Aimee from Rose and Crown, Brian from Guest Services, and Pat from Kona Cafe

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    I just got home yesterday from a great 10-day trip to the World with my husband's family. Our trip would not have been nearly as magical had it not been for three specific cast members!
    If anyone knows any of these three, please transmit how much we appreciated them!!!
    First, Pat from New Jersey who works at Kona Café was AWESOME. We had breakfast there the morning of June 22 and she was absolutely wonderful. Energetic, funny, engaging.
    Second, Brian from Guest Services at the Magic Kingdom was our tour guide on the Keys to the Kingdom tour. If you ever take this tour, try to get in his group! He was SO knowledgeable and my husband and I even got to eat lunch with him. He was fun and engaging and really encouraged us to ask questions. We loved him!
    Saving the best for last...
    On Thursday June 20 we spent the day at EPCOT, and had dinner ADR's at Rose and Crown for 7:20 PM. We were tired, cranky, and forced to wait for almost an hour in the pouring rain to be seated. However after we sat down, the sweetest little Scot EVER came over and greeted us cheerfully, made us laugh, and COMPLETELY changed our entire demeanor. Aimee (with an ee, not a y) from Orkney Islands in Scotland ended up being not only the highlight of our day, but the true highlight of our entire vacation. She first pointed out that we were both Doctor Who fans (as I was sporting one of my many Doctor Who t-shirts). She really made such an effort for us all the way around. She even made sure my niece got extra whipped cream on her sundae (which she was THRILLED about). She came out several times to tell us when Illuminations was going to start and she made sure we knew where the VIP section was so we could see it. The best part is the time she spent talking to us. She and I became "new BFF's" as she put it, with how much we had in common. She even brought me a crown at the end of the night, making a 33 year old woman feel like a princess again! AIMEE YOU ROCK!!!!! COME ALONG, POND!!!
    Pic of Me and Aimee!
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