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Alaska Excursions--post your reviews here!

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by ClaireinTN, May 18, 2011.

  1. schmity

    schmity New Member

    Thank you for posting! We will be going with this company in May. Although i think it may be a different route.

    Thanks again.
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    ouch!!!! X4
  4. meajuly5

    meajuly5 New Member

    No kidding!
  5. zandlmom

    zandlmom New Member

    Hi - I am looking for some advice on whale watching. I want our girls, 6 and 8, to come away with memories of seeing whales. But now that its crunch time with excursions, I'm not sure spending hours on a boat would be interesting to them after the first, say, 30 minutes. For those who have been, is it one of those things that is more interesting to adults who have the patience to wait for the next moment? And for those who didn't whale watch, were you able to see some from the ship to get that "I've seen a whale" feeling? :-) Thanks in advance!
  6. Aby

    Aby Obsessive and Compulsive

    Sadly almost all the excursions in Juneau were cancelled on our cruise due to high winds and rough waters, so I missed the one excursion I really wanted to do - whale watching. We did "see" a pod of orcas way off the aft of the ship on our last day, and while it was cool to see, I just didn't get that great feeling I know I'll have when I really get to see one on a tour. I know some other people saw more whales then us, but most of them were pretty far off from the ship and to me that's just not the same. :worried:

    I can't comment too much on whether or not it would be entertaining enough for the kids, but I think it would depend on the child. I was totally into nature when I was young (still am!), and I would sit for more than an hour in the tree in my backyard with my hands held out full of seeds hoping one would land, so I was very patient! If your kids are really into seeing some wildlife, I think the excitement each time they even catch a glimpse will keep them going :)

    We are going back to Alaska this summer with Disney and really, really hope that we get to do the whale watching this time. In fact, it's the only excursion we plan to do this time, so I hope the weather cooperates!

  7. cleophus12

    cleophus12 New Member

    Our whale watching experience was amazing. Humpbacks were in abundance and we saw one breach every minute or so. No one would have been bored on that trip. However we weren't on dcl so we were in a different port from where you will be. Whale watching is as unpredictable as the whales themselves so its impossible to know if your children will see any or not. They might enjoy the boat ride though especially if you are on a smaller excursion. We only saw a whale once from the ship so if you were in the wrong place you missed it.
  8. buddywesley

    buddywesley New Member

    Sorry! My phone app made this post twice! I guess the excursion is twice the fun 😜
  9. buddywesley

    buddywesley New Member

    We did the whale watching with DCL with our kids DD 4.5 and DS almost 9 at the time. We went end of June/ beg of July and saw a mom and baby humpback and a school of whales. We sat there for quite a while to watch (i think we took 100+ pix) and my son was into it the whole time. My DD wasnt but they had coloring pages for the kids and she made a friend and they colored the whole time LOL! I think you will all have fun! We also saw eagles and sea lions...
  10. CruznLexi

    CruznLexi New Member

    The last time we went we had my 6 yr old cousin with us and we did not do it through DCL we did it through an Orca Enterprises who is like the Jack Hanna of whales . Much smaller boat only takes 25. We had whales breach, lots of whales and seals. The tried to keep the kids interactive. The one that we did in another port was lousy big huge catamaran. I have done one more in Mexico and same thing the one in Juneau is amazing.
  11. schmity

    schmity New Member

    How did this go? We are signed up to do the same I believe.
  12. Fellzie

    Fellzie New Member

    Wow! So many reviews! This has been very helpful to me in choosing what I will participate in :)
  13. zandlmom

    zandlmom New Member

    Thanks everyone for the whale watching advice. We need about 3 days in each port! It sounds like its not to be missed. Thanks so much for the expertise.
  14. jenna7394

    jenna7394 New Member

    Thank you for the suggestion of Shore Trips. I found a couple leads on one of those sites for fishing excursions!
  15. jenna7394

    jenna7394 New Member

    Has anyone used Alaska Anglers Adventures & Outfitters for fishing excursions?
  16. OrcaPotter

    OrcaPotter Lucky to be local to the Mouse

    For folks who did their own thing in Ketchikan, where are the cool things to see/do that are cheap and/or locally owned? I want to support the local shops, not cruise line owned ones.
  17. jenna7394

    jenna7394 New Member

    We just booked a special helicopter tour through Coastal Helicopters for the Juneau stop on 6/7. This tour is a 3-1/2 tour that consists of a helicopter ride to have an hour long dogsled experience AND a 20 minute landing on an icefield. Normally, companies only offer one or the other. In order for us to be guaranteed the icefield landing, all riders in the helicopter have to agree. There are only 4 in our family (my DH and I plus our 2 very well behaved boys, 12 & 14) and the helicopter seats 6. The total cost per person would be $545. If you or someone you know would be interested in joining our family for this tour, please PM me and I can give you more information. We would love to know we are guaranteed both landings! Without finding others on our own we are only guaranteed to do the dogsled.
  18. TwingleMomFl

    TwingleMomFl New Member

    We also booked with them and are doing the same tour. If you get a group of 12 together they will give you a discount. Luckily,we have enough to get the discount and a private tour!:)
  19. jenna7394

    jenna7394 New Member

    Thanks for the info. I would love to get 12 together for a discount but at this point I am just hoping for 2 more to fill the helicopter! Maybe we will see you up there!
  20. TwingleMomFl

    TwingleMomFl New Member

    Let me know how it is when you come back! We go in July. I can't wait to hear your review!
  21. jenna7394

    jenna7394 New Member

    I will definitely let you know!

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