things in the gift shop.

    I'm not sure what to make of the Liarsville experience. I want to say it was underwhelming, but I actually quite enjoyed it. Could have used another half hour there to take in all the sites.

    The train is a don't miss, though. It was great!
  16. jlwhitney

    jlwhitney Mouseketeer

    The would be true if everyone in your party weighed more than 250, a family of 4 with only one person would still save some. Plus, when you do things more independtly you tend to get a more personal experience.

    We we went we were the only two on the helicpoter and on the glacier (we even had an extra mile on the sledding portion since there was time and he felt like it)
  17. jilljill

    jilljill <font color=blue>Collects Disney men!<br><font col

    I merged your thread with the longer thread on excursions so there aren't too many excursion info/review threads.
  18. nanaguide

    nanaguide Member

    You know I checked coastal and I believe it was $450 per seat but if I went with Disney my 8 year old grandson was $100 cheaper so for the 2 of us it was only $20 more to go with Disney and that is why I did it that way. DH isn't going because he is over 250. Last time we went to Alaska I didn't do the helicopter/dog sled because it was so expensive. It is still really expensive - oh most $1,000 for a 3 hour excursion but I decided this is something I've always wanted to do - so we're going for it. Everyone that does it - just raves about the experience. I certainly hope it lives up to the hype. Thanks for your input.
  19. staffieri

    staffieri Mouseketeer

    Thanks for the reviews. Enjoy hearing about it. Kim
  20. llkoolj40

    llkoolj40 Member

    We have been to Alaska twice, once in Sept. 2008 with Carnival Spirit and this year in May on DCL. Here are the excursions we did.
    2008-Private tour with Chilkoot Charters. White pass railway and the bus out to the Yukon. This was a long day but great fun and incredible scenery. We had lunch and were able to see the musher dogs as well. Great tour company!

    2011. We did the DCL adult tour of Yukon suspension bridge and white pass railway. This was much different views on the train from Sept to May. A lot of snow this go-round. This was a shorter excursion but gave us time to walk around Skagway this time.

    Juneau - Both times we did whale watching with Harv and Marv. Great experience both times. The whole tour team is so kind, helpful and friendly. The boat is immaculate and well maintained.In 2008 we saw many whales and killer whale breached right near the boat! This year, as it was the beginning of the season, we only saw 2 whales but "Harv" took out to see the glaciers, seals eagles, and porpoise. I can't recommend this tour company enough!!:cheer2:

    Ketchikan- Both times we booked with Island Wings for a Misty Fjords float plane excursion.This was the trip of a lifetime.
    In 2008 the weather was very bad. Although, planes were flying, Michelle,the pilot, did not feel we would get our money's worth as there would be nothing to see. She held off our tour for awhile to see if the weather would clear, but it didn't. Our money was refunded that day! The professionalism and integrity by this whole team is why I booked again this year. Well, it was well worth the wait. The day could not be clearer and we could see for miles. Island Wings tour is the only tour where you land on a small lake and get out of the plane on land. The others allow you to stand on the floats, or just land and then take off again. Michelle is an experienced Alaskan pilot and is the kindest person, as well as her whole team. We had a young boy on our trip and she was so great with him. When we landed, she sat him in the pilot seat and showed him the controls. I could go and on..LOL but for me this was the tour I will never forget!!:)
  21. Doingitagain

    Doingitagain Mouseketeer

    How large are the floatplanes for Misty Fjords? I read one post that said pilot plus five guests, but some of the photos look like larger planes.

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