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A trip to DLP, France, Italy & Eastern Mediterranean

Discussion in 'Australia' started by shushh, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. areweindisneyyet

    areweindisneyyet Active Member

    Me too, I have loved traveling along with you. Enjoy the cruise.
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  3. areweindisneyyet

    areweindisneyyet Active Member

  4. Ms. Shuttergirl

    Ms. Shuttergirl Active Member

    Loving every minute of your fabulous trip. Amazing photos and descriptions of things.

    I hope you are keeping lots of notes of places you stayed and ate for me :rotfl:.

    Now I have 2 questions for you:-

    1. How are you remembering all of those facts about the things in the photos from the year they were made to the finest details? I'm so very impressed with all the info.

    2. Are you kids just the most amazing eaters in the world and will eat anything? I'm looking at some of the food pics thinking OMG, I hope these places sell nuggets and chips or pepperoni pizza or else DS will starve hahahaha.
  5. shushh

    shushh Active Member

    Isn't Lucca just gorgeous? I just love Italy and every single place we've visited. I can't believe its time to leave!

    Thanks for popping in! I hope you are well and truly over your cold.

    With the info, we do some pre-reading before hand so we can give the children a run down before we visit. That helps a lot. But my memory is not that good! I take photos of plaques and signs that are everywhere which describe and give details on the particular attraction so I can reread the information! I also keep the pamphlets that you get given when you enter an attraction for my blog. Most museums here are awesome. In most rooms where there are artwork, they have laminated cardboard sheets available with the floor plan and the artworks numbered and then the name of the artwork, the artist, the year it was painted/discovered and a short description.

    The kids are good with regard to eating and sleeping while away. They really do eat and will try most things. But don't worry, there are pizzas everywhere here! And chips too so DS won't starve :thumbsup2:thumbsup2
  6. shushh

    shushh Active Member

  7. PrincessInOz

    PrincessInOz <marquee><img src=http://www.wdwinfo.com/images/sm

    Shushh.....Those pictures in San Gimignano, Siena and Rome are just delightful. I am sitting here in absolute awe and utter envy. I LOVE that violin bag and would have bought me one; irrespective of what the price is!

    Have a great cruise. Look forward to your amazing pictures there when you return. Safe travels to you and the entire family. :goodvibes

    WAMUMOF4 Active Member

    :love: your TR have been following along and to be honest have been wondering why my posts don't show only to realise I have been pushing preview post instead of submit reply :rotfl:

    Anyway you will be happy to know you made me giggle again :rotfl2:it had always been my fear that one of my kids would push or pull that emergency button thankfully there all old enough now that I don't need to worry.
    The scenery is beautiful thanks for the updates.
  9. shushh

    shushh Active Member

    Wow, it must seem pretty random and strange to read about a town from a previous life. Montecatini isn't exactly a place that many people know about!

    Thank you!
    We are cruising with NCL and they seem to be one of the few that offer sailings in winter with itineraries that we liked or visited ports that we hadn't been to. No one in the family has ever been on NCL so will definitely keep you updated! We also usually do private tours as we seem always seem to have numbers on our side :rotfl2:
  10. shushh

    shushh Active Member

    You know PIO...I was kicking myself for not going back in! It was closed when I first walked past but I was so engrossed in eating and looking at other shops that I completely forgot about the violin bag...until I saw photo of it. Doh!

    You know, I am ready to give Jonah away but not one will take him!!! Ms Shuttergirl if you're reading, my son makes awful noises as well which are very loud. This gets amplified when one is in a place like say a church...when the noise ECHOES like crazy! ARghh!!!
  11. Marlea98

    Marlea98 Active Member

    Now I'm definitely going to Italy (I've told DD to study Italian as an elective at high school so I can go along as the parent volunteer :thumbsup2)!

    Have a lovely cruise.
  12. Team Trystan

    Team Trystan Member

    :lovestruc Beautiful blog and great idea to blog as you go along, it feels like we are all on the trip with you! Can't wait to share this experience with my child one day!
  13. australiankaren

    australiankaren I do love me my free H20...thank you Mickey.....DV

    just caught up...what a fantastic job on the blog...I may have to get you to come on my next trip and do my TR...and are you still using the iphone....and if you are..how are these awesome pics possible..the pics are great..I may need a dummies course.

    feel like we are traveling with you.....keep going!
  14. Minniemum

    Minniemum Active Member

    Have a wonderful cruise!
  15. Aussie Wendy

    Aussie Wendy Active Member

    Have a fantastic relaxing cruise. If your children really loved Italy the older ones may enjoy reading the Stravaganza series written by Mary Hoffman-modern day children find a talisman that takes them to an alternate world of medieval Italy where they are involved in various adventures. Each book features on a different city-the first is based in Venice, other include Siena, Padua, Florence, Ravenna. I love them as much as my DD and they appeal to boys as much as girls.
  16. shushh

    shushh Active Member

    More updates are up if anyone is interested. :goodvibes
  17. areweindisneyyet

    areweindisneyyet Active Member

    Thanks Shussh. Loved San Gimignano too. It stands out, we love it. Loved The art tour by four yr old. :rotfl2::rotfl2:

    Looking forward to more of the cruise.
  18. WanderlustNZ

    WanderlustNZ Active Member

    Love, love, loving your cruise updates. popcorn::

    Well done on the flag trivia. I get excited by quizzes such as this also. Although, I must admit, I have no idea what the flag of Madagascar looks like.

    I've looked into those NCL suites and fell in love with the big glass showers. A shower with a view of the ocean - bliss. One day...
  19. Andona

    Andona Destroyer of the Aussie Dollar

    Shushh, I have to know...where exactly was that toilet in San Gimignano? I want to add it to my sightseeing list... :rotfl:

    Siena looks amazing too, everything about Tuscany looks amazing! I read somewhere that the decorative floors in the Duomo there are covered up for most of the year to protect them, but from your photos I guess that's not true? We're you able to see all the floor?

    I've been looking at reviews of hotels in Rome lately and remember reading about the IQ hotel but I can't remember what part of Rome it's in?

    Sorry for all the questions , but between your blog and AWIDY's TR , my appetite for a visit to Italy is going nuts! :)

    Hoping you have time for another post or two before your cruise, but if not, have a fabulous relaxing time


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  20. shushh

    shushh Active Member

    We're home! And back to reality. The children have started their new schools and have settled it very well. We've survived week one. Yay!

    So here is my attempt to resurrect my blog and finish the last few days of our trip. Its not in order unfortunately as I'm finishing the 'easy' posts first!

    Andona, I'm working on the Italy section right now!

  21. shushh

    shushh Active Member

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