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Airtran prices!

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by Disney10, Feb 27, 2013.

  1. Disney10

    Disney10 Member

    AirTran prices went up yesterday for our trip in June. I bought a one way ticket to Orlando but was hoping prices would fall to buy the trip home! That did not happen. Do you think the tickets will go back down? We usually travel in February and buy only a month out. Not used to flying in the summer. Please help!
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  3. ljcraw555

    ljcraw555 DIS Veteran

    I would like to think yes. I believe they will fluctuate a lot between now and then. Check every Tuesday, that is when they have increases or decreases. We bought out tixs in early November for an early March flight. They have went up and down many times. We ended up with a credit in our Airtran account of $140 because of the decreases. Yes, I have checked every Tuesday. However, it is always a crap shot though. Good luck!!
  4. wdw&sonny

    wdw&sonny Mouseketeer

    Check more often than just on Tuesdays. Prices can fluctuate by hundreds each day. I have tracked a few flight for my trip in June:
    Read down the column for the change in price over time (sorry the spreadsheet does not format correctly in the DIS post).

    NON-Stop flights from Cleveland (actually Akron-Canton airport = CAK)
    6/8/13 6/8/13 6/16/13 6/16/13
    8am 8:30a 1:40p 6:10p
    1/14/2013 $170 $170 $170 $170
    1/16/2013 $170 $192 $170 $170
    1/19/2013 $170 $192 $170 $456
    1/22/2013 $217 $192 $170 $170
    1/23/2013 $217 $170 $192 $170
    1/24/2013 $217 $423 $170 $170
    1/25/2013 $170 $170 $170 $170
    1/28/2013 $170 $170 $170 $170
    1/29/2013 $147 $456 $170 $170
    1/30/2013 $147 $456 $217 $170
    1/31/2013 $456 $456 $456 $170
    2/1/2013 $456 $456 $456 $192
    2/2/2013 $217 $456 $456 $217
    2/3/2013 $217 $456 $456 $279
    2/4/2013 $170 $456 $456 $279
    2/5/2013 $423 $147 $217 $456
    2/6/2013 $456 $456 $246 $456
    2/8/2013 $142 $142 $456 $456
    2/10/2013 $192 $192 $217 $456
    2/12/2013 $192 $192 $246 $456
    2/15/2013 $192 $192 $423 $456
    2/18/2013 $192 $192 $246 $456
    2/19/2013 $192 $217 $246 $456
    2/22/2013 $279 $325 $246 $456
    2/25/2013 $279 $325 $456 $456
    2/27/2013 $279 $325 $192 $170

    As you can see, prices change frequently and by large amounts both up and down. You have to check frequently to catch a good price. Sometimes I notice that when the price drops and then a few seats are purchased, the price jumps way up for a few days before dropping back down (I also kept track of the number of seats available).
  5. Disney10

    Disney10 Member

    Thank you very much! This was what I was looking for.
  6. debjk4

    debjk4 Member

    Love the list wdw&sonny! I've been checking 6/8 also for the last month now and WOW! High prices. We were hoping to transfer some SW points but they only offer late reward flights. Do you know if AirTran will offer more reward flights for that day, or do they just stick with the ones that are already shown? Would love a non-stop reward flight!;)
  7. Shelly F - Ohio

    Shelly F - Ohio Disney Extraordinaire

    OP what are your travel dates and what city are you flying out of?
  8. Disney10

    Disney10 Member

    June 30 out of Orlando to Columbus, OH. Thanks!
  9. Shelly F - Ohio

    Shelly F - Ohio Disney Extraordinaire

    I see Tampa to Columbus on July 1 is $140 and driving to the Tampa airport only take 40 minutes more than MCO.

    I have done it and its an easy drive. And the airport is very quiet.
  10. Disney10

    Disney10 Member

    Thank you Shelly-F! We would like to try to get back to work on Monday. I will keep that in mind. You guys are great!
  11. mikegood2

    mikegood2 Mouseketeer

    I think and hope they go down. Noticed the same thing for the flights we are looking at for June. My brother is usually likes to wait until around 3 1/2 or 4 months out, I just hope he didn't wait too long. Personally I probably would have gotten my tickets a few weeks ago, but it's out of my hands! Just hope it doesn't end up costing me an extra $50+.

    Does AirTran offer cash or credit back of the cost of your flight goes down and if so how do you claim it? I know southwest Will refund the difference.
  12. lost*in*cyberspace

    lost*in*cyberspace DIS Veteran

    Southwest does not give you a refund if the price of your flight drops and you rebook. You get a flight credit.

    AirTran's policies can be found on their web site.
  13. mandas08

    mandas08 Member

    Right there with you for our Ft Meyers trip in June. We bought a one way to get there on the 8th because it was included in one of the last sales now I am hoping for our return on the way back on the 15th to be included in a sale. Maybe I should have went ahead and bought return then too:confused3
  14. Redarrow5150

    Redarrow5150 Mouseketeer

    Well you're looking at two different issues. First off as the economy continues to improve it puts more demand on flying which might keep rates from going lower. The second issue is the cost of oil which is a little different because of jet fuel but are closely aligned. The cost of crude oil here in the U.S. is starting to break below $90 a barrel and indications are it could very well be near $80-$85 by the end of this month. I suspect rates might come down slightly.
  15. dmiller64152

    dmiller64152 Member

    When comparing AirTran, don't forget you have to pay for luggage! We got a really cheap fight, $ 100 less per ticket than the next lowest carrier (not including baggage fees) but the flight is at 5 am with a right connection in Atlanta. I had second thoughts and was willing to pay a little extra for a later flight until I realized AirTran also charges $ 75 per ticket for changes.
  16. jennapens

    jennapens Member

    I am seriously confused by AirTran's prices in October. I was just playing around their site with different dates, and it's literally $450 EACH WAY from PIT to MCO.:crazy2: We are planning to go in November, but there is no way I can afford those prices. The plane tickets would end up costing more than my Disney package.

    Please tell me this is just a fluke and that prices will be down by the time I book. Please........
  17. sara mom

    sara mom Member

    Have you checked southwest.com? You can book AirTran flights there and not pay baggage
  18. Disney10

    Disney10 Member

    Thank You everyone! I finally got all my tickets. :cool1: I paid $188 for 4 and then $215 for the other ticket. It kept on saying only one left at $188, so I had to make 4 transactions over about 4 days. I just wish I would have purchased the tickets when they were $153.
  19. Disney10

    Disney10 Member

    If your flight cost goes down, can you get a credit from Airtran?

    If so, do you loose your seat assignment or have to pay another $6 to get the seat assignment back?

    Also, can you use the credit on another flight or just luggage costs?

    How many times will they let you do a cost adjustment?

    Thanks for your help!
  20. Diegosmom

    Diegosmom Mouseketeer

    you can now book airtram flights thru southwest. They seem to be the same price to me so I would book thru southwest so you can get 2 free bags.
  21. mikegood2

    mikegood2 Mouseketeer

    I don't think that is rolled out to all locations yet. We will be leaving from Chicago Midway and when I check southwest.com they do not show AirTran flights. I really hope they do soon, because ideally that would be the way we would like to go (best of both worlds).

    Or am I just missing a button to show all AirTran flights also?

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